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Experience the breathtaking beauty of Canada with our RV rental service. From the jagged peaks of Banff to the bustling metropolis of Toronto, we aim to make your journey unforgettable. Our customer service is round-the-clock, ensuring a hassle-free adventure. We prioritize your satisfaction and provide immediate help whenever you need it.

RV Rental in Canada

Experience the Breathtaking Scenery of Canada from Coast to Coast in the Comfort of an RV

RV parked by a peaceful Canadian lake, with mountains, a moose, and maple trees

Canada, the world’s second-largest country, is a land of great natural beauty and diversity. From vast forests, stunning coastlines, breath-taking mountain ranges to the pristine Arctic territories, Canada is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Each region offers a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences that make a journey through Canada in an RV a trip of a lifetime. For detailed information, visit the Official site of the Canadian Government.

An RV trip through Canada offers a great opportunity to witness the country's picturesque landscapes. Start from the Yoho National Park where towering waterfalls, awe-inspiring cliffs, and emerald green lakes await. Continue your trip in the Bruce Peninsula National Park, which offers crystal clear waters, extraordinary rock formations, and ancient cedar forests. Journey along the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia and enjoy the unforgettable views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Cape Breton Highlands. Do not miss the unparalleled beauty of the Kluane National Park in Yukon, home to Canada's highest peak and the world's largest, non-polar ice fields.

RV trips in Canada can get long due to the considerable distances between major attractions but the unforgettable views and memories make it worth the journey. Plan your route carefully and be prepared for weather conditions to get the best out of your Canadian RV experience. Canada's roads are wide, well-maintained, and RV-friendly making it easy to explore the country at your own pace. For practical guides and road trip routes, check the Canadian road transportation guide.

RV Rentals FAQ

All You Need to Know about RV Rentals in Canada

1. How much does it cost to rent an RV in Canada?

The cost of renting an RV in Canada varies depending on the vehicle capacity, rental duration, and season. In the low season, prices can range as low as $66 per day for larger vehicles and up to $255 per day for smaller, two-person vehicles. During the high season, the rates increase, with costs ranging from $266 per day for two-person RVs to as much as $666 per day for vehicles that accommodate six or more people. It’s important to note that larger vehicles can sometimes be more economical than smaller ones during the off-peak season, particularly models offered by companies like Cruise Canada.

2. What is the most popular RV model for renting in Canada?

The Class A Motorhome is particularly popular in Canada for those looking for luxury and comfort on the road. These motorhomes offer spacious living areas and are equipped with all the comforts of home, making them perfect for exploring Canada's vast landscapes.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent an RV in Canada?

Travelers frequently choose to rent RVs from major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal for their convenience and variety of options.

4. Is there 24-hour pickup and dropoff service available for RVs?

While most RV rental companies do not offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off, arrangements can usually be made within the company's operating hours for both pickup and drop-off times.

5. What minimum rental period applies to RV rentals?

The minimum rental period for RVs often ranges from 5 to 7 nights, depending on the season and the policies of the rental company.

6. What is the minimum age to rent an RV in Canada?

The minimum age for renting an RV in most Canadian provinces is 21, with higher rates potentially applied to those under 25.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive an RV in Canada?

To rent an RV, you will need a valid driver's license from your home country. A credit card is typically required for the rental security deposit, and some companies may request an International Driving Permit as well.

8. What's the best time of year to visit Canada with an RV?

Given Canada's diverse climate, the preferred time for RV travel is during the summer months (June to August), when the weather is warm and the roads are more accessible.

9. What are the main airports in Canada?

The primary airports for entering Canada include Toronto Pearson International Airport for arrivals from the east and Vancouver International Airport for those coming from the west.

10. Can I pick up the RV in one Canadian city and drop it off in another?

Most rental companies offer the flexibility of picking up an RV in one city and dropping it off in another, although an additional fee may be incurred.

Price Analysis of RV Rentals in Canada

Delve into the comprehensive pricing guide for recreational vehicle (RV) rentals across Canada, highlighting variations by season and vehicle capacity.

In this analysis, we focus on the dynamic pricing of RV rentals in Canada, specifically examining the cost differences between high and low seasons. Prices fluctuate based on various factors, including advance booking and length of rental, with potential discounts for longer stays or early reservations. Notably, this detailed price evaluation is based on data from major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton, ensuring a broad perspective. Always check our booking system at the top of this page for the most current rates.

Rental costs in Canada are typically lower during the off-peak seasons, from October to April, while peak seasons occur from May through September. This pricing strategy reflects demand variations, allowing travelers to plan economically. Additionally, an exceptional circumstance involves Cruise Canada, which offers more economical options for larger groups (4, 5, or 6 adults) during the low season compared to other companies' vehicles designed for smaller groups (2 or 3 people). Certain RVs in Canada offer instant confirmation of availability, providing peace of mind, while others may require confirmation from the provider after booking. This ensures that every customer can make informed and secure arrangements.

Sleep 2

  • Low season: $132 - $255 per day.
  • High season: $266 - $370 per day.
  • Vehicles available: 6.
  • Most economical vehicle: The Saver 2 from CanaDream features not only a shower and a toilet but also boasts Bluetooth connectivity and a fridge/freezer, ensuring comfort and convenience. With its automatic transmission and option for petrol or diesel engines, it provides a smooth ride for two adults. Priced at $132 per day in the low season, it also offers instant booking confirmation.

Sleep 3

  • Low season: $170 per day.
  • High season: $257 - $282 per day.
  • Vehicles available: 2.
  • Most economical vehicle: The TC (Truck Camper) from Fraserway RV Rentals comes equipped with both a shower and toilet, and it features cruise control and a fridge, making it ideal for smaller families or groups. This model, running on a diesel engine with automatic transmission, accommodates 2 adults and 1 child. Available for $170 per day during the low season, it requires confirmation post-booking due to its on-demand status.

Sleep 4

  • Low season: $142 - $201 per day.
  • High season: $286 - $445 per day.
  • Vehicles available: 6.
  • Most economical vehicle: The C-Small from Four Seasons RV Rental Canada is a compact yet fully equipped RV with a shower, toilet, and kitchen facilities including a microwave and stove. Its petrol engine and automatic transmission make it a reliable choice for four adults. With instant booking availability, its lowest rate in the low season is $142 per day.

Sleep 5

  • Low season: $79 - $212 per day.
  • High season: $301 - $481 per day.
  • Vehicles available: 7.
  • Most economical vehicle: The C25 - Standard Motorhome from Cruise Canada not only provides ample space for five adults but also features advanced amenities like a chemical toilet, air conditioning, and a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave and stove. This vehicle, available for just $79 per day in the low season, offers a blend of comfort and value, with instant booking to secure your travel plans without delay.

Sleep 6+

  • Low season: $66 - $308 per day.
  • High season: $328 - $666 per day.
  • Vehicles available: 16.
  • Most economical vehicle: The MHC 24' Class C RV from Motor Home Travel Canada Inc is perfect for larger groups, accommodating up to 6 individuals comfortably. It features an automatic transmission, petrol engine, a shower, and a toilet. With amenities such as air conditioning, a three-burner stove, and a fridge/freezer, it ensures a comfortable journey. Priced from $66 per day in the low season, it also offers the convenience of instant booking for some bookings while others may need confirmation.

RV Rental Reviews


Vancouver – 23-02-2024. Reliable and high-quality service provided by this RV company. My accommodation on wheels was a delightful experience. The comfort matched the efficiency. I appreciate the excellent communication and guidance throughout the rental process. Price-wise, it was quite competent, despite the peak season in Vancouver. Looking forward to my future travels with your service.


Toronto – 04-11-2023. I've gained an wonderful recollection of my destination vacation to Toronto, largely owing to the quality of the RV I hired. The vehicle was in pristine condition and superbly outfitted. The pricing was equitable, specifically considering the quality provided. I am confident in recommending this company to any RV seekers.


Calgary – 01-09-2023. The bedazzling landscapes of Calgary were made significantly more gratifying and convenient by the RV I rented. The vehicle was neat, well maintained and functioned impeccably. They've provided an unparalleled blend of quality and pricing, offered with sublime customer service which made renting an RV a smooth process.


Montreal – 30-06-2023. I rented a campervan during my recent trip to Canada. How convenience it was! Very clean and comfortable. The wonderful part is their prices. Absolute value for money! Their staff are also incredibly helpful. Looking forward to more travels with them.


Montreal – 18-06-2023. From the booking process to the drop-off in Montreal, everything was seamless. The RV was comfortable and fully equipped. The rates were reasonable. Overall it was a memorable and wonderful experience!


Ottawa – 25-05-2023. I highly recommend this rental company. Their motorhomes are in excellent condition and their prices are very competitive. The staff were professional and ensured we had everything we needed for our trip. I had a great experience and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.


Quebec City – 10-04-2023. I discover the robust beauty of Quebec City from the comfort of a high-class, well-furnished RV. Both the service and the vehicle exceeded my expectations. The rates balanced well with the value given. Renting was a breeze and the customer service was excellent.


Ottawa – 23-02-2023. Exploring the cultural richness of Ottawa in the rented RV was truly delightful. The RV was well-equipped, comfortable, and reliable. The rates, for the quality and comprehensive service that was provided, were completely fair. I will definitely rent again from this company.

Important Cities in Canada

Seven Must-Visit Cities

  1. Toronto: Canada's most populous city, known for its towering skyline including the CN Tower.
  2. Vancouver: A major film location with a vibrant art, theatre and music scenes.
  3. Montreal: The second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, famous for its beautiful architecture.
  4. Ottawa: The capital city of Canada, rich in history and home to numerous national museums.
  5. Calgary: Known for its high quality of life and for hosting the Calgary Stampede, a massive rodeo festival.
  6. Edmonton: A popular destination for RV trips because of its proximity to Canada's natural beauty.
  7. Quebec City: Known for its Winter Carnival and historical sites, including the famed Château Frontenac.

Canadian Road Connections

Top 7 Road Connections to Explore by RV

  1. Toronto - Montreal: Distance: 541km on Highway 401. Approx. driving time: 5h 30min. Busiest highway with very well-maintained road conditions.
  2. Vancouver - Banff: Distance: 850 km via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E. Approx. driving time: 9h. A scenic route noted for its beautiful landscapes.
  3. Calgary - Jasper: Distance of 412km on AB-93 N. Approx. driving time: 5h 37min. A beautiful trip, mainly through the Icefields Parkway.
  4. Ottawa - Quebec City: Distance: 447km via A-40 E. Approx. driving time: 4h 30min. The route crosses mainly fields and forest landscapes.
  5. Victoria - Tofino: Distance: 317km on BC-1 N and BC-4. Approx. driving time: 4h 56min. The journeys offer breathtaking views and serene atmospheres.
  6. Edmonton - Lake Louise: Distance of 433 km via AB-2 S. Approx. driving time: 4h 24min. This route include driving through Banff National Park.
  7. Halifax - Cape Breton Highlands: Distance: 359km via NS-102 and NS-105. Approx. driving time: 4h. The Cabot Trail is a well-known drive with amazing coastlines.

Canada RV Driving

Driving FAQs in Canada with an RV

1. Which side of the road do Canadians drive on?

In Canada, one must drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Canada?

The usual speed limit on Canadian roads ranges from 50km/h to 100km/h, different areas may have varying speed limits. Always pay attention to the posted speed limit signs on the road.

3. Do I need an International Driving Permit in Canada?

Visitors can use their valid driver's license from their home country for a short period. However, if the license is not in English or French, an International Driving Permit is recommended.

4. Are there many speed cameras or radars in Canada?

Yes, in Canada speed cameras or speed radars are commonly used, especially in high traffic areas. Fines for speeding can be hefty.

5. How do toll roads work in Canada?

Some highways, bridges, and tunnels in Canada require you to pay a fee to use them. Payments can be made in cash, by credit or debit card, or through E-Pass transponders in some regions.

6. Are there specific rules I should know about driving an RV in Canada?

Driving an RV is similar to a regular vehicle with a few exceptions. You must not exceed the speed limit and always consider the vehicle's size when entering covered parking lots or passing under bridges.

7. What are the parking regulations in Canada for RVs?

Designated parking places for RVs are available at most tourist spots. Make sure to pay attention to the signs, as overnight parking may not be allowed at all locations.

8. How well maintained are Canadian roads?

Canadian roads are generally in good condition. However, during winter months, road conditions can worsen due to snow or ice. Always stay informed about current road conditions.

9. Are petrol stations easily available?

In urban areas, petrol stations are plentiful. However, in remote areas, they can be few and far between, so it is advisable to keep your tank filled.

10. Can I drive in Canada with a US driver's license?

Yes, a valid US driver's license is accepted in Canada.

11. Do I need to have insurance to drive in Canada?

Yes, you are required to have auto insurance in Canada which typically should include collision and comprehensive coverage.

12. Is it legal to sleep in an RV at the side of the road?

Generally, it is illegal to do this in most parts of Canada. You must choose approved campsites or other designated areas for overnight parking.

13. What should I do in case of a road accident?

In the event of an accident, ensure everyone's safety first, move the vehicle out of traffic if possible, call the police and your rental company, and do not admit liability.

14. Are child safety seats required in Canada?

Yes, all provinces in Canada require young children to be secured in an approved child seat or booster seat while driving.

15. Are there any other rules of the road I should be aware of?

You must keep to the right lane unless you're overtaking. Also, pedestrians have right of way in Canada. Be careful, respect traffic signals and always stop for school buses when signals are flashing.

Canada RV Adventure

Discover Canada's top attractions

  1. Niagara Falls: Experience this iconic, breathtaking natural wonder and nearby parks in your campervan.
  2. Banff National Park: Explore Canada's first national park known for its stunning Rocky Mountain landscapes.
  3. Jasper National Park: Wild, beautiful and vast; home to a variety of wildlife in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.
  4. Vancouver Island: A mix of rainforest, quaint towns and mountainous terrain await your visit.
  5. Prince Edward Island: Home to pastoral landscapes, charming towns and the famous Green Gables Heritage Place.
  6. Old Quebec: A UNESCO world heritage site full of historic charm and French influence.
  7. Bay of Fundy: Famous for having the highest tides on earth and excellent for whale watching from your motorhome.
  8. Toronto City: Canada's largest city, famous for its diverse culture, skyscrapers, and the CN Tower.

Must-Explore RV Routes

Top Roadtrip Routes for Motorhome Touring

  1. The Trans-Canada Highway: Stretching 7800 km from the west coast of British Columbia to the east coast of Newfoundland, this is Canada's iconic coast-to-coast journey, taking in major cities, national parks, and stunning landscapes.
  2. Icefields Parkway: Known as one of the world's most scenic highways, this 230 km route connects Jasper and Banff National Parks in Alberta, offering breathtaking views of glaciers, waterfalls and pristine mountain lakes.
  3. Cabot Trail: A 298 km loop around the northern part of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island, offering steep cliffs, winding roads, charming villages, and the chance to spot whales from the shoreline.
  4. Sea to Sky Highway: This 121 km stretch from Vancouver to Whistler in British Columbia offers stunning coastal and mountain views, with points of interest such as Shannon Falls and the Tantalus Range.
  5. Alaska Highway: Beginning in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and ending in Delta Junction, Alaska, this 2232 km route takes in hot springs, wildlife, and the breathtaking Northern Lights.
  6. The Sunshine Coast: Located in British Columbia, this 180 km drive offers a slower pace with quaint seaside villages, beautiful parks, and ferry rides.
  7. Gaspe Peninsula: In Quebec's eastern region, this 885 km coastal route reveals stunning landscapes, charming seaside villages, and the impressive Perce Rock.