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Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Tromso

A guide on embarking on a scenic motorhome journey through Norway’s majestic landscapes from Tromso

Camper in Tromso vicinity with Northern Lights, reindeers and fjords

Hailed as the gateway to the Arctic, the city of Tromso is a spectacular wonderland of stunning natural beauty. Encapsulating within it majestic mountains, glistening fjords, picturesque landscapes, and of course, the celestial magic of the Northern Lights, this Norwegian city is an ideal starting point for nature enthusiasts who prefer the freedom of motorhome travel.

Embarking on a journey from Tromso in a campervan, one can conveniently cruise through the scenic routes while making spontaneous stops to enjoy the surrounding wilderness. Lyngen Alps, located about 90 minutes from Tromso, is a must-visit for its striking mountain landscapes and the chance to witness the Aurora Borealis. The islands of Kvaløya and Senja, considered among the most beautiful in Norway, are easily reachable by road, offering breathtaking views of fjords and a rich wildlife habitat. A heartening drive of about 2 hours would take you to the captivating Botnhamn-Brensholmen coastal route.

Traveling further, the astounding wonder of Sommarøy, translates to ‘summer island’ and is a perfect place for watching the midnight sun. It's a pleasant motorhome ride of approximately two hours’ drive from Tromso. And, no trip would be complete without witnessing the splendour of Stetind, Norway's national mountain, requiring a slightly longer adventure of around 5 hours, once again reminding one that the freedom to pull over and soak up the views at their leisure, is one of the many reasons why campervan or motorhome adventures are worth the trip.

Tromso Campervan Hire

Common Questions and Answers

1. How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Tromso?

The cost of campervan hire in Tromso can vary greatly, based on the model and season. On average, prices start from £90 per day, but rates can increase during high season.

2. What model of campervan is most in demand for hire in Tromso?

The most popular model in Tromso is the fully-equipped camper van that is suitable for cold weather. Due to Tromso's Arctic location, campervans with strong heating facilities are highly prefered.

3. Where are the popular spots to hire a campervan in Tromso?

The most popular places to hire a campervan in Tromso are near the city centre and close to Tromso's main airport.

4. Is there 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most campervan hire services in Tromso provide 24-hour pick-up and drop-off for their customers.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period in Tromso is usually 3 days, but it can vary among companies.

6. What is the minimum age to hire a campervan in Tromso?

The minimum age criteria for hiring a campervan in Tromso is ordinarily 21 years old.

7. What documentation is necessary to hire or drive a campervan in Tromso?

You would typically need a valid driving licence, passport, and credit card in the main driver's name.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Tromso by campervan?

The best time to visit Tromso by campervan is from May to September, when you can enjoy the Midnight Sun and a lot of outdoor activities.

9. What are the main airports in Tromso?

The main airport in Tromso is Tromso Airport, with Bardufoss Airport being another close by airport that offers regular flights.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in Tromso and drop-off in another city?

Many companies allow for one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the campervan in Tromso and drop it off in another city for an additional fee.

Travellers' Reviews


Tromso – 15-11-2023. Exceptionally proficient. Running a camping trek in Tromso in mid-November isn't the simplest undertaking, I assure you, but this motorhome rental company made it a dream come true. The team showed us their extensive collection of different campervans and explained the minor differences clearly. The motorhome we chose was extraordinarily roomy and well maintained. The price was reasonable, not beyond our means.


Tromso – 25-08-2023. Top-notch operation! If you're ever in Tromso and want to have a motorhome adventure, this is the place to hire from. They´ve treated us like a family. The campervan was very clean and thoroughly equipped. Despite being an older gentleman who struggles with new technologies, I found their process quite simple to follow. Worth every penny we paid.


Tromso – 15-07-2023. Our family has chosen this campervan hire company for the third time this year. We´ve always been more than satisfied with their service. I am amazed at how comfortable the beds are even in a motorhome. It was a worthwhile experience spending summer with this campervan, at a fair price.


Tromso – 18-05-2023. Despite the noticeably increased demand for campervans and the summer rush, this company has managed to maintain a high standard on their service and affordability. The motorhome was both functional and cosy. I had a substantial amount of interaction with the team, they were kind, knowledgeable and patient. Kudos to this tremendous company.


Tromso – 05-04-2023. Exceeded all our expectations. The ease with which we hired the campervan and the exceptional service were truly remarkable. The staff went above and beyond to help us get the best value for our money. The motorhome was sleek, in stellar shape and performed excellently on the road.


Tromso – 25-02-2023. My wife and I hired a motorhome to traverse Tromso's incredible wilderness. The team at this campervan hire company makes everything so straightforward and stress-free. The initial hire price seemed premium, but it was all worth it considering the quality of the vehicle and impeccable customer service. Will surely come back.

Tromso Road Connections

Essential routes for campervan and motorhome travellers

  1. Tromso - Lofoten Islands: Approximately 422km drive taking the E6 and E10 roads, expect an 8-hour journey. Beautiful coastal scenery, road conditions can be challenging during winters.
  2. Tromso - Senja: A drive of about 65km, on the E8 and national highway. Journey takes approx. 2 hours, expect winding roads and breathtaking fjord views.
  3. Tromso - Alta: Nearly 404km drive along the E6 and E8. A journey of around 6 hours, prepare yourself for beautiful wilderness scenery.
  4. Tromso - Ersfjordbotn: Just a short 19km trip on the 862, taking almost 30 min. Roads are typically clear, offering stunning fjord views.
  5. Tromso - Hammerfest: Drive along the E6 for about 540km, journey takes approx. 7 hours. Expect long hours of smooth drive with wonderful views of forests and mountains.
  6. Tromso - Vardo: 538km drive mainly on the E75 and E6. Journey takes almost 8 hours as road conditions depend on weather. Amazing arctic landscapes.
  7. Tromso - Narvik: A 248km trip via E8 and E6, over a 4 hour drive. Roads can be windy; views of fjords, mountains and possibly northern lights are to be expected.

Tromso Camping Essentials

Top 8 Tourist Attractions for Campervan and Motorhome Travellers

  1. The Northern Lights: Experience this phenomenal display of nature from the comfort of your campervan, best visible between late September and late March.
  2. Tromso Museum: Learn about Tromso's history and culture, including Sami heritage and Arctic wildlife.
  3. Mt. Storsteinen: Take the cable car to enjoy breathtaking views of Tromso and beyond. Perfect for camper-fuelled picnic.
  4. Tromso Fjords: Lush landscapes and stunning water bodies ideal for a motorhome adventure.
  5. Arctic Cathedral: A highlight of Tromso, featuring impressive architecture and history.
  6. Lyngen Alps: A beacon for hikers and skiers alike, offering beautiful vistas and trails.
  7. Sami Camp: Experience the indigenous culture, including traditional clothing, cuisine, and music.
  8. Polaria Aquarium: An education centre where you can learn about Arctic marine life.

Tromso Motorhome Roadtrips

Unforgettable Northern Journey Experiences

  1. Kystriksveien Coastal Route: This scenic 650km stretch will introduce you to stunning coastal views, innumerable islands, and quaint villages. Tops spots include the Svartisen glacier and Torghatten mountain.
  2. Lofoten Islands Route: Travel from Tromso to the Lofoten Islands through magnificent landscapes. It´s a 420 km drive, filled with scenic fishing villages, majestic mountains and beautiful beaches.
  3. Sami Culture Route: A 190 km drive from Tromso to Alta offers insights into the rich Sami history. Marvel at the Northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer.
  4. Senja National Tourist Route: The 102 km drive along Norway's second-largest island is an array of fjords, mountains and beaches. Don't miss the scenic viewpoints at Tungeneset and Bergsbotn.
  5. Nordkapp Route: The 516 km drive from Tromso to Nordkapp, Europe's northernmost point, offers stunning views of fjords, reindeer herds and if you´re lucky, the northern lights.
  6. Varanger National Tourist Route: Embark on a 160 km mystical journey along the Arctic Ocean. Experience untouched landscapes, birdcliffs and historical sites of the Sami people.
  7. Lyngen Alps Route: At a short distance of 70 k from Tromso, enjoy the breath-taking views of Lyngen Alps, explore quaint villages and sample local cuisine. It's an ideal choice for short breaks.


Driving in Tromso

Essential Information for Campervan Travellers

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Tromso?

In Tromso, like the rest of Norway, you should drive on the right side of the road. 

2. What is the speed limit for driving a campervan in Tromso?

Speed limits vary depending on the type of road. Generally, 80 km/h is the typical speed limit on highways, while roads outside built-up areas have a limit of 80 km/h. Within urban areas, it is usually 50 km/h or as signposted. 

3. Do I need a special driving license to drive a campervan in Tromso?

No, you don't need a special license. A standard licence, which permits the driving of cars up to 3.5 tonnes, is sufficient for most campervans in Norway.

4. Where can I park my campervan in Tromso?

Parking rules for campervans in Tromso are quite flexible. There are several designated camper parking spots throughout the city. Yellow lines mean no parking and white lines mark areas where parking is allowed. Always check local signs.

5. Are there toll roads in Tromso I should be aware of?

There are toll roads in some parts of Norway although Tromso itself no longer has toll charges. Some of the roads in the nearby countryside might still have them. It is advisable for travellers to inform themselves in advance.

6. How do I pay for toll roads?

All vehicles using toll roads in Norway are registered automatically through the electronic toll collection system. The rental company will be billed directly for the toll charges incurred during your campervan hire period.

7. Are there any specific driving rules I should be aware of?

Keep in mind that in Norway, vehicles coming from the right have right-of-way, unless road signs indicate otherwise. Also, headlights must be turned on at all times, including during daylight hours.

8. What should I do in case of a roadside emergency?

In case of a roadside emergency, contact the roadside assistance number provided by your campervan hire company. Norway also has a general emergency number, 112, which can be dialled for immediate assistance.

9. How busy is the traffic in Tromso?

Tromso is relatively small and traffic is generally not congested. However, during peak tourist season, the roads may be busier than usual, especially during the weekends. 

10. Can I drive off-road with my campervan?

No, driving off-road is prohibited in Norway to protect the natural environment. Always stick to marked roads and trails.

11. How are the road conditions in Tromso?

Road conditions in Tromso can vary widely, especially in winter. Always verify current conditions and forecasts before setting off, and adjust your driving accordingly.

12. Is there anything unique about driving a campervan in Tromso?

One unique aspect of driving in Tromso is the potential for extreme weather conditions, including very low temperatures and snow during winter. It's important to be prepared and drive with caution.

13. Are there any restrictions when driving with a hired campervan?

Some restrictions may apply, depending on your rental company's policy. These may include restrictions on certain types of roads or geographical areas. Always verify these details with your hire company.

14. Are there speed cameras in Tromso?

There are speed cameras installed along certain roads in Norway. If you exceed the speed limit, you can expect a fine which will be billed to your campervan hire company, and subsequently to you.

15. Are there any specific safety rules involving campervans?

Generally, campervan drivers should follow all standard road safety laws and regulations. In addition, always ensure you have cleared all windows of snow and ice before driving, and that your campervan's heating system is in good working condition, especially during winter.