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Our RV rental company located in Whitehorse, provides exceptional customer service ready to facilitate your journey through our breathtaking Yukon landscapes. This region offers unique travel experiences, and our dedicated team aims to provide personalized assistance, swift problem-solving, and reliable information to ensure your trip exceeds expectations.

RV Rental in Whitehorse

Discover the natural majesty of Yukon from the comfort of an RV

Whitehorse landscape with a campervan, spruce trees, Yukon River, and a Caribou

Welcome to Whitehorse, the vibrant capital of Yukon Territory, Canada. Known for its enchanting northern beauty and outdoor pursuits, Whitehorse offers travellers an opportunity to immerse themselves in truly mesmerizing landscapes. With an area almost the size of Belgium and just 25,000 inhabitants, the city offers plenty of space for exploration and outdoor activities. The ease of exploring Whitehorse and its surrounds by RV makes it a popular destination for nature lovers.

RV travels in Whitehorse offer varied and enthralling experiences, as the city is perfectly positioned as a starting point to explore some of Canada´s most stunning wilderness areas. Explore the breathtaking Kluane National Park and Reserve, located about 160 km from Whitehorse, offering the largest ice field outside of the Arctic Circle and Canada´s highest peak, Mount Logan. Other impressive sites accessible by RV include the stunning Emerald Lake or the historic Carcross Desert.

Irrespective of the season, the city provides the ideal base to follow the Yukon Highways. These roads take you through some of the territory´s most exciting landscapes, with every journey offering awe-inspiring panoramic views. In terms of accommodation, there are several RV parks across Yukon to help you truly take in the grandeur of Canadian wilderness overnight. RV travel in Whitehorse provides an unparalleled connection with nature, whether you are aiming at witnessing the captivating Northern Lights or looking for a wildlife safari spotting grizzly bears, moose, and Dall sheep. RVing here genuinely embodies the region´s motto: 'Larger than life'.

RV Rental in Whitehorse

Common Questions and Answers

1. What is the cost of renting an RV in Whitehorse?

The cost of renting an RV in Whitehorse usually ranges between $100 and $250 per night, depending on the model and the season. Additional costs may include insurance, mileage fees, and optional extras such as outdoor furniture or kitchen kits.

2. Which RV model is most in demand for rental in Whitehorse?

The Class C Motorhome is often the most popular RV model for rental in Whitehorse. This model provides a balance between space and amenities, and it is manageable to drive, which is an advantage given Whitehorse's terrain and sometimes harsh weather conditions.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent an RV in Whitehorse?

Usually, most individuals prefer renting RVs from companies located close to the Whitehorse International Airport.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Many RV rental companies in Whitehorse offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off services, however, it is recommended to check with the individual company beforehand.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most RV rental companies in Whitehorse have a minimum rental period. This typically ranges from 3 to 7 days, but can be longer during peak travel seasons.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent an RV in Whitehorse?

The minimum age to rent an RV in Whitehorse is typically 21, but some companies may require drivers to be at least 25 years old.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive an RV in Whitehorse?

For renting and driving an RV in Whitehorse, you typically need a valid driver´s license, proof of insurance, and a credit card for security deposit.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Whitehorse in an RV?

The best time to visit Whitehorse in an RV is during the summer months from June to August. The weather is generally warmer and the roads are less treacherous than in the winter months.

9. What are the main airports in Whitehorse?

The main airport serving Whitehorse is the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the RV in Whitehorse and drop it off in another city?

Yes, several RV rental companies in Whitehorse offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the RV in Whitehorse and drop it off in another city. However, there might be an additional fee for this service.

Motorhome Reviews


Whitehorse – 05-03-2024. A first-class service from start to finish. Rented a motorhome for a two-week adventure. Their customer service was exceptional in attending to our needs. Our trip through the Northern Lights in Whitehorse was made all the better by a reliable and comfortable RV from this company. Didn't expect such quality in this remote part of Canada, thoroughly impressed!


Whitehorse – 12-02-2024. I hired an RV from this firm for a winter fishing trip in Yukon River, the icing on my trip was the quality of the unit provided at a very fair price. The motorhome was spotless, fully equipped, and hassle-free, contributing significantly to a memorable fishing trip. Highly recommend their service!


Whitehorse – 10-01-2024. Rented a motorhome last December to explore the beautiful vistas of Whitehorse. One gets the real value for their money at this place. The campervan was up-to-date with the latest facilities, well-maintained, offering a cozy stay throughout the journey. We'll be back next season!


Whitehorse – 16-11-2023. Optimal fleet, amicable service, and generous pricing, pretty much wraps up my experience with this RV rental firm. There's no better way to experience the spectacular wilderness of Whitehorse than in one of their premium motorhomes. Looking forward to the next outing!


Whitehorse – 12-09-2023. I used this company for booking a campervan for a trip to Lake Laberge. Swift, responsive service and the convenience of the pick-up and drop-off were commendable. Also, the motorhome was showroom clean, fully stocked, and had a comfortable bunk. Such an enjoyable driving experience!


Whitehorse – 29-07-2023. A splendid service that is worth every penny. Motorhome rental prices were reasonable for the spectacularly maintained fleet. Our family road trip in Yukon was made all the more pleasant by the RV from this company. Will definitely recommend it to all!


Whitehorse – 02-06-2023. This is the go-to place for renting motorhomes in Whitehorse. Competitive prices, quick process, and fantastic units. Our trip to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve was made memorable by their reliable RV. A top-notch service indeed!


Whitehorse – 27-04-2023. As an avid RV traveler, I highly recommend them for their impeccable service and state-of-the-art motorhomes. They also offer reasonable pricing, which makes renting RVs for exploring the pristine landscapes around Whitehorse an absolute pleasure. Can't wait for my next RV adventure with them!

Road Connections from Whitehorse

Key Information for Your RV Journey

  1. Whitehorse - Dawson City: A 532km journey, approximately 7 hours along the Klondike Highway. Beware of possible road conditions due to weather.
  2. Whitehorse - Haines Junction: A shorter distance of 154km, approximately 2 hours drive via Alaska Highway, expect a scenic route.
  3. Whitehorse - Skagway: This 176km journey, approximately 2.5 hours, follows the Klondike Highway and goes through the Tormented Valleys.
  4. Whitehorse - Watson Lake: A lengthy drive of 438km, approximately 5 hours, along the Alaska Highway with good road conditions but fewer services.
  5. Whitehorse - Teslin: 183km ride, rate it 2 hours, via Alaska Highway. Be observant of the wildlife especially during dusk and dawn.
  6. Whitehorse - Carcross: A short 72km drive, approximately 1 hour, utilizing the South Klondike Highway. The road is generally in good shape.
  7. Whitehorse - Eagle Plains: For the adventurous, an 837km journey, approximately 11 hours, largely on the Dempster Highway. Road conditions can vary greatly.

Whitehorse RV Driving FAQs

Navigating Through Canada

1. What is the standard speed limit for RVs in Whitehorse?

The standard speed limit for RVs within urban areas like Whitehorse is 50km/h. Outside urban areas, the speed limit usually ranges from 80 to 100km/h.

2. Can an international visitor drive an RV in Whitehorse?

Yes, international visitors can drive an RV in Whitehorse and throughout Canada, as long as they hold a valid driver's license in English or French, or an international driving permit.

3. Are there any particular rules for driving RVs in Whitehorse?

While driving an RV in Whitehorse, you must always adhere to the local rules of the road including obeying speed limits, signage and yielding to pedestrians.

4. Are radar detectors legal in Whitehorse?

Radar detectors are illegal in all Canadian provinces, including Whitehorse in Yukon territory.

5. What are the toll charges like in Canada?

While Canada has some toll roads, bridges and tunnels, Whitehorse and most of Yukon are not subject to toll charges.

6. Where are the parking zones designated for RVs in Whitehorse?

There are several dedicated RV parking areas in Whitehorse, including Robert Service Campground and Pioneer RV Park & Campground.

7. Are there times when certain roads are more congested?

Certain city areas can get congested during typical rush hours. Plan your travel accordingly to avoid wasting time in traffic.

8. On which side do we drive in Whitehorse?

In Whitehorse, as in the rest of Canada, driving is on the right-hand side of the road.

9. How do parking rules change in winter?

In winter, snow clearing signs often dictate parking restrictions. Always observe posted signage to avoid violations.

10. Do I need special insurance to drive an RV in Whitehorse?

As with any vehicle, you must have adequate insurance to drive an RV in Whitehorse. Check with your rental agency for the best insurance options.

11. Is there any specific protocol during encounters with wildlife?

You should slow down if you spot wildlife near roadway and wait until they've safely crossed or moved away. Hitting wildlife can result in significant damage to your RV.

12. What are the rules for turning at intersections?

At most intersections, right turns on red are permitted after a full stop, unless otherwise posted. Left turns on red from a one-way street to a one-way street are also usually permitted.

13. Do I need to use special winter tires in Whitehorse?

It's recommended to have winter tires fitted on your RV for the harsh winter season in Whitehorse.

14. Are there highway rest areas in Whitehorse?

There are a number of rest areas along Yukon highways, providing a safe place to stop and rest during long drives.

15. Can I overtake other vehicles with my RV?

Overtaking is permitted but only when it's safe to do so. Remember, due to its size, an RV needs more space and time to overtake safely.

Explore Whitehorse Attractions

Discover Nature's Splendors

  1. Kluane National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage site boasting majestic mountains and stunning wildlife.
  2. Miles Canyon: A unique geological feature with superb hiking trails and prime views of Yukon River.
  3. Yukon Wildlife Preserve: See 13 species of northern Canadian mammals in beautiful natural environments.
  4. SS Klondike: Step back in time aboard the largest sternwheeler on the Yukon River.
  5. Takhini Hot Pools: Enjoy a relaxing soak in mineral-rich waters, minutes away from Whitehorse.
  6. Whitehorse Fishway: Come and view the longest wooden fish lattice in the world.
  7. Emerald Lake: A stunning turquoise lake that is perfect for day-trips with your RV.
  8. MacBride Museum of Yukon History: Learn about Yukon's history in gold rush, First Nations and more.

Canadian Roadtrip Adventures

Best Routes from Whitehorse in your RV

  1. The Alaska Highway: Starting from the heart of Whitehorse, this iconic 2,232 kilometer route to Delta Junction, Alaska, is filled with breathtaking sceneries and ample campgrounds.
  2. The South Klondike Highway: Travel 482 kilometers from Whitehorse to Skagway, Alaska, and bear witness to some of Yukon's best landscapes, including the spectacular White Pass summit.
  3. The Dempster Highway: An adventurous detour that takes you 736 km through vast wilderness areas, beginning from Dawson City, Yukon, and ending in Inuvik, Northwest Territories.
  4. The Top of the World Highway: From Dawson City, this 127-kilometer route to the Westmark Inn in Tok, Alaska, offers fantastic views of the rugged Yukon landscape.
  5. Whitehorse-Carcross-Tagish Loop: A shorter, scenic 150 kilometer route around Southern Lakes area featuring Tagish Lake's magnificent beauty.
  6. The Cassiar Highway: Starting from Watson Lake, Yukon to Kitwanga, British Columbia. This remote 723 km route offers unspoiled wilderness and numerous opportunities for wildlife spotting.
  7. Robert Campbell Highway: This 582 kilometer route from Watson Lake to Carmacks guarantees a tranquil wilderness adventure through central Yukon.
  8. Yukon River Loop: Explore the heart of Yukon on this adventurous 716 km round-loop trip from Whitehorse, through Dawson City, with a possible detour to the Tombstone Territorial Park.