Portugal by Motorhome: Road Trip Itinerary

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When you travel by motorhome, you get to take in all the sights and sounds of a country. Your Portugal road trip will be a vacation to always remember. Here’s a look at the top road trip itineraries to take to make sure you make the most of your holiday.

1 - Start Big and Work Your Way Small

Your first part of your trip needs to be in Lisbon, the nation’s capital. Let’s face it. This is going to be the easiest place to fly into and see the majority of the country. There are also experiences in Lisbon that you won’t get in the rest of Portugal, especially with this motorhome road trip.

Don’t just stick to the tourist attractions. Take a trip into Graca and Alfama to see some of the beautiful, local neighbourhoods. Castelo de Sao Jorge is a must-have on your trip of things to see while in Lisbon.

2 - Take a Hike Around Arrabida National Park

Make sure you take your Portugal road trip along the coast. There are some stunning beaches from Lisbon south. The roads around Arrabida are one-way, so make sure you do this from Lisbon to keep your road trip easy.

There are some beautiful green cliffs and soft beaches in the natural park. There are two options for a trip while here. You can visit the 17th century fort of Portinho da Arrabida or you can take a 20 minute hike to Praia dos Coelhos. It really depends on the type of sights that you like to see.

3 - Keep Driving South to Porto Covo

Make your trip south to the red, white, and blue area of Porto Covo. The houses are all painted these bright colours, making you feel like home while on your motorhome holiday. There are plenty of family-run shops and restaurants to grab a bite to eat and break up your journey.

If you’re travelling in August, make sure you pay a visit to Zambujeira do Mar after Porto Covo. During August the area holds the MEO Sudoeste summer festival. It’s the only exciting thing in the area, so if you visit any other time of the year there’s no need to visit. If you want a night out of your motorhome there is some affordable accommodation in the area. You’ll also escape the tourist crowds most of the year.

4 - See the Algarve Region Without the Algarve

Take a trip towards Odeceixe, which is part of the Algarve region. This isn’t as popular as Algarve, which means you avoid the tourists and the busy beaches. You’ll still get all the benefits of being within the Algarve.

Odeceixe is one of Portugal’s best beaches. There’s a gorgeous natural park close by and the cliffs are all covered in trees. The kids will love the chance to stretch their legs and run around the sand, warm beach throughout the day.

It’s time to make the most of your motorhome trip. This Portugal road trip itinerary will help you see beautiful beaches, take in the local attractions, and hit some quiet and popular tourist spots at the same time. You’ll leave the country feeling like you’ve really had a break and it’s been more than worth the money.