Best Campsites in Iceland

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Iceland is a country that is comparatively small in stature, which makes getting to see all the major attractions the island has to offer a little easier. This is made even easier by the fact that a ring road circles the island, with all of those great sightseeing spots all directly beside the road, or just a short hop, skip, and jump off it. The downside, if there really is one, is that the road is over 800 miles long, which means having to make some stops along the way if you plan on exploring it in full. The good news here is that there are numerous campsites in Iceland where you can park your campervan for the night before hitting the road again the next day. Let’s look at 5 of the best campsites in Iceland:

1. Pakgil

It’s not very often that a campsite is an attraction all by itself, but Pakgil absolutely fits the bill. The area surrounding the site is visually stunning, with the Myrdalsjokull glacier right nearby. The fact that is close to the city of Vik and a host of great tourist attractions just adds to the allure of this place. You might just want to stay parked for more than one night.

2. Skaftafell

This campsite located in Vatnajokull National Park is more like a self-contained little community than a camping spot. Besides having a dedicated spot for campervans and motorhomes, visitors there can take advantage of free Wi-Fi, as well as a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, and a Visitor Center that has everything you need to plan your trip.

3. Husafell

Camping in Iceland doesn’t get much better than what’s on offer at this site, especially in the summer months. The kids will love the fact that there is a pool on site, and everyone will get a kick out of the large camp fire that gets lit during the summer nights. It’s a great spot to gather and perhaps even make some new friends.

4. Siglufjordur

This campsite has one of the more unique settings in Iceland, as it sits in the heart of a beautiful little fishing village with mountains all around. The fact that you are located by a village means that everything you need is right at hand. Another great reason to spend some time in Siglufjordur in the summer months is because of the annual festival held there between July 29 and August 1. Plan on stopping by during that time to take part in all the fun festivities.

5. Latrabjarg

Located in the northwest part of the country, this fantastic spot is definitely worthy of being among the best campsites in Iceland. The site has everything you need to be comfortable, including showers, cooking facilities, a place to wash your clothes, and ample BBQ spots. Perhaps best of all, you are just a few steps away from a beautiful beach looking out across the Atlantic. On a clear day, you will even be able to see Greenland from your beach chair.