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We offer a wide range of brand-new Campervans at Auckland Airport for the perfect trip.
Our campervan hire services at Auckland Airport prioritise customer and their satisfaction. Our customer care representatives are devoted to ensuring a smooth journey for you. Whether you want to explore the wonders of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves or take a scenic drive through the Coromandel Peninsula, our team is here to assist you. We guarantee a personalised service play to meet your every demand and ensure a memorable journey through New Zealand’s unique landscape.

Campervan and Motorhome Hire at Auckland Airport

Discover New Zealand's Unparalleled Charm on a Campervan Journey from Auckland Airport

Campervan amidst Pohutukawa trees, Kiwi birds, near Auckland Airport

Welcome to Auckland Airport, where your New Zealand adventure begins the moment you arrive. Although most campervan hire depots are conveniently situated near the airport, rather than directly on the premises, many suppliers provide complimentary shuttle services to ferry you from the airport to your pick-up location. We advise checking the shuttle arrangements with your selected campervan hire provider for a seamless start to your exploration.

From the iconic landscapes of the Coromandel Peninsula to the serene beauty of Abel Tasman National Park, a campervan allows you to discover New Zealand's treasures at your own pace. The freedom of the open road invites you to explore everything from Tongariro National Park's rugged terrains to the lush vineyards of Hawke's Bay, offering breathtaking views and unique experiences at every turn.

Embark on your journey from Auckland Airport with a campervan hire, and dive into the heart of New Zealand's natural beauty. The well-maintained roads and scenic routes transform driving into an exciting part of your adventure, ensuring an enriching encounter with nature’s marvels. Start your exploration with a campervan hire from Auckland Airport and set the course for an unforgettable adventure.

Compare Campervan Hire Prices at Auckland Airport

Explore the comprehensive comparison of campervan hire prices at Auckland Airport to find the ideal vehicle for your journey across New Zealand's stunning landscapes. The table below offers a curated selection of campervans, each suited to meet a variety of needs and preferences.

Important: The prices provided are indicative daily rates and cover basic extras only. For precise and current pricing, we recommend using our specialized search tool. This enables you to discover an extensive range of campervan hire options with up-to-the-minute prices and availability, helping you secure the best deal for your itinerary.

Whether it's a brief retreat or an extended adventure, our campervan hire services at Auckland Airport aim to elevate your travel experience from the outset.

Price from
Station Wagon (Travellers Autobarn) NZD 43 / day
Lucky Rodeo (Lucky Rentals Limited) NZD 45 / day
Original Sleeper (Kiwi Campers NZ) NZD 48 / day
Deluxe Sleepervan (Tui Campers NZ) NZD 50 / day
Path Finder 2/3 Hi Top (Spaceships NZ) NZD 61 / day
Beta - standard (Spaceships NZ) NZD 62 / day
Tandem Camper (Elements Rentals) NZD 62 / day
Cheapa 2 Berth (Cheapa Campa NZ) NZD 116 / day

Reviews at Auckland Airport

Liam Anderson

Auckland Airport – 04-03-2024. The hiring process was incredibly smooth, thanks to their attentive customer service right from the start at Auckland Airport. They facilitated the hire process efficiently, allowing me to embark on my journey with ease.


Auckland Airport – 24-02-2024. As a first-time campervan hirer, the experience was exceptionally positive. Although they don't supply campervans directly, their comparison and booking process was seamless, leading me to a great deal. The scenic drives around Auckland were an absolute delight, thanks to their efficient service.


Auckland Airport – 22-02-2024. Outstanding customer service! Their comparison tool helped my family and I find the perfect motorhome for our Auckland adventure. While they don't own the vehicles, their role in facilitating the hire was invaluable. Will definitely recommend.


Auckland Airport – 14-01-2024. Their platform is my go-to for campervan hire at Auckland Airport. Even though they don't directly provide the campervans, their comparison service and booking assistance are top-notch, making every hire smooth and satisfactory.


Auckland Airport – 06-01-2024. I was initially nervous about hiring a campervan, but their team made the process reassuring and simple. Their guidance led me to a motorhome that was spotless and well-equipped, making my solo journey through New Zealand's landscapes a dream come true.


Auckland Airport – 04-11-2023. Exceptional service from start to finish! Their platform helped me secure an affordable yet quality campervan for my Auckland exploration. Their involvement in the booking process was seamless and professional.

First Steps: Picking Up Your Campervan at Auckland Airport

What to Know Before You Collect Your Campervan

1. Where do I find campervan hire services at Auckland Airport?

Campervan hire services are primarily located near the airport, with free shuttle service provided to take you from the airport to the pick-up depot. Ensure to check with your hire company for specific shuttle pick-up points.

2. What should I do if my flight arrives outside of regular business hours?

Some campervan hire companies offer after-hours pick-up and drop-off services. It's essential to arrange this with your hire company in advance to ensure availability.

3. Is there a place to rest or wait at the airport if I arrive early for my campervan pick-up?

Auckland Airport offers various lounges, dining, and shopping options where you can comfortably wait.

4. How can I reach the city center from Auckland Airport with a campervan?

Upon picking up your campervan, you can easily drive to the city center via State Highway 20A. It's a straightforward route and typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

5. Are there specific parking areas for campervans at Auckland Airport?

Yes, Auckland Airport provides designated parking areas suitable for campervans. It's advisable to check the airport's official website or contact your campervan hire company for specific details about parking facilities and rates.

6. Can I travel between the North and South Islands with a hired campervan from Auckland Airport?

Absolutely. Many campervan hire companies allow you to take the campervan on a ferry between the North and South Islands, enabling a comprehensive exploration of New Zealand. Be sure to confirm ferry travel policies and any additional costs with your hire company.

7. Are there any restrictions on where I can take my hired campervan?

While you're generally free to explore the diverse landscapes of New Zealand, some areas may be restricted due to road conditions or campervan suitability. Always check with your hire company for any travel restrictions and recommended routes.

Auckland Airport: Essential Information

Your Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport International Terminal

  • Terminals: Auckland Airport features separate international and domestic terminals, designed for efficient passenger flow.
  • Retail and Dining: A wide variety of shops and restaurants cater to all tastes and needs, from local delicacies to international brands. Explore the retail options further with maps of shops available:
  • Facilities: Including currency exchange, complimentary Wi-Fi, lounges, and emergency medical services for travelers’ convenience.
  • Transport to City: For current transport options including bus, shuttle, and taxi services, please visit the Auckland Airport transport page.
  • Parking Options: Offering short-term and long-term parking with easy terminal access.
  • Accessibility: Commitment to accessibility for all travelers, with available assistance services.
  • Nearby Accommodation: A range of hotel options near the airport can be found on the Auckland Airport accommodation page.
  • Environmental Efforts: Ongoing initiatives to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Auckland Airport Campervan Hire Essentials: From Costs to Models

Everything You Need to Know

What's the cost range for hiring a campervan at Auckland Airport?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Auckland varies significantly based on the model, season, and duration of hire. Prices for the most economical campervans start at NZD 40 to NZD 50 per day. For larger campervans with more amenities suitable for more passengers, prices can go up to NZD 300 per day. To secure the best rates and ensure availability, especially during peak seasons, booking in advance is highly recommended.

What's the most sought-after campervan model for Auckland adventures?

The 2 Berth Deluxe campervan is a favourite, offering a balance of comfort and ease of navigation through Auckland's landscapes.

Is there a minimum hire period for campervans at Auckland Airport?

Yes, there's typically a 7-day minimum hire period, which may extend during peak seasons.

What age do I need to be to hire a campervan in Auckland?

The minimum age is usually 21 years, with some companies requiring at least one year of driving experience.

What documents are needed for campervan hire?

You'll need a valid driver's licence (in English or with an international driving permit), identification (such as a passport), and a credit card for the security deposit.

When is the best time to explore New Zealand in a campervan?

Summer months (December to February) offer the warmest weather, but for quieter roads and better rates, consider the shoulder seasons (March to May or September to November).

Can I drop off the campervan in a different city?

Yes, one-way hires are possible with many companies, subject to a fee and availability.

Do I need to return the campervan with a full tank of fuel?

Typically, campervan hire companies require that the vehicle be returned with the same level of fuel as when it was picked up. It's best to check the specific fuel policy with your hire company to avoid any additional charges.

Can I add an additional driver to my campervan hire agreement?

Yes, most companies allow you to add additional drivers to your rental agreement. There may be extra charges, and all drivers must meet the hire company’s requirements, including age and licensing criteria.

Recommended Campgrounds and Holiday Parks Near Auckland Airport

Escape to Nature: Campervan-Friendly Sites Near Auckland Airport

Campervan parked on beach near Auckland Airport, overlooking volcanic island

  • Orewa Beach Holiday Park: Nestled an hour from Auckland Airport, this haven offers direct access to Orewa Beach, complete with modern amenities for a comfortable stay.
  • Whangateau Holiday Park: A jewel 75 minutes from the airport, Whangateau delights with its serene bay views and close proximity to local attractions like Omaha Beach.
  • Muriwai Beach Campground: Discover the dramatic west coast with a stay at Muriwai Beach Campground, located 90 minutes from the airport, where surfing and nature walks await.
  • Takapuna Beach Holiday Park: A gem on the shoreline, this site offers breathtaking vistas of Rangitoto Island and quality amenities, all within a short drive from the airport.
  • Ramarama Country Caravan Park: The closest retreat to Auckland Airport, offering a peaceful escape with essential amenities to enhance your camping experience.

Directory of Companies Operating at Auckland Airport

Seamlessly Connect with Top Campervan Providers

For those planning to explore New Zealand from Auckland, here's a list of campervan hire companies located near Auckland Airport, complete with addresses and contact numbers for your convenience. Shuttle services are available from the airport to most depots, ensuring a seamless start to your adventure.

  1. Adventurer Campers: 2 Beach Road, Favona, Auckland 1640, New Zealand. Tel: +64 9 276 7100
  2. Apollo Motorhomes NZ: 13 Manu Tapu Drive, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 113 131
  3. Britz Campervan Rentals (Intl): 13 Manu Tapu Drive, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 9 255 3910
  4. Cheapa Campa NZ: 13 Manu Tapu Drive, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 113 131
  5. Discover NZ Motorhomes: 164 Montgomerie Road, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 696 686
  6. Elements Rentals: 14 Timberly Road, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 000 985
  7. Freedom Campers NZ: 142 Robertson Road, Māngere East, Auckland 2024, New Zealand.
  8. Lucky Rentals Limited T/A: 5 Aintree Avenue, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 808 881
  9. Hippie Camper NZ: 13 Manu Tapu Drive, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 9 275 2451
  10. Jucy Campervan Rentals NZ: 9 Richard Pearse Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 399 736
  11. Kiwi Campers NZ: 8/197 Montgomerie Road, Airport Oaks, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 549 444
  12. Maui Motorhomes NZ: 13 Manu Tapu Drive, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 688 558
  13. McRent NZ: 50 Gateway Park Drive, Pōkeno 2402, New Zealand. Tel: +64 9 267 6789
  14. Mighty Campers NZ: 13 Manu Tapu Drive, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 422 267
  15. Nomad Motorhome and Car Rentals: 3 Verissimo Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 20 4017 8888
  16. Pacific Horizon Travel Homes: 164 Montgomerie Road, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 4 233 8881
  17. Road Runner Rentals: 3 Verissimo Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 800 708
  18. Spaceships NZ: 30C Alfred Street, Onehunga, Auckland 1061, New Zealand. Tel: +64 9 526 2130
  19. Star RV NZ: 9 Richard Pearse Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 500 578
  20. Travellers Autobarn NZ: C/13 Aintree Avenue, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand. Tel: +64 800 348 348
  21. Tui Campers NZ: 142 Robertson Road, Mangere East, Auckland.
  22. Waka Campa: 36 Richard Pearse Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand.

Auckland Excursions

Top 8 Attractions near Auckland Airport for Campervan Tourists

Campervan hired in Piha Beach Auckland

  1. Piha Beach: a stunning black sand surf beach framed by rugged cliffs, only 39 km from the airport.
  2. Rangitoto Island: Auckland's youngest volcano offering panoramic views and bush walks, accessed via a ferry ride.
  3. Waitakere Ranges: a huge expanse of native rainforest, hiking trails and waterfalls, perfect for a campervan getaway.
  4. Mission Bay: a popular seaside suburb of Auckland with a beautiful beach, ice-cream parlours and fish and chip shops.
  5. Waiheke Island: the island of wine, renowned for vineyards and stunning beaches, also accessed by a ferry service.
  6. Devonport: a charming seaside village full of boutique shops, cafes and stunning views of Auckland Harbour.
  7. Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium: an underwater viewing tunnel and interactive exhibits showcasing marine life.
  8. One Tree Hill: a 182-meter volcanic peak in Auckland offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding suburbs.