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Experience the freedom of travel with our reliable motorhome rental service in Barcelona. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, ready to assist in creating your unique journey to the region's renowned destinations like the breathtaking Costa Brava. Our team ensures a smooth, carefree adventure that captures the essence of Barcelona's unique culture.

Campervan & Motorhome Rental in Barcelona

Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes just outside Barcelona!

Campervan rental exploring iconic Barcelona

If you are looking for an unforgettable travel experience that brings together cultural richness and natural beauty, plan your next adventure in Barcelona and its surroundings. Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, is renowned for its art, architecture, and the vibrant life of its streets. But few are aware of the wealth of natural wonders that await just outside this bustling city. The use of a motorhome or campervan can make this journey a truly unique adventure, providing the freedom to explore at one's own pace and spend nights under the starred ceiling of nature.

Firstly, from Barcelona, consider visiting Montserrat Natural Park, located just an hour away by motorhome. This mountain range, with its unique rock formations and stunning views, provides an ideal escape for nature lovers. Alternatively, you could navigate your campervan towards the Costa Brava, mesmerizing with its crystal-clear waters, secluded coves and trails along the sea cliffs. Spend a night or two wild camping, discovering the charm of waking up to the sound of gentle waves and sea breeze.

Finally, consider venturing into the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, where you can witness the raw beauty and power of dormant volcanoes, surrounded by lush forests. This trip takes around two hours by motorhome from Barcelona, but the incredible panoramic views make the journey worthwhile. Embarking on a motorhome or campervan adventure from Barcelona allows you to create a personalized itinerary that offers the best of both urban culture and incomparable natural beauty.

Campervan Rental Barcelona

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a campervan in Barcelona?

The cost may vary depending on the model and the rental season. On average, the daily rate can range from 75 to 200 euros.

2. What model of campervan is most in demand for hire in Barcelona?

Compact models like the Volkswagen California are popular due to Barcelona's narrow streets and limited parking.

3. Where are the most popular places to rent a campervan in Barcelona?

The most popular rental locations are near Barcelona Airport and the city center.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service?

Yes, many rental companies offer 24-hour pickup and drop-off services for the convenience of the customers.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, usually the minimum rental period is two to three days.

6. What is the minimum age required to rent a campervan in Barcelona?

In most cases, the minimum age requirement is 21, with a full driver's license held for at least one year.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive a campervan in Barcelona?

You will need a valid driving license, passport, and a credit card in the name of the main driver.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Barcelona by campervan?

The ideal time for a campervan trip to Barcelona is from March to June and from September to November when the weather is pleasant.

9. What are the main airports in Barcelona?

Barcelona's primary airport is Barcelona-El Prat Airport. Other nearby airports include Girona-Costa Brava Airport and Reus Airport.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in Barcelona and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most companies allow one-way rentals with an additional fee depending on the drop-off location.

Rental Reviews


Barcelona – 16-10-2023. Exceptionally pleased with the motorhome we rented in Barcelona. Even though we were novices at this type of vacation, the company made it effortless. The vehicle was perfectly maintained and clean. The price was more than reasonable for such a top-notch service. I'm already thinking about our next campervan adventure!


Barcelona – 07-09-2023. My husband and I just had the trip of a lifetime, thanks to this incredible campervan rental company. From the booking process to the steering wheel, every detail was arranged flawlessly. The cost was absolutely fair considering the exceptional service and luxe motorhome. Would positively suggest others to rent from here!


Barcelona – 15-07-2023. Best decision ever to rent a motorhome from this company. Excellent condition, while the price was affordable. We had tremendous fun and made some unforgettable memories. Looking forward to our next campervan journey!


Barcelona – 10-05-2023. What a delightful experience! The campervan was clean, comfy and perfect for our little adventure. The staff were pleasant and clarified all our queries. Would wholeheartedly recommend this rental company!


Barcelona – 03-03-2023. Had a fantastic experience with this camper van rental. They delivered the motorhome right on time. The van was in great shape, and the journey was smooth. Affordable and comfortable way to travel. Will definitely go back to this company for future excursions!

Barcelona Road Connections

Top 7 Motorhome Routes from Barcelona

  1. Barcelona - Madrid: Travel 624 km via A-2 and A-2 with a driving time of approximately 6-7 hours. Road conditions vary, so stay aware.
  2. Barcelona - Valencia: A shorter route of 350 km via AP-7, the driving time is around 3-4 hours. Roads are in good condition.
  3. Barcelona - Girona: A short, 104 km drive via the AP-7, taking only about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Highways here are generally well-maintained.
  4. Barcelona - Zaragoza: This 307 km drive takes about 3 hours via AP-2. Travellers should note tolls along this route.
  5. Barcelona - Tarragona: A short drive of 92km via AP-7 and AP-7, expected to take around 1 hour. The highway is well-paved for smooth driving.
  6. Barcelona - Lleida: Approximately 2 hours to cover the 173 km via A-2. The road conditions are generally good.
  7. Barcelona - Andorra la Vella: Travel about 197 km via C-16. It's an interesting drive that will take about 3 hours, with stunning mountain views.

Driving in Barcelona

Common Concerns and Guidelines

1. What is the speed limit on urban roads in Barcelona?

The speed limit in most of the urban area of Barcelona is 50 kilometers per hour. However, there are some zones, called 'zones 30', where the speed limit is reduced to 30 kilometers per hour.

2. Do I need a specific driving license to drive a campervan in Barcelona?

A standard driving license (B category) is enough to drive a campervan in Barcelona, as long as its maximum authorized mass (MAM) doesn't exceed 3,500 kilograms.

3. Are there any radares in the city?

Yes, Barcelona has a dense network of speed cameras. It's important to respect speed limits to avoid fines.

4. Do I need to pay tolls on the highways in Barcelona?

Yes, many of the highways around Barcelona use a toll system. Prices vary depending on the specific road and the class of your vehicle.

5. What are the general rules of driving in Barcelona?

Drivers are required to respect traffic lights and road signs, use indicators when changing direction, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and don't exceed the speed limit.

6. Are there specific parking rules for campervans?

Yes, campervans can be parked in any regular parking spot, but they can't take up more than one space. In some areas, parking is regulated by the blue (charged) and green (residents) zones.

7. Is traffic usually heavy in Barcelona?

Traffic can get quite heavy, particularly during rush hour. It's advisable to avoid driving in the city center during these periods.

8. Which side of the road should I drive on?

In Spain, including Barcelona, traffic drives on the right side of the road.

9. What happens if I exceed the speed limit in a campervan?

If caught speeding, you will be fined. In some cases, depending on how much you exceed the limit, the offense can lead to the loss of driving points and even to a driving ban.

10. Can I drive a campervan in the Barcelona's Bus-HOV lane?

No, only buses, taxis, and motorcycles are allowed in the Bus-HOV lane, unless indicated otherwise.

11. What documents do I need to carry while driving in Barcelona?

While driving in Spain, you must carry your valid driving license, car insurance documentation, and the vehicle's registration document.

12. Can I park a campervan anywhere overnight in Barcelona?

No, overnight parking in a campervan is not allowed in Barcelona's city center. Nonetheless, there are several campsites and designated parking areas in and around the city for this purpose.

13. Are there zones restricted to campervans in Barcelona?

Yes, some areas with restricted traffic also restrict the access to campervans. Always respect these signs.

14. What is the alcohol limit for driving in Barcelona?

The legal alcohol limit in Spain is 0.25 mg/l, but it is lower for new drivers (0.15 mg/l).

15. Are there any specific safety guidelines for campervan drivers in Barcelona?

Standard safety rules apply to campervan drivers. Always drive with caution, use seatbelts, and avoid distractions. Remember that campervans take longer to stop than traditional cars, so keep larger safety distance when on the move.

Barcelona's Nearby Gems

Destination highlights accessible by campervan and motorhome

  1. Montserrat Mountain: A unique massif renowned for its rock formations and the Benedictine abbey home to the Black Madonna.
  2. Costa Brava: Famous for its spectacular views, fine sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and hidden coves.
  3. Girona: A medieval city known for its well-preserved old town, gothic cathedral and colorful houses on the Onyar River.
  4. Sitges: A beautiful coastal town renowned for its beaches, nightlife, and historic sites.
  5. Figueres: The birthplace of Salvador Dalí, with a museum dedicated to the artist's work.
  6. Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park: A park offering volcanic cones, craters and lava flows – perfect for campervan parking and exploration.
  7. Cadaqués: A charming seaside town known for its white houses, pebble beaches, and Salvador Dalí's home.
  8. Tarragona: A historical city offering ancient Roman ruins, a beautiful cathedral, and picturesque beaches.

Spanish Roadtrips for Campervan Lovers

Top Routes Starting from Barcelona

  1. Barcelona to Costa Brava: This scenic coastal route stretches approximately 214km, from Barcelona to the town of Cadaqués. Enjoy the charming villages and stunning beaches along the Costa Brava.
  2. Barcelona to the Pyrenees: This 160km route to La Seu d'Urgell allows you to explore the stunning Catalan Pyrenees. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking and skiing.
  3. Barcelona to Valencia: This is a 350 km drive down the Mediterranean coast. Enjoy the landscape of Catalonia and Valencia, and stop by the famous seaside city of Valencia.
  4. Barcelona to Andalucía: This remarkable 1,000 km route takes you to Andalucía passing by beautiful cities like Granada, Seville, and Cordoba. Experience the magnificent Andalusian culture and history.
  5. The Basque-Navarre Route: Kick-off this 430km roadtrip from Barcelona, passing through the wine region of La Rioja, reaching Navarre, and finally oscillating towards the Basque Country. Experience Spain's unique culinary traditions along this route.
  6. The Route of Santiago de Compostela: A more ambitious route starting in Barcelona and spanning about 900 km to Santiago. This is a popular pilgrimage route, full of historical and religious significance.