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Embark on a tranquil journey through the scenic landscapes of Malmo with our premium campervan and motorhome hire service. We place our customers at the heart of our operation, ensuring swift response times and personalised travel solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore the picturesque Oresund region in comfort with our committed customer service team by your side.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Malmo

Take a Self-Drive Campervan Journey from Vibrant Cityscapes to Serene Countrysides

Campervan with bike rack near Malmo's vibrant houses and canals.

Cosmopolitan and dynamic, Malmo is a glorious hotspot situated in the heart of Sweden's South. Its stunning architecture, exquisite dining experiences, and effervescent cultural scene could be best explored with a campervan, allowing you the freedom to roam around at your own pace. One of the city's iconic landmarks, the Turning Torso skyrise, a must-see in your itinerary, brings sheer contemporary brilliance into the city's skyline.

Malmo is also the perfect starting point for an immersive nature journey by motorhome. Only a short drive away, the beautiful Öresund region offers stunning coastal landscapes, magical forests, and relaxing beaches. To the north of Malmo, Bokskogen, the oldest beech forest in Sweden, provides a fairy tale setting for leisurely walks, picnics and even golfing in the two complete 18-hole courses. If you're a nature lover, make sure not to miss the Dalby Soderskog National Park, located just 20 kilometres from Malmo. This unique deciduous forest reserve makes a perfect stop offering some incredible views and plenty of birdwatching opportunities.

As you continue your tour, head east to arrive at the mesmerising Island of Ven. Accessible by ferry, once you've crossed over it is possible to roam around the picturesque island in your campervan. Here, you can explore the quaint streets of the village, indulge in locally produced commodities, and enjoy panoramic views of the countryside and the surrounding sea. Can you think of a better way to round off your Swedish journey?

Campervan Hire in Malmo

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Malmo?

Hiring a campervan in Malmo can vary greatly depending on the type of van, time of year, and hire duration. On average, you can expect to pay between £50 and £150 per day. It's always best to check current prices for an accurate quote.

2. What campervan model is most popular for hire in Malmo?

The most popular campervan model for hire in Malmo is often the compact campervan due to its versatility and ease of driving in Malmo's city streets and rural landscapes.

3. What are the most popular pick-up locations in Malmo?

Popular hire locations in Malmo are usually the city centre and Malmo Airport. Some hire companies may offer other pick-up locations as well.

4. Is there a 24-hour collection and return service?

Some companies offer 24-hour collection and return services, though this may require advance notice and possibly an additional fee.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Typically, campervan hire companies in Malmo have a minimum hire period that ranges from one day to some weeks, especially during the peak summer season.

6. What is the minimum age to hire a campervan in Malmo?

The minimum age to hire a campervan in Malmo is typically 21. Some companies may have different age restrictions and may charge an additional fee for younger drivers.

7. What documents do I need to hire a campervan in Malmo?

You will need a valid driving licence and a major credit card. Additional identification such as a passport may be required as well.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Malmo in a campervan?

Spring and summer (May to September) are the best times to visit Malmo in a campervan as the weather is most favourable for camping and outdoor activities.

9. What are the main airports in Malmo?

The main airports in Malmo are Malmo Airport and Copenhagen Airport, which is about a 30-minute drive from Malmo across the Oresund Bridge.

10. Can I pick up my campervan in Malmo and drop it off in another city?

Yes, some campervan hire companies allow one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the van in Malmo and drop it off in another city. However, this is subject to availability and usually incurs an additional fee.

Campervan Hire Reviews


Malmo – 22-11-2023. The motorhome I hired was top-notch! Despite being a regular traveller, it was my first experience with a campervan. From the booking process to the return, everything was seamless. While hiring is usually stressful, with this company, it wasn't. Moreover, the pricing was quite reasonable given the outstanding service.


Malmo – 19-10-2023. Hiring a motorhome from this company was a breeze. The staff were very accommodating, even suggesting the best routes for our adventure. The campervan itself was the epitome of comfort and convenience. And the prices? Very competitive, without any compromise on quality! I would highly recommend them.


Malmo – 15-09-2023. I should say, they have wonderfully maintained campervans. Last month, I got a neat and clean motorhome that was easy to handle even for a novice driver like me. It saved us on accommodation costs without skimping on convenience. Hiring and payment processes were transparent, and rates were fair enough as well.


Malmo – 05-08-2023. Simply splendid service! The campervan we hired was perfect for our family road trip. It was spacious, clean and well-equipped. The hiring process was straightforward, and the price was worth every penny! I'm glad we chose this company for our memorable journey.


Malmo – 20-07-2023. Smooth and hassle-free motorhome hire! We were particularly impressed by the attention to detail and the superb condition of the campervan hired from this company. The rates were comparatively cheaper than other providers we explored. Definitely going to recommend them to my friends.


Malmo – 15-06-2023. What an adventure! The campervan hire from this company made our trip all the more enjoyable. The sturdy motorhome stood up to the test of time and distance. The hiring process was uncomplicated, and the price... well worth the splendid experience.

Malmo Road Connections

Essential routes for your motorhome adventure

  1. Malmo - Stockholm: An approx 600km trip on the E4 highway. Generally in good condition with approx 6 hours of driving.
  2. Malmo - Copenhagen: A quick 30-minute drive via the Øresund Bridge, around 28km, offering an easy day trip opportunity. Remember there might be tolls.
  3. Malmo - Gothenburg: A 300km westward journey on the E6, expect about 3 hours of driving on this well-maintained route.
  4. Malmo - Uppsala: Approximately 7 hours drive, through E4 highway covers almost 650km.
  5. Malmo - Kalmar: Head east on the E22 for about 3 hours to cover approximately 300km.
  6. Malmo - Jonkoping: This 280km route takes you north on the E4 / E6 and takes approximately 2.5 hours.
  7. Malmo - Lund: A short 20-minute drive travelling approximately 20km via E22, perfect for a quick visit.

Malmo's Surroundings

Explore Nearby Gems in Your Motorhome

  1. Turning Torso: Malmo's architectural masterpiece and Scandinavia's tallest residential building.
  2. Öresund Bridge: Iconic 8-kilometre bridge offering breathtaking views, connecting Sweden and Denmark.
  3. Stenshuvud National Park: Ideal spot for motorhome camping in the heart of nature, offering hiking and stunning coastal views.
  4. The Kullaberg Nature Reserve: A rugged landscape with dramatic cliffs, caves, and diverse wildlife.
  5. Lund Cathedral: An impressive, historic architectural masterpiece located in the quaint city of Lund.
  6. Island of Ven: A beautiful island known for its idyllic landscapes, cycling routes, and whisky production.
  7. Ales Stenar: A mesmerising ancient stone ship setting, located in Kåseberga, perfect for photography and history lovers.
  8. Södera Sandskog National Park: A gorgeous natural area perfect for relaxing walks, picnics, and wildlife spotting.

Malmo Motorhome Roadtrips

Popular Scandinavian Routes

  1. Malmo to Stockholm: A 610-kilometre long adventure, you'll pass through cities like Jönköping and Nyköping, offering the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban diversity.
  2. Malmo to Gothenburg: Drive along the 297-kilometer coastline for breathtaking views of the sea and pristine beaches, with Helsingborg and Varberg as places of interest.
  3. The King's Road: This historic route from Malmo to Helsinki (approx. 1700 kilometers) crosses Sweden, Åland Islands and Finland, providing a rich cultural and historical experience.
  4. Southern Sweden Loop: A 1170-kilometer circuit starting and ending in Malmo, featuring stops in Karlskrona, Kalmar and the famous Öland island.
  5. Malmo to Jukkasjärvi: An ultimate road trip of about 1750 km to the far north, this has attractions like reindeer farms and the Icehotel.
  6. Germany through Fehmarn: Easily reachable from Malmo via ferry, the 482 kilometers drive crosses the scenic landscapes of Northern Germany, ending in Hamburg.
  7. Malmo to Oslo: A trip of approximately 530 kilometers, it offers magnificent sights of the Scandinavian landscapes, with stops in cities like Gothenburg and Sarpsborg.
  8. Malmo to Copenhagen: Crossing the iconic Oresund Bridge, this short 42-kilometer drive offers a brief cultural exposure to Denmark's charming capital.


Driving FAQ

Malmo and Beyond

1. What is the speed limit in Malmo?

The speed limit in Malmo is typically between 30 - 50 km/h in urban areas, and between 70 - 120 km/h in rural and highway areas.

2. Do I need a specific driving license to drive a campervan in Malmo?

No, a standard Class B license, the one used for regular cars, is sufficient for operating a campervan in Malmo.

3. Can I find radar detection devices in Malmo?

Yes, there are radar detectors in Malmo. Note that it's illegal to use radar detection devices. Speed limits are strictly enforced for safety.

4. Are there toll roads in Malmo?

No, there are no toll roads in Malmo, but the Oresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark does require a toll payment.

5. What are the general rules for safe driving in Malmo?

Besides the normal observance of traffic rules like respecting speed limits and road signs, it is important to give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings, and keep headlights on at all times while driving.

6. Where can I park my campervan in Malmo?

There are several designated areas in the city where you can park your campervan. Some areas require a permit or a small fee.

7. How is the traffic in Malmo?

Like any city, Malmo can have peak hours traffic especially in the morning and early evening. But generally, the traffic is not congested.

8. What side of the road do they drive on in Malmo?

In Malmo, and throughout Sweden, driving is on the right-hand side of the road.

9. Do I need an international driving permit to drive a campervan in Malmo?

If your national driving license is issued in English by an EU country, you do not need an international driving permit. However, if it´s issued in a non-EU country and not in English, you will need an international driving permit along with your national driver´s license.

10. Are there specific driving rules for campervans in Malmo?

In general, campervans follow the same road rules as other vehicles in Malmo. A key factor to always remember is to avoid parking in spots not designated for campervans.

11. Can I drive my campervan in all areas of Malmo?

Yes, you can drive your campervan in all public areas of Malmo unless there are local restrictions in place. Always lookout for road signs indicating such restrictions.

12. Is it possible to pay for parking in Malmo with a foreign credit card?

Yes, foreign credit cards are usually accepted at parking machines. You can also pay for parking via various parking apps.

13. What happens if I'm caught speeding in Malmo?

If you're caught speeding, you will likely have to pay a fine, which depends on how fast you were going over the limit. In some severe cases, your driving license may be confiscated.

14. Is overnight parking allowed in Malmo?

Yes, overnight parking is generally allowed but it's recommended to use designated camp sites or rest areas for the best safety and amenities.

15. How safe is it to drive in Malmo?

Malmo is generally a safe city to drive in, with well-maintained roads and clear traffic signs. However, always be alert when driving, especially in unfamiliar areas.