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We are proud to offer amazing campervan and motorhome rentals in Ireland at superb rates to our valued clients. The booking process is quick, secure and easy with everything up front and no hidden charges, fees or surprises. We use a secure payment gateway with real time transaction processing, approved by all leading banks.

Ireland by Campervan

Hire a campervan in Ireland and you can enjoy the fabulous scenery and discover the country's hidden treasures in style and at your own pace.

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Your campervan hire will be perfect at any time, as Ireland offers everything for all seasons. The changeable Irish weather is famous – you cannot predict it at any time of year - but whatever the weather you can guarantee it will be dramatic and interesting, especially when viewed from your campervan! St Patrick's Day on March 17 is always a popular time with many events planned around the national day.

Driving tips

1 - Drive on the left.
2 - If visiting Dublin for the day use the Red Cow (Red Line) or Carrickmines (Green Line) Park and Ride car parks as they have no height restrictions.
3 - In the countryside there are fewer fuel stations so its best to keep your hire campervan topped up in remote areas.
4 - All EU driving licences are recognised.

Watch out for the barrier-free toll section between junctions 6 and 7 of the M50 Dublin ring road. You have to pay the 3 euro toll in advance online or by 8pm the following day at a retail outlet displaying the Payzone logo.

Campervan hire in Ireland will provide you with the freedom, flexibility and sense of adventure to explore the country. Ireland is renowned for cheap overnight stops for campervans and motorhomes with many opportunities also to stay 'offsite'.


We believe in the 3 Fs: Freedom, Flexibility and Fun! Renting a campervan and motorhome is fun and allows you the flexibility and freedom to roam around areas that are for travelers, not tourists.

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Our specialists can provide you with a list of friendly campground sites with the various amenities you might be looking for while on your wild and wonderful adventure. Since we get feedback from our traveler customers, we will be able to give you real life testimonials on each camp site or area so that you are aware of all there is on offer.

If pioneering and self sufficiency is more your style--don’t you worry. Many of our customers love to take nature on head first. They stock up the campervan, add any essential extra they might need and plow forward to the wonderful sites and views that await them. Just take into consideration weather conditions, time of year when sites are open and proper facilities needed nearby.

Park on top of a hill or near a waterfall so that when you wake up you open your doors to nature. You’ll have a first hand experience of what nature is all about. Enjoy and happy driving!

We highly suggest you contact one of our trained customer service specialists to answer any of your questions or concerns. We understand that this may be the first time renting a campervan or motorhome or if it’s the first time you have visited your country location of choice.