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Based in Abbotsford, our RV rental business prides itself in offering a world-class customer service experience. We endeavour to provide a seamless rental process from start to finish. Be it a trip to the stunning Fraser Valley or a drive across the beautiful British Columbia, our dedicated team ensures top-tier comfort and convenience.

RV Rental in Abbotsford

Discover the highlights and hidden gems of Abbotsford, immersing yourself in Canada's pristine wilderness.

Campervan vibrante en paisaje Abbotsfordianos, rodeada de fauna variada.

Located in the heart of British Columbia, Abbotsford is a vibrant city renowned for its spellbinding outdoors and rich agricultural heritage. The city offers an idyllic setting for a unique RV adventure, ideal for those who crave a touch of nature. It´s an absolutely must-visit for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs, combining culture and nature to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Commence your journey at Mill Lake Park, one of Abbotsford's premier destinations. The captivating park features stunning views, walking trails, and a variety of engaging activities. Afterwards, journey to the Albert Dyck Park, famed for its lakes and astounding mountain views. The park includes recreational activities ideal for RV adventurers who enjoy water sports or fishing. Upon leaving the park, Sumas Mountain Regional Park and its sprawling hiking trails await you, a pristine part of nature that makes for an awe-inspiring drive.

Another hidden gem that is totally worth exploring is Matsqui Trail Regional Park, offering breath-taking panoramic views of the Fraser River. The park is just a short RV ride away, putting unique birdwatching opportunities and tranquil trails at your fingertips. After a day of exploration, take your RV to Eagle Wind RV Park, an ideal locale to wind down and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. Be ready for unforgettable sightseeing, fascinating wildlife encounters, and cultural immersion. So, gear up for your RV adventure and embark on a thrilling journey through the natural wonders of Abbotsford.

RV Rental in Abbotsford

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent an RV in Abbotsford?

The cost of RV rental in Abbotsford depends on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the rental period, and the season. On average, you can expect to pay between 100 to 200 CAD a day.

2. What type of RV is most popular to rent in Abbotsford?

The Class C motorhome is highly sought after in Abbotsford. This model's popularity is due to its compact design, making it easy to navigate through Abbotsford's scenic roads.

3. Is there a round-the-clock pick-up and drop-off service?

While not all, many RV rental services in Abbotsford offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off. We recommend contacting the rental company to confirm these details.

4. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most RV rental businesses in Abbotsford require a minimum rental period of 7 days, especially during peak seasons.

5. What is the minimum age required to rent an RV in Abbotsford?

Generally, the minimum age to rent an RV in Abbotsford is 25 years. However, some rental companies may rent to individuals who are 21 years of age or older.

6. What documentation do I need to rent or drive an RV in Abbotsford?

You need a valid driver's license, valid identification document, and a credit card to rent an RV in Abbotsford. Please note that requirements may vary slightly by rental company.

7. When is the best time to visit Abbotsford with an RV?

The best time to visit Abbotsford with an RV is from June to September, when the weather is the most favorable for outdoor activities.

8. What are the main airports in Abbotsford?

The main airport in Abbotsford is Abbotsford International Airport. It is located about 5km from the city center.

9. Can I pick up the RV in Abbotsford and drop it off in another city?

Many RV rental companies in Abbotsford offer one-way rentals where you can pick up the vehicle in one place and drop it off in another.

Motorhome Experiences


Abbotsford – 01-12-2024. Without a doubt, an way incredible to explore this beautiful region is by cruising through it in a campervan. I particularly appreciated the quality of their motorhome's functioning, it was impeccable. The prices were reasonable considering the superb service. I fully recommend renting from this company.


Abbotsford – 03-10-2024. I rented a motorhome with Motorhomeland last October. It was an exceedingly pleasant experience. From rental process, to functionality of the RV to customer service, everything was on point. As a retiree, it was truly an enriching experience at a very fair price. A recommendation, do not miss the chance to enjoy the ethereal beauty of Sumas Mountain in an RV.


Abbotsford – 09-07-2024. My friends and I rented a campervan for an exciting summertime adventuring in Fraser Valley and Motorohmeland served us very well. Fairly-priced and with a clean, well-maintained vehicle. The customer service was also very responsive and courteous.


Abbotsford – 24-04-2024. The process starting from the online booking, to picking up the RV and finally returning it was convenient and hassle-free. The RV rental cost was below average for the region, but the quality and value far outstanding. The splendid trip to North Cascades in a comfortable and clean campervan is etched in my memory.


Abbotsford – 17-02-2024. Impressive. They provided my family and I with a warm and cozy motorhome for our secluded getaway to Baker Lake. The vehicle was in perfect operational order and more than exceeded our expectations. The staff was kind and thoughtful. An splendid service in every way.


Abbotsford – 03-01-2024. The professionalism and the quality of the campervans of this company truly stood out. I rented a motorhome for a week to explore Harrison Hot Springs and it was simply just what I needed. The entire process was easy, the camper was immaculate, and the customer service was top-notch.


Abbotsford – 25-11-2023. A first-class rental company! The vehicles are essentially your home on wheels. We found the RV to be clean, comfortable and well equipped for our trip to Skagit Valley. The pricing is reasonable, and the staff were extremely helpful.


Abbotsford – 18-10-2023. My wife and I had a smooth experience with renting a motorhome to enjoy the local attractions of Abbotsford. The rental process was efficient, and the campervan was well-equipped, offering a good balance in terms of comfort, functionality, and size. Your RV can take you anywhere, giving you unparalleled freedom and flexibility to immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes.

Abbotsford RV Routes

Popular Road Connections For RV Trips

  1. Abbotsford - Vancouver: A 75 kilometer drive set to take about 1 hr 15 min along BC-1 E for 72 km, this route offers a fast connection to the city with good road conditions.
  2. Abbotsford - Chilliwack: Approximately 33 km via BC-1 E, taking around 30 minutes, this route largely consists of multi-lane highways, offering a fairly easy drive.
  3. Abbotsford - Surrey: This 53 km drive along BC-1 W necessitates approximately 50 min, with most of the journey on the major highway, Fraser Highway, promising a smooth journey.
  4. Abbotsford - Kamloops: The 290 km trek northward on BC-5 N frequently lasts about 3 hr 30 min, with this route entirely covered by main highway system, ensuring a clear path with well-maintained road conditions.
  5. Abbotsford - Victoria: Covering a stretch of 83 km to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal followed by a 1 hour 30 min ferry ride, this route on BC-17 offers a unique experience with beautiful surroundings.
  6. Abbotsford - Squamish: An approximate 2 hr 30 min drive west along BC-1 W and BC-99 N for around 150 km, offering a scenic journey through the mountains.
  7. Abbotsford - Kelowna: A 200 km route predominated by BC-97, which generally takes around 2 hr 40 min to complete. Noted for its good road condition and beautiful views of the countryside.

Driving in Abbotsford

RV Rental and Travel

1. What is the typical speed limit in Abbotsford and surrounding areas?

In urban areas in Abbotsford, the speed limit is typically 50 km/h. In rural areas, the limit is generally 80 km/h unless stated otherwise. It's crucial to always check for signage.

2. Can I use my foreign driver´s license in Abbotsford?

Visitors can drive in Abbotsford with a valid foreign driver´s license for up to six months. However, it´s advisable to get an International Driving Permit if your license is not in English.

3. How prevalent are speed cameras and radars in Abbotsford?

Speed cameras and radars are common in Abbotsford especially in school and construction zones. It's highly advisable to observe the speed limits to avoid fines.

4. Are there toll roads in and around Abbotsford?

There are no current toll roads in Abbotsford. While some toll bridges had been in place previously, these have been removed as of 2018.

5. Where can I park my RV in Abbotsford?

Designated RV parks and campgrounds are available throughout Abbotsford. Additionally, some retail establishments allow RV overnight parking - it's recommended to ask for permission first.

6. How is the traffic generally in Abbotsford? 

Traffic in Abbotsford is typically moderate, although you may experience some congestion during peak hours. It's advisable to plan your travel times accordingly.

7. On which side of the road should I drive my RV in Abbotsford? 

In Abbotsford, and all of Canada, you should always drive on the right-hand side of the road.

8. Are there any specific RV driving regulations in Abbotsford? 

In general, you should follow the same regulations as other road users. However, please note that some roads may have restrictions on size and weight for vehicles, so always watch for signage.

9. Can I drive my RV in Express Lanes?

Express lanes are not typically designed for large vehicles such as RVs. Always look out for signage and avoid these lanes unless specifically indicated.

10. Are winter tires necessary for RV driving in Abbotsford?

Winter tires are not mandatory in Abbotsford but are recommended for improved safety during the winter months.

Abbotsford's Top Attractions

Destination spots for RV enthusiasts

  1. Kawkawa Lake: A scenic freshwater lake perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing and boating.
  2. Grouse Mountain: Offers panoramic views of Vancouver, stunning during both day and night times.
  3. Hell´s Gate Airtram: A unique aerial tramway system that offers breathtaking views of Fraser River.
  4. Campbell's Gold Honey Farm: Experience real farm life and learn about beekeeping.
  5. Bridal Veil Falls: A beautiful waterfall set in a provincial park, great for nature walks.
  6. Harrison Hot Springs: Known for healing hot springs and picturesque walking trails. A perfect RV accommodating site with equipped facilities.
  7. Golden Ears Provincial Park: A nature-lover´s paradise teeming with flora and fauna.
  8. Richmond Night Market: A vibrant market showcasing over 250 food stalls and diverse delight.

Canadian RV Adventures

Must-Do Roadtrips from Abbotsford

  1. Abbotsford to Vancouver Island: A mesmerizing 118km journey offering stunning coastal views, historical towns, and parks. Plus, the chance to catch a ferry with your RV from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo.
  2. The Kootenay Rockies: Stretching across 740km, this route takes you across historical mining towns, hot springs, and some of the most stunning sceneries in British Columbia.
  3. Okanagan Valley Explorer: Approximately 170km, this route is a delightful adventure combining picturesque landscapes, vineyards and food exploration around Kelowna and Penticton.
  4. Abbotsford to Banff: This 850km roadtrip takes you through the breathtaking beauty of Banff National Park in Alberta, offering abundant hiking, wildlife viewing, and photography opportunities.
  5. The Sea-to-Sky Highway: A shorter but exceptional 120km trip offering an awe-inspiring combination of mountains, forests, and coastlines, starting from Vancouver going to Whistler.
  6. Alaska Highway: Originating at Dawson Creek, BC, this epic 2,700km trip offers unique northern wildlife, hot springs and beautiful wilderness scenery - a perfect adventure for experienced RV travellers.
  7. Trans-Canada Highway: A monumental 7,821km drive exploring all the beauty and diversity Canada has to offer, connecting East and West coasts, ideal for long-term RV trips.