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Explore scenic Czech Republic with our top-quality campervans and motorhomes. Experience exceptional customer service at every step of your journey. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free travel. Visit picturesque destinations like Prague, Ceský Krumlov and enjoy a unique travel experience.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Czech Republic

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey across the Heart of Europe

Campervan on an adventure through Czech landscape, near Vltava river and blooming poppy fields

Tucked in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic boasts a timeless charm that endears every visitor. A fusion of rich history and breathtaking architecture, it's a true treasure trove waiting to be explored. Driving around in a right-hand drive campervan or motorhome offers an unparalleled experience to immerse oneself in this diverse culture and stunning landscapes.

Begin your campervan adventure in Prague, the enchanting Castle City. But the country´s allure extends far beyond. Traverse through the scenic routes-Moravia's wine country, Bohemia's fairy-tale towns, the Czech Paradise´s sandstone pillars, and the serene vistas along the Vltava River. These journeys showcase Czech Republic's natural beauty and allow encountering dramatic changes in landscape within short distances, just right for a spirited motorhome trip.

A significant aspect of a campervan tour is witnessing the astounding biodiversity. The Krkonose National Park, also known as the Giant Mountains, houses an array of unique flora and fauna. Alongside, the medieval town of Kutna Hora is an essential stop, famous for its striking churches and Gothic Stone-House. Also noteworthy are the country´s beautiful lakes, cottages and placid villages that let you step back in time, experiencing the Czech way of life.

Campervan Hire in Czech Republic

Your Ultimate Guide

1. What is the cost of hiring a campervan in the Czech Republic?

Hiring a campervan in the Czech Republic typically starts from EUR70 per day, but pricing varies depending on the campervan model, rental duration and the time of the year.

2. What model of a campervan is most popular for hire in the Czech Republic?

The compact VW T5 campervan is quite popular among travellers due to its ease of handling and comfort, especially when touring medieval cities such as Prague and Ceský Krumlov.

3. What are popular places to hire a campervan in the Czech Republic?

Prague and Brno are the most common pickup locations for campervan hire in the Czech Republic. Many rental companies have branches in these cities due to their proximity to major tourist attractions.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and delivery service available?

Yes, many campervan hire companies in the Czech Republic offer 24-hour pickup and delivery, ensuring convenience for customers.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period for most companies is typically two or three days, but it may vary during the high tourist season.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a campervan in the Czech Republic?

The minimum age to hire a campervan in the Czech Republic is usually 21 years, along with at least one year of driving experience.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a campervan in the Czech Republic?

International travellers need to provide a driving licence recognised by the EU, passport and a valid credit card at the time of hire.

8. What is the best time of year to tour the Czech Republic in a campervan?

The best time to explore the Czech Republic in a campervan is between May and September when the weather is mild and tourist destinations are fully open.

9. What are the main airports in the Czech Republic?

The main airports in the Czech Republic are Václav Havel Airport in Prague and Brno-Turany Airport. These airports offer several direct and connecting flights globally.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in one Czech Republic city and return it in another?

Yes, most companies allow for different pick-up and drop-off locations to better facilitate your travel itinerary.

Happy Campers' Reviews


Prague – 16-11-2023. The epitome of adventure! It was our first time hiring a campervan and we are totally enamored. Dorothy here, 72 years young, and I can report that these motorhomes are comfortable, easy to manoeuvre, and packed with all amenities one could need. The staff was extremely obliging and the price was surprisingly affordable. Excited for many more adventures with them.


Brno – 03-10-2023. At first, I was quite sceptical about the idea of hiring a campervan. Now, I wonder why I hadn't done it sooner. Even though I was on a tight budget, the price was reasonable. The motorhome was well-maintained. The driving experience was simply thrilling without compromising on comfort. Highly recommend!


Ostrava – 18-09-2023. Cannot express my satisfaction enough with this rental company! Matilda here, thrilled with my recent motorhome adventure. I found the price very economical for the quality and comfort provided. The company staff are worth their weight in gold - friendly, knowledgeable and uber efficient. Can't wait for my next road trip!


Pilsen – 06-07-2023. Nothing short of phenomenal! My girlfriend and I hired a campervan and drove around the Czech countryside. As a first-timer, the experience was enlightening, to say least. The van was spacious, well-equipped and offered a great driving experience. Thumbs up!


Liberec – 18-06-2023. As a 55-year-old solo traveller, hiring a campervan was the perfect solution for my wanderlust. The ease of booking a motorhome through this company was impressive, as was the professional staff who made sure every detail was covered. Who says adventurers need hotels? This was an excellent choice!


Olomouc – 02-06-2023. Rolling through Czech Republic in style! Hired a campervan and I was pleased with the state of the motorhome and the accommodating staff. For those considering a similar adventure, don't just think about it, do it! My trip was a thrilling experience that I won't forget anytime soon.

Czech Highlights

Top 7 Must-Visit Cities

  1. Prague: The capital and largest city of Czech Republic, known for its rich history and stunning architecture.
  2. Brno: Second largest city, an administrative centre of the South Moravian Region and packed full of students.
  3. Ostrava: Known for its thriving music scene and being a gateway to the scenic Beskydy Mountains.
  4. Plzen: Famous worldwide for Pilsner beer, first produced here in 1842.
  5. Liberec: Nestled in between the Jizera Mountains and Jested-Kozákov Ridge, it's popular for outdoor activities.
  6. Olomouc: Known for its beautiful baroque buildings, especially the Holy Trinity Column UNESCO site.
  7. Karlovy Vary: This spa town is popular for motorhome hires due to its thermal springs and picturesque setting.

Travel Connections in Czech Republic

Handy guide for campervan and motorhome tourists

  1. Prague - Ceský Krumlov: A 175-km scenic journey from Prague to Ceský Krumlov via D3 and E55 (about 2h 25m). The roads are in good condition, and the routes are generally well signposted.
  2. Prague - Brno: Covering 205 km via D1, it will take you about 2h to reach Brno from Prague. This motorway is well-maintained and offers several rest areas.
  3. Prague - Karlovy Vary: An approximate 130-km trip from Prague to Karlovy Vary via D5 (about 1h 30m). Watch out for speed limits as they may change frequently along this route.
  4. Brno - Olomouc: A 78 km journey via D1 and I/35, around 1h 10m drive. Ensure you have a toll sticker (vignette) to use the motorway.
  5. Brno - Ostrava: Total distance of 169 km via D1 can be covered in 1h 50m. Remember to halt for a break if necessary.
  6. Brno - Ceský Krumlov: 235 km through D1 and I/3 will take you about 3h 16m. A soothing drive featuring green landscapes.
  7. Prague - Hradec Králové: An easy drive of 116 km, taking you through D11 in approximately 1h 30m. This route is popular for its historical landmarks.

Czech Republic Adventure

Best Attractions for Motorhome Trippers

  1. Prague: The capital city, famous for its old town and extraordinary architectural beauty.
  2. Cesky Krumlov: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with a stunning castle overlooking the Vltava River.
  3. Krkonose National Park: It offers beautiful landscapes and it's great for hiking or mountain biking. Ideal for motorhome parking and rest.
  4. Pilsen: Known for Pilsner Beer, it also has an impressive cathedral and many beautiful squares.
  5. Moravian Karst: A natural reserve with stunning caves and gorges, perfect for adventurers and nature lovers.
  6. Karlstejn Castle: A gothic castle founded by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, located in the countryside southwest of Prague.
  7. Bohemian Paradise: A region with many hiking trails, rock formations, and castles.
  8. Brno: The second largest city in the Czech Republic, offering a blend of traditional and modern attractions such as Spilberk Castle and Villa Tugendhat.

Czech Republic Motorhome Routes

Top 7 Driving Itineraries in the Czech Republic

  1. Prague to Karlovy Vary: An approximately 129km distance. Begin in the magnetic city of Prague, exploring the architecture and culture before driving to the spa town of Karlovy Vary.
  2. Historic Olomouc and Ostrava: From Prague, head east for about 283km towards Moravia. Visit the historical city of Olomouc before ending your route in Ostrava.
  3. Bohemian Paradise: A scenic drive of approximately 90km from Prague. A journey through mesmerising sandstone rock formations, cosy towns like Jicín and unique castles such as Kost.
  4. Moravian Wine Route: About 120km of vineyards stretching from Znojmo to Uherské Hradiste. Perfect for wine lovers and culture enthusiasts.
  5. South Bohemia Tour: Head south from Prague for about 140km to explore charming towns like Ceský Krumlov and Holasovice, adorned with historical and UNESCO-listed sites.
  6. Brno and Surrounds: Discover South Moravia´s vibrant capital, Brno, and its surrounding areas such as the Moravian Karst. This is roughly a 205km trip from Prague.
  7. Bohemian Switzerland: Roughly 120km north of Prague, this destination is awesome for nature lovers, featuring majestic landscapes and the unique Pravcická Arch.


Driving in Czech Republic

Campervan Travel Guide

1. Which side of the road do people in Czech Republic drive on?

In the Czech Republic, like most of Europe, you are required to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in the Czech Republic?

The standard speed limits in the Czech Republic are 50 km/h in built-up areas, 90 km/h outside built-up areas, and 130 km/h on motorways.

3. Do I need an international driving licence?

Foreign drivers with a licence issued by EU and EEA countries can use their domestic driving licence. However, those from outside the EU and EEA may require an International Driving Permit.

4. What about speed cameras and radar detection devices?

Speed cameras are commonly used in the Czech Republic. The use or possession of radar detectors is illegal and can result in a fine.

5. Where can I park my campervan?

Be aware of parking regulations as some cities have designated zones. Blue zones are only for local permit holders. Orange zones are short-term parking areas, normally with a pay-and-display system.

6. How frequent are petrol stations in the Czech Republic?

Petrol stations are readily available in the Czech Republic, with many offering 24 hour service. Be sure to keep the tank topped up just in case.

7. How do the toll roads in the Czech Republic work?

All vehicles in the Czech Republic using motorways need to purchase a sticker, available at post offices, petrol stations and at borders.

8. What are the common driving rules I should know?

You must always give way to trams, buses, and vehicles coming from the right unless otherwise posted. Dipped headlights must be used at all times.

9. What happens in case of a traffic violation?

Traffic police can impose and collect on-the-spot fines for violations. Ensure you receive an official receipt for any fines paid.

10. Can I sleep overnight in my campervan anywhere?

Overnight camping is allowed at official campsites. It is not recommended to camp in unauthorised areas as this could result in fines.

11. What should I know about density of traffic?

Heavy traffic can occur in cities during the rush hours, while on Sundays and on public holidays, traffic increases on the main routes leading from the cities to the countryside.

12. Are the roads in Czech Republic in good condition?

Most roads in the Czech Republic are in good condition but some roads, especially in rural areas, might be narrow and uneven.

13. Do I need to wear a He-Vest while driving?

No, it is not mandatory. However, it is advisable to have a He-Vest within the car's area in case you need to stop and get out on the road.

14. Do I need a green insurance card to drive in Czech Republic?

For drivers from certain countries it is required. It's best to verify this with your insurance provider prior your trip.

15. Can I drive my campervan in the city centres?

Yes, but be aware of the limited parking options and remember that you are required to pay for parking in the marked zones.