Best Campsites in Algarve

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You want to make sure your Algarve holiday is peaceful, relaxing, but full of things to do. Getting a campsite in the right location is essential, but you also need one that looks after its customers and offers privacy at the same time. Here’s a look at the best campsites in Algarve for your needs.

1. Parque Campismo Ria Formosa

When you’re travelling by motorhome, this is the first campsite that should come to mind. There is something for everyone, with tarmac sites for even the biggest, most modern vehicles. There are also pitches for tents and some cabins available if you’d prefer to stay in style.

There’s no need to worry about stocking up on supplies. There is a small shop on the site for all your necessities. If you want to eat out one night, there’s also a friendly and affordable restaurant. And you can’t forget the pool, where you can take a dip when the weather gets too hot.

You’re just a 20 minute walk from a local village. You can also take a drive if you want, but the walk is relatively easy for the whole family.

2. Parque de Campismo de Armacao de Pera

Take a trip to Armacao de Pera, where people go for an overnight stay and end up remaining there for three months! That’s how beautiful and peaceful this site is. This is also one of the easiest locations when you have a drive to the airport to consider.

This is one of the quieter sites in the area, but that’s not a bad thing. You get far more choice over your spot, which means you can strategically place yourself to electricity points and the showers. There’s also a refreshing pool on the campsite, while being close to the majority of the attractions.

3. Camping Albufeira

Albufeira is one of the most tourist-friendly options, with a supermarket on the site for all your essentials and needs. There are plenty of attractions in the local area, but a lot of the focus is on offering all you need onsite. You’re also close to a small town offering some of the best restaurants in Algarve.

If you’re a bicycle fan, there are some popular cycle paths around. This is a campsite that is near a bus route too, so there’s no need to worry about unhooking your motorhome all the time.

This is a location with live music every night. This can be good or bad, depending on your family needs. However, there are pitches further away from the live music locations so you can keep the noise to a minimum. It’s also one of the best locations for pets.

Don’t worry if your journey to the location doesn’t quite work to plan. The security guards are always friendly and will help you get to your pitch.

4. Tipi Valley Algarve Eco Surf & Yoga Resort

As you would expect from the name, this is the best place when you want to get some yoga and surfing into your Algarve holiday. Even if you have no experience, there are experiences you can enjoy. Try out some body boarding or opt for some beginning lessons in the area!

Tipi Valley is secluded, but this is a benefit. You get the peace from the hustle and bustle of life. There really is the chance to relax on your holiday.