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Explore Zurich's picturesque landscape with our top-notch campervan and motorhome hire service. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to ensure your journey is the epitome of comfort. Experience their swift response to queries, assistance in planning routes to famed destinations, like Swiss National Museum, and special attention to maintaining the uniqueness of Swiss touring. Catering to you with a personal touch, we strive for your utmost satisfaction.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Zurich

Discover Scenic Landscapes and Natural Wonders from Zurich to the Swiss Alps

Campervan viewing Lake Zurich, with city's elements

Welcome to Zurich, a city rich in cultural heritage and distinctive Swiss charm. Situated at the heart of Switzerland, this metropolis boasts of a vibrant arts scene, historical landmarks, and an array of culinary delights. But more than the bustling city life, Zurich has scenic landscapes and natural vistas that one can reach through a relaxing campervan or motorhome drive.

Zurich's proximity to the Alps makes it the perfect starting point for nature lovers possessing a zest for adventure. A few minutes' drive will take you to the gorgeous Lake Zurich where you can bask in the peaceful surroundings. For those in pursuit of more scenic grandeur, you can drive a motorhome towards the Swiss National Park, a three-hour drive from Zurich, known for its diverse species and great mountain views. Continue to the Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein region for hiking trails and routes full of sweeping panoramic views.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with a Switzerland scenic routes drive, offering spectacular stops along the way in your campervan. Among them is the Sihlwald forest, the largest mixed deciduous and coniferous forest in Switzerland's midlands. Or take a detour to visit Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe. Zurich presents you with wonderful opportunities for exploration and discovery in the comfort of your campervan or motorhome.

Campervan Hire in Zurich

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of hiring a campervan in Zurich?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Zurich varies depending on the model of the campervan and the hire duration. On average, prices can range from £50 per day for smaller vans to over £200 per day for luxury or larger models.

2. Which campervan model is the most sought-after in Zurich?

Compact or medium-sized campervans are most popular for hire in Zurich due to their manageability around the city's narrow, winding streets. Particularly, Volkswagen models are in high demand.

3. Where are the best places to hire a campervan in Zurich?

Most popular places to hire a campervan in Zurich are the city centre and Zurich Airport due to the abundance of campervan hire companies located there.

4. Is there a round-the-clock pickup and delivery service available?

Yes, most campervan hire companies in Zurich offer 24-hour pick up and drop off services for their customers' convenience.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Typically, the minimum rental period is 3 to 7 days depending on the hire company's terms and conditions.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a campervan in Zurich?

The minimum age to hire a campervan in Zurich is usually 21 years.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a campervan in Zurich?

You will need a valid driver's license, identification(passport or ID card) and a credit card for the security deposit.

8. What´s the best time of year to visit Zurich with a campervan?

Summer (June to August) is usually the best time to hire a campervan in Zurich, when the weather is favourable for travelling and camping.

9. What are Zurich's main airports?

Zurich has one main airport, Zurich Airport (ZRH), serving international and domestic flights.

10. Can I pick up and drop off the campervan in different cities?

Yes, many campervan hire companies in Zurich provide the option to pick up in Zurich and drop off in another city, subject to availability and additional fees.

Happy Campers Reviews


Manchester – 15-11-2023. I had a delightful experience with this company. The motorhome I hired was in an immaculate state and the customer service was exceptional. They thoroughly explained everything and made sure we were comfortable. Pricing was affordable which was the icing on the cake. Perfect choice for an adventurous holiday in Zurich!


Edinburgh – 02-10-2023. A terrific experience! Our campervan was clean, well-equipped and ran smoothly. The company's staff were tremendously helpful, and the overall hire price was surprisingly reasonable. Zurich has never been more fun to explore.


Zurich – 14-09-2023. Hiring a campervan for our family vacation was the best decision we made. The kids loved the freedom and we saved money on accommodation. It was a pristine motorhome and the cost was incredibly fair. Five stars for this company!


Berlin – 01-08-2023. An unforgettable adventure. The motorhome was spacious, comfortable, and everything was functioning perfectly. The company made the hiring process seamless and the cost was just right. Ask for a campervan, close the deal and just enjoy Zurich.


London – 24-07-2023. Incredible customer service, high-quality campervans and competitive pricing. Our trip around Zurich was more fun and memorable because of the motorhome we hired from this company. Truly a smooth rental experience!


Paris – 02-06-2023. Simply unbeatable in all aspects! The campervan´s on-board facilities were excellent, the customer service was top-notch and the cost represented real value for money. One of the best ways to discover the gems of Zurich.

Zurich's Top Road Connections

Required Information for Campervan Travels

  1. Zurich - Lucerne: A short 52km journey through the A4 will allow tourists to enjoy transparent blue lakes and the historical city of Lucerne.
  2. Zurich - Basel: With a 90km distance via the A3, Basel provides a combination of picturesque old town, modern architecture, and the sultry Rhine river.
  3. Zurich - Bern : Travelling via the A1 for approximately 125km will lead you to the historic Bern with its UNESCO World Heritage site and bear park.
  4. Zurich - Interlaken: Covering a distance of 120km through A3 and A8, Interlaken offers breathtaking sceneries of Swiss Alps and adventurous outdoor activities.
  5. Zurich - Geneva : A longer 276km trip via A1, Geneva offers the allure of Lake Geneva, delicious Swiss chocolate, and cultural experiences.
  6. Zurich - Liechtenstein : A 115km journey via the A3 and A13 will get tourists to unique and charming minuscule Liechtenstein. Roads are excellently maintained and well signposted.
  7. Zurich - Lugano : A 219km drive down the A2, Lugano offers Mediterranean flair in the middle of Switzerland with Italian architecture, palm trees, and gastronomy.

Driving in Zurich

Understanding Campervan Travelling

1. What is the standard speed limit on highways in Switzerland?

The general speed limit on motorways in Switzerland is 120km/h. On main and secondary roads, it is usually 80km/h, while in urban areas it's 50km/h.

2. Are parking lots available for campervans?

Yes, Switzerland has numerous parking spaces designated for campervans, including in Zurich. Some are free, while others charge a small fee.

3. Is an international driving license required to drive in Zurich?

If you are a non-Swiss resident, an international driving permit (IDP) is advisable along with your regular driving license to be in accordance with Swiss law.

4. Which side of the road do people drive on in Zurich?

Like most of Europe, you drive on the right-hand side of the road in Zurich and throughout Switzerland.

5. Are there toll roads in Switzerland?

Yes, a vignette (sticker) is required to travel on Swiss motorways and expressways. It's available at customs offices, post offices, and most petrol stations.

6. Are radar detectors legal in Switzerland?

No, it's illegal to use a radar detector in Switzerland, and penalties include fines and confiscation of the device.

7. Are there specific driving rules I should know?

Yes, like the rule that states that drivers who are joining a road from the right have priority unless otherwise indicated.

8. Is it legal to stop a campervan anywhere in Zurich?

No, you can only park your campervan in designated areas. Not abiding by this rule can result in a fine.

9. Is it possible to drive in environmental zones?

No, environmental zones are not accessible to campervans and other types of vehicles.

10. How do I interpret signs indicating roadwork in Zurich?

While driving, you'll come across yellow and red-signed zones. The yellow signs indicate recommended detours, while the red signs render driving prohibited.

11. How busy is traffic in Zurich?

The traffic in Zurich can be heavy, especially during morning and evening rush hours. However, the city has efficient traffic management systems.

12. Does Zurich have low emission zones?

As of now, Zurich doesn't have designated low emission zones.

13. Are there safety measures I should know about?

Yes, for safety reasons, the use of daytime running lights is mandatory in Switzerland, irrespective of the weather conditions.

14. How do pedestrians get the right of way in Zurich?

Pedestrians in marked crosswalks have the right of way. It's important to stop for pedestrians even if they haven't yet entered the crosswalk.

15. What's the maximum allowable blood alcohol level for drivers in Zurich?

The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.05%. Hefty penalties are imposed on violators.

Zurich Motorhome Escapes

Top 8 Nearby Attractions

  1. Lake Zurich: Dive into its aquamarine waters or enjoy a lakeside picnic amidst the heavenly beauty.
  2. Rhine Falls: Behold Europe´s biggest waterfall, a sensational spectacle of cascading waters.
  3. Uetliberg Mountain: A nearby paradise for hikers and mountain bikers with a panoramic view of Zurich.
  4. The Black Forest: Venture into Germany from Zurich in your campervan and explore enchanting woodlands.
  5. Lucerne: A picturesque town complete with a serene lake, majestic mountains, and beautiful bridges.
  6. Rapperswil: This 'town of roses' on Lake Zurich enchantingly combines sights, experiences, and relaxation.
  7. Pfaeffikon: An idyllic place to park your motorhome, boasting a nature reserve and a beautiful lake.
  8. Winterthur: Immerse yourself in culture and nature in one of the most beautiful garden cities.

Switzerland Motorhome Adventure

Discovering Switzerland by Road

  1. Zurich to Lucerne : This short, 52-kilometre route lets you explore Switzerland's rich history and culture through charming towns.
  2. Lucerne to Interlaken: Covering 68 kilometres, this route offers stunning views of Lake Lucerne and the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Swiss Alps.
  3. Interlaken to Lausanne: This 134-kilometre road trip takes you through the heart of Switzerland's breathtaking countryside, with a beautiful view of Lake Geneva.
  4. Lausanne to Geneva: This 63-kilometre route gives you a taste of Swiss vineyards and picture-perfect views of Lake Geneva.
  5. Zurich to Bern: A slightly longer trip of 125 kilometres, this route gives you the chance to soak in Switzerland's natural beauty, including the stunning Emmental region.
  6. Bern to Zermatt: This 125-kilometre route takes you from the nation's capital into the heart of the Swiss Alps, offering panoramic mountain views.
  7. Zermatt to St. Moritz: This epic 153-kilometre trip crosses the picturesque Swiss Alps offering breathtaking views of glaciers and snow-covered peaks.