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Lisbon – 2022-06-10. The cost of the hire was very reasonable and they are reliable. Without any doubt I'd recommend them instead international rental chains


Hire a campervan in Portugal and you can discover this unspoilt country in style and at your own pace. Portugal is often overlooked in favour of Spain but it has many hidden gems from traditional villages to lively cities and fantastic beaches.

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What to see

No visit to Portugal would be complete without a trip to Lisbon. Visit its Moorish castle or wander round its narrow cobbled streets for a romantic experience. North or south of Lisbon you will also find incredible places to visit.

Visit the ancient city of Porto and the Douro river valley to the north, famous for port wine and a world heritage site. Or head south for one of the most popular areas for campervans, the Algarve, or its quieter neighbour the Alentejo, where cork comes from. Portugal is also great for outdoor activities from hiking and horseriding to surfing and fishing.

When is the best time to visit?

Your campervan hire in Portugal will be perfect at any time, as the country enjoys a great climate and vast stretches of open road and unspoilt beaches, perfect for touring. The Algarve is the warmest place in western Europe during winter so a great place to visit at that time. Also check out annual festivals such as the Lisbon Festival in June or the International Chocolate Festival in Obidos from March to April.


Freedom, flexibility and adventure: Motorhome hire in Portugal will provide you with the freedom, flexibility and sense of adventure to explore the country.

portugal costa vicentina beach

Portugal has a network of cheap overnight stops for motorhomes at motorway service stations called Aires de Service. Portugal has a good choice of campsites, some charging less than five euros per night.

Free or wild camping is also very popular, with plenty of places along the undeveloped beaches, especially on the Atlantic coast, to park up your hire motorhome and relax undisturbed. In the Algarve free camping is officially banned, however.

Hire a motorhome in Portugal and you will certainly not starve. Portuguese cuisine is less acclaimed than French or Spanish, but is almost always cheaper!

Driving tips

1 - Drive on the right.
2 - All EU driving licences are recognised.
3 - Many motorways are toll roads and must be paid for in advance, or by an electronic system fitted in the vehicle.

The seafood in particular is excellent. More than 800km of coast, the biggest fishing zone in Europe and low prices make of Portugal one of the most fish-friendly places you’ve ever been. Dourada, Sardinhas and Robalo are always delicious options. Portuguese wine is also cheap and plentiful, so enjoy a glass or two in the comfort of your parked-up motorhome in its stunning spot by the Portuguese sea!