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Providing an unparalleled campervan and motorhome hire experience in Rotterdam, we prioritise customer care. Passionate about sharing the unique beauty of Rotterdam's attractions, our team offers amazing support throughout. Whether it's travel advice for the captivating Kinderdijk windmills, or hire queries, we are dedicated to ensuring your journey is memorable.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Rotterdam

Explore the Netherland's Breathtaking Natural Parks and Sceneries from Rotterdam

Campervan hire by Rotterdam's Erasmus Bridge at sunset with cyclists

Welcome to the modern marvel of Rotterdam, the Netherlands' second city, often overlooked but unmissable in its own right. Known for its cutting-edge architecture, colourful history, and sprawling harbour, Rotterdam offers a vibrant mix of experiences for the modern day adventurer. Specifically, for those travelling by campervan or motorhome, it's an ideal gateway to explore the less trodden paths of the Dutch countryside.

If your idea of a perfect vacation is to traverse the Dutch landscapes with the flexibility of a campervan, then Rotterdam has some stunning nature trails, which are just a short journey from the city centre. These include De Biesbosch National Park, a magnificent wetland wilderness of creeks and islands, and the ancient peatland forests of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Both these parks are less than a two-hour drive from Rotterdam, ideal for day-trips or overnight wilderness camping.

The campervan life lets you appreciate the region's nature at your own pace. Lake landscapes of De Loosdrechtse Plassen is another tranquil escape less than an hour's drive from Rotterdam. Adventurous motorhome hirers would also love the sand dunes and wildlife sanctuary of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, just a bit further afield. Remember, Dutch campsites are well-equipped and welcome motorhomes, ensuring that your travel experience remains comfortable and hassle-free.

Rotterdam Campervan Hire

Your Questions Answered

1. What is the cost to hire a campervan in Rotterdam?

The cost to hire a campervan in Rotterdam varies depending on the model, the time of year, and the duration of the hire. On average, you can expect to pay between £50 and £120 per day.

2. Which campervan model is most commonly hired in Rotterdam?

The Fiat Ducato, known for its balance of size and mobility, is the most in-demand campervan model in Rotterdam. Especially in the city centre where parking spaces can be limited.

3. Where are the favourite locations to hire a campervan in Rotterdam?

Most customers prefer to hire a campervan from locations that are closely connected to public transport or near the Rotterdam Central Station. Some also opt for campervan hire services around Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

4. Is there 24-hour collection and return service available?

Yes, most campervan hire services in Rotterdam allow for 24-hour collection and returns. However, it is recommended to confirm this with the provider at the time of booking.

5. Is there a minimum hire duration?

Yes, most companies require a minimum hire period, which is typically 3 days. Nonetheless, policies might differ among providers. Therefore, it is best to check the hiring terms beforehand.

6. What is the minimum age required for campervan hire in Rotterdam?

The minimum age requirement to hire a campervan in Rotterdam is usually 21 years old. Some campervan hire companies may also require a minimum of one year's driving experience.

7. Which documents are needed to hire or drive a campervan in Rotterdam?

To hire a campervan, you will generally need to provide a valid driver's license, a credit card for the deposit, and proof of address. Non-EU residents may also need an International Driving Permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Rotterdam in a campervan?

Renting a campervan in the spring and summer months (March through August) offers the best weather for exploring Rotterdam and its surroundings.

9. What are the main airports in Rotterdam?

The Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the primary airport serving the Rotterdam area. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the largest Dutch airport, is also a short distance from Rotterdam.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in Rotterdam and drop it off in a different city?

Yes, a number of campervan hire companies in Rotterdam offer one-way rentals. However, there may be additional charges for this service.

Campervan hires reviews


Rotterdam – 15-11-2023. Brilliant motors from an outstanding company. As a veteran traveller, I've definitely dealt with my fair share of rentals. But the quality of the campervan I got from this Rotterdam outfit was top-notch. Despite being a hire, everything was as good as new. I even enjoyed a few mod cons thrown into the mix! It felt like a home on wheels. I must say the price was a bit hefty, but the quality, comfort and amenities provided justified it. Cheers to an incredible service!


Rotterdam – 09-10-2023. I didn't anticipate this level of service. To say I'm impressed, would be an understatement. Staff were friendliest bunch, helping me to choose the right motorhome for my needs. Not to mention their patience answering all my questions. Reliable & quality motorhomes at affordable rates, it doesn't get much better than that.


Rotterdam – 29-09-2023. Being in my early 60's and not very tech savvy, I was a bit apprehensive about using a digital platform to hire a campervan. However, the process was simple and clear. The campervan was great, clean and spacious. Good value for money certainly. Looking forward to the next adventurous trip!


Rotterdam – 20-07-2023. A totally convenient and delightful experience. I hired a motorhome for a quick getaway. It was well-maintained and exceptionally cosy. The staff was efficient and courteous. Pricing was up to par with the facilities provided in the vehicle. Would recommend to others for sure.


Rotterdam – 02-06-2023. The process from booking to picking up the campervan was smooth like a ribbon. Excellent customer service and good quality vehicle, yet affordable. It really added a lot of pleasure to our holiday. Thank you for a wonderful experience!


Rotterdam – 15-05-2023. As a first-time campervan hirer, I found the whole process to be incredibly straightforward and efficient and the pricing reasonable. The motorhome we chose was perfect for our small group. We had an amazing time and can't wait for another trip.

Rotterdam Road Connections

Vital routes for campervan and motorhome enthusiasts

  1. Rotterdam - Amsterdam: A 78 km trip with a driving time of approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. The A4 and A13 are the main motorways to take, roads are in well-maintained condition, and are frequently used routes.
  2. Rotterdam - The Hague: A short journey of 26 km will get you to The Hague in around 30 minutes. Mostly travelled through the A13 motorway, roads in good condition.
  3. Rotterdam - Utrecht: Covering around 63 km in roughly 50 minutes. Primarily travelled via A12 and A20, roads are popular and well-kept.
  4. Rotterdam - Antwerp: A trip of 107 km to explore Belgium, with an estimated drive time of 1 hour 30 minutes. The A16 is the main route, the road conditions are excellent.
  5. Rotterdam - Brussels: For an international adventure, Brussels is 144 km away, typically a 2-hour drive. The A16 and A12 are the key motorways and offer smooth drives.
  6. Rotterdam - Eindhoven: Roughly 107 km with an average drive time of 1 hour 15 minutes. Travelled primarily through A15 and A2, regularly maintained roads.
  7. Rotterdam - Ghent: A journey of 144 km, approximately 2 hours of driving. The A16 and E34 are the main roads, which are well-looked after.

Driving in Netherlands

FAQs on Campervan Travel

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Rotterdam, and the Netherlands?

In Rotterdam and throughout the Netherlands, you should drive on the right side of the road.

2. Is there a speed limit for campervans in Rotterdam?

Yes, the speed limit in built-up areas is typically 50km/h, on non-urban roads 80km/h, on expressways 100km/h and on motorways usually 130km/h. Slower speeds may apply for larger campervans, please refer to local regulations.

3. What license do I need to drive a campervan in Rotterdam?

You need a valid B category driving license to drive a campervan in Rotterdam.

4. Are there any particular driving rules I should be aware of?

In the Netherlands, like most of Europe, priority is given to the right unless otherwise indicated. Zigzag lines on the road mean that parking or stopping is prohibited.

5. Are there many speed cameras in Rotterdam?

Yes, speed cameras are frequently used in Rotterdam and the Netherlands overall. It's vital to stick to the speed limits to avoid fines.

6. Are there many toll roads in Rotterdam or the Netherlands?

No, the Netherlands does not have a comprehensive system of toll roads. There are only two toll tunnels.

7. How is the traffic situation in Rotterdam?

Like any major city, Rotterdam can experience heavy traffic during peak commute times. It's recommended to plan your driving accordingly.

8. Can I park my campervan anywhere in Rotterdam?

No, you should only park your campervan in designated parking zones. In some areas, parking may be paid.

9. Where can I find the parking zones specifically for campervans?

Parking zones for campervans can be searched online or found in travel guides and RV park directories.

10. Are there certain areas in Rotterdam where driving is not allowed?

Yes, there are several environmental zones in Rotterdam where older, more polluting vehicles aren't allowed.

11. What should I do in case my campervan breaks down?

You should have a breakdown service number provided by your campervan hire company. You should call this number for assistance.

12. How should I behave at roundabouts?

In the Netherlands, vehicles already on the roundabout have the right of way.

13. Any specific rules concerning headlights?

Use of headlights is mandatory both day and night. During the day driving lights or dipped-beam headlights must be switched on.

14. Are child seats compulsory in campervans?

Yes. In the Netherlands, children under 1.35 metres in height must be transported in a child car seat or booster seat.

15. Can I use my mobile GPS and map applications while driving?

Yes, but the device must be in a hands-free holder. Physically handling a device while driving is against the law.

Rotterdam Outdoors

Nature trips in your hired motorhome

  1. Keukenhof Gardens: Lose yourself in this beautiful floral display, only an hour's drive from Rotterdam.
  2. De Biesbosch National Park: Enjoy hiking or canoeing in this freshwater delta with your campervan just a stone's throw away.
  3. Veluwe: An expansive natural park with breathtaking landscapes, perfect for a motorhome adventure.
  4. Delta Works: A series of construction projects, including the Oosterscheldekering, the biggest storm surge barrier worldwide.
  5. Kinderdijk: Visit this UNESCO World Heritage site with 19 well-preserved windmills from the 18th century.
  6. Hoge Veluwe National Park: Explore the diverse wildlife and Van Gogh paintings in this unique park.
  7. Delft: Discover the quaint city of Delft, famous for its blue pottery - easy to reach with your campervan.
  8. Zeeland´s Beaches: With your motorhome, the extensive sandy beaches of the Zeeland region are within your reach, offering breathtaking sunset vistas.

Epic Motorhome Roadtrips

From Rotterdam and Beyond

  1. Rotterdam to Gouda: This short 24km scenic route lets you explore the traditional cheese markets in the city of Gouda, a delightful Dutch experience.
  2. Rotterdam to Amsterdam: Following the A4 for 80km, visit the historical icons, beautiful canals and world-class museums of the Dutch capital.
  3. The Windmills Route: Explore the Dutch countryside with its iconic windmills, covering approximately 100km, beginning in Rotterdam and ending in Kinderdijk.
  4. Rotterdam to Brussels: Take the E19 all the way to the Belgian capital, Brussels covering roughly 150km. Experience a fascinating blend of cultures and flavours.
  5. The Tulip Route: Drive along this 120km route during Spring to see the colourful tulip fields in Lisse and visit the famous Keukenhof Gardens.
  6. Rhine River Roadtrip: Explore the historic and cultural cities along the Rhine, starting from Rotterdam and ending in Bonn, Germany. This is approximately a 300km trip.
  7. Rotterdam to Düsseldorf Christmas Market: Perfect for a winter getaway, this 230km roadtrip takes you to Germany to experience one of the finest Christmas markets in Europe.