• 1. Wow, what a large selection, but which one is the best for my needs?

    Whether it’s your first time booking a motorhome or campervan or you might need assistance in pinpointing the exact vehicle for the local terrain, we can assist you in picking out the perfect vehicle make and model of your mobile hotel. You might need an extra sleeper or more storage space. Our vehicles can easily be configured depending on the make or model.

  • 2. What comes standard in all bookings?

    We have thought of everything you might need on your trip and for this reason we have compiled the following basic standard essentials on every purchase.

    • Comprehensive insurance. This policy provides insurance towards accidental damage to the body of the car in additional to other benefits. Read the entire policy profile or ask one of our customer service specialists for more information.
    • Kitchenware: Forks, knives, spoons and a kitchen set on most vehicles.
    • Bed linen on most vehicles. Ask us if yours comes with this as standard.
  • 3. What extras do I have to pay for?
    • Additional insurance if you want the extra peace of mind.
    • Like to add a driver? No problem, we have a low cost fee for this so you can rest while your fellow traveler takes the wheel.
    • Standard equipment such as GPS system, baby seats.
    • Full tank of fuel. Make sure you top it off before returning and no additional costs will accrue.
  • 4. Landed. Now what?

    At this time you’ll have brought the pdf confirmation with you. There is a useful map located on it that will take you right to the pick up location. It’s fast, easy and strategically located very close to the airports.

    Now you’re at the pick up office. A staff member will greet you and present you with the official agreement with all the up-to-date terms and conditions. Make sure you ask any further questions so that you can leave happy and fulfilled without any doubts concerning your booking.

    After this step, this specialist will walk you through on how to return the vehicle. There’s always a specific entry point to the delivery area. Write down any specifics or details if you’d like, so that it can be a hassle free experience for you.

    Our campervan and motorhome providers clean and maintain every vehicle before each delivery date. They also place all extras purchased online inside the vehicle and store them in their appropriate areas so that you have the most free space possible. If there are any changes, lack of inventory or adjustments we will contact you ASAP.

    By the time you approach the pick up counter at our office near the airport, we will have worked tirelessly to provide you with a clean, well-maintained and stocked vehicle for your enjoyment.

    We think of everything for you so that you can think about the wonderfully beautiful locations you’d like to travel to. Let us worry about the boring stuff.

  • 5. I have never been on a trip like this and it’s my first time driving a larger vehicle. What should I watch out for to keep myself, fellow travelers and vehicle safe?

    We ask that you be vigilant while driving and parking especially if it’s your first time driving a larger vehicle. There are height restrictions in tunnels and bridges to look out for. Also, you might want to watch out for the following:

    1. Wind forcing your doors to slam up against another vehicle or trees when opening.
    2. Stray or wild animals entering the roadways.
    3. Snowy or icy roads. Sometimes black ice will form and it’s very difficult to determine if it’s a reflection or ice, so please be careful when traversing in wintery conditions.
    4. Exhaustion is a common condition we hear a lot about. You might be excited to see as many wonderful things while on your trip but please remember to take adequate amounts of rest before driving.
    5. During the summer months, the sun can shine very bright and blind you temporarily. Bring along polarized sunglasses--this will help fight back the sun’s beaming rays.
    6. Also, be mindful of road hazards such as rocks, potholes or debris. These may cause flat or punctured tires and delay your trip a bit until roadside assistance can reach you. Avoid any foreign materials on the roadways as much as possible.
  • 6. I’m looking for peace of mind. What type of roadside assistance do you offer?

    We got you covered. With every booking there is a fantastic roadside assistance program offered on every vehicle. In the unlikely event you have an accident or incident please contact the number on the policy. For life threatening emergencies dial 110 for (Fire), 112 (Police) and 113 (Ambulance.)

  • 7. Starting to pack for the trip. What identification cards or forms will I need to present?
    1. We ask that you bring the usual forms and id cards that are in your wallet and purse day-to-day. You’ll need to provide us with your passport, original driver’s license and a valid credit card for authorization.
    2. If you plan on adding a companion driver we’ll need their driver’s license too. In most countries where we rent our campervans and motorhomes, your driver’s license will need to be issued in English or any language with Latin characters. If you’re planning on traveling within the European Union and have an EU driver’s permit, the great news is that any Category B permit is fine for driving most, if not all, of our vehicles. Remove any doubts you may have by speaking with our specialized customer service reps.
    3. We will slide through your credit card for any future deductions or authorizations such as the self-risk excesses or deductibles from your insurance policy if there were to be any mishaps or accidents while on your adventure. In some rare cases, and mainly for larger motorhomes a deposit may be requested in order to assure there’s enough guarantee on the insurance policy.

    As always, if you have any doubts, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives via email or telephone.

  • 8. I have vacation time during the winter. Is it possible to book a vehicle during this period?

    Many of our customers travel during the wintertime. We recommend you check out our website during the month(s) you are planning on traveling. We update the site daily with vehicle availabilities during certain times of the year. A nice Christmas vacation through the pristine nordic routes is a great adventure trip bound to provide you with many fun memories.

  • 9. Where can and can’t I take my booked vehicle?

    Once you’re on the road, you might want to check out nature at it’s best--far from the cities and towns that distort its true beauty. You can take your vehicle anywhere you would take a car. Just respect the height limitations in tunnels, bridges and certains areas. Of course, if you decide to park in a non-designated campground please dispose of any trash or recycling appropriately and only discard your waste systems in marked waste removal locations such as national campgrounds. There are some free public ones and premiere private locations with pools, welcome centers and restaurants.

  • 10. I’m used to staying at hotels and going town to town in a rental car. Why are motorhomes and campervans a viable option?

    Depending on where you are heading, there are some remote locations where hotels aren’t available. Renting a campervan gives you the flexibility of parking it at a campground and putting you closer to nature. In some locations you might be able to park your vehicle and camp out. Check local maps and signs for permission to park overnight.

  • 11. Last time I was in a campervan was when I was a kid and we parked it anywhere we wanted. Is this still true or should I stick to dedicated campgrounds?

    In most countries, there is a map of designated public or private campgrounds. Most areas permit you to stop and sleep the night, but make sure you’re in a safe and secure area that allows parking of larger vehicles such as motorhomes and campervans.

    There are usually signs indicating whether you can or cannot park. If you have decided to just stick to brick and mortar campgrounds you’ll be very surprised on how sophisticated they are. Some of them have welcome centers with restaurants, pools, and BBQ sets. Depending on which ones you decide to visit there may be a charge between 15 to 30 euros on average for daily uses. These sites are ideal for waste removal, stocking up on food for your trip-- especially if you’re on the road for many days or weeks on end.

  • 12. Here are some words of advice for parking or entering dedicated campgrounds:
    1. Be aware of the space your vehicle takes up and allow for others to park near you without having to park awkwardly.
    2. Make sure you remove any trash or recycling from your vehicle and place them in designated bins or canisters.
    3. Don’t bury the trash. Animals will dig them up and it’s usually toxic or traumatic for them.
    4. Respect the facilities and leave them in the same or better state than you found them.
    5. Be mindful of any signs disallowing certain conduct or actions. For instance, some campgrounds may ask that you don’t BBQ after a certain hour.
    6. Remember that if you’re going to remove waste from your vehicle, you should do it at specified locations. Also, never use the toilet near water areas. Preserve the environment and stay 30 meters away from waterways or wells when using the toilet outdoors.
    7. Have fun and take in the experience, just remember to not leave any permanent footprints.
  • 13. Yikes, I just checked and it gets cold at night during the winter. Will I keep warm inside?

    Yes, all of our vehicles are insulated like cars or better. Between the outer and inner surfaces there are extra layers that buffer the elements-- be it rain, wind or snow. Just make sure you heat the inside of the vehicle well and close all doors and windows before heading to sleep.

  • 14. What else should I know before I click “Pay?”

    You should be aware that on most of our vehicles there’s a minimum rental age of 25 years old. We also require that you have held your driver’s license in an active state for at least 2 years prior to booking with us. We also want to let you know that we are sure that you and your traveling companions will have a positive and enriching experience with our company and a lovely adventurous trip that will fill you with a lifetime of memories.