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We offer a wide range of brand-new campervans in Cheshire for the perfect trip.
Embark on unforgettable journeys across Cheshire's stunning landscapes with our exceptional campervan and motorhome hire service. Our dedicated customer service team is on-hand to ensure your trip is smooth and enjoyable, providing expert advice on hidden gems in the region, such as the historic city of Chester. Experience the unique charm of Cheshire in a convenient and comfortable way.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Cheshire

Discover the scenic landscapes, charming market towns and wildlife in Cheshire through a campervan journey

Camper in twilight Cheshire landscape, animals, thatched houses

Explore the mesmerising pastoral settings of the charming Cheshire county in the comforts of a campervan or motorhome. Known for its picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, hidden villages, and grand historical mansions, Cheshire offers a uniquely satisfying experience for nature lovers. Nestled in the north west of England, Cheshire is a treasure trove of eye-pleasing vistas, perfect to explore in a leisurely-paced campervan trip.

The vibrant market towns of Congleton and Macclesfield are not to be missed, with a blend of family-run stores and high street names. Stop at Tatton Park, a historical estate with stunningly landscaped gardens, a farm, and a manor lone enough to wander around for hours in awe of its preserved beauty. Cheshire also boasts an impressively vast stretch of canal network. Take your motorhome for a scenic ride down the Shropshire Union Canal and witness charming waterside pubs, iconic locks and tunnels.

Next, drive your campervan to the Cheshire's Wildlife Trusts, where you can seawoodlands, wetlands, and grasslands teeming with varied flora and fauna. From spots of tranquillity like Delamere Forest to the superb coastline views atop Hilbre Islands, travelling around Cheshire in a motorhome offers the perfect opportunity to soak up the beauty of nature at your own pace. Remember, though Cheshire may be geographically small, it's brimming with points of interest, so take your time to savour each stop.

Campervan Hire in Cheshire

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Cheshire?

Hiring a campervan in Cheshire varies depending on the model and the season. On average, it ranges from £50 for the budget models to £150 for luxury models.

2. What model of campervan is the most in-demand in Cheshire?

The most sought-after model for hire in Cheshire is usually a top-class model that provides adequate comfort for the harsh winter weather common in this region.

3. What are the most popular locations to hire a campervan in Cheshire?

Chester and Crewe are a couple of the most popular locations to hire a campervan in Cheshire due to their rich history and accessibility.

4. Do they offer a round-the-clock pick-up and drop-off service?

A 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service might not be offered by all companies. It is advisable to check with the hire company about their service hours.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period for most campervan rental companies in Cheshire is typically 3 days.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a campervan in Cheshire?

The minimum age to hire a campervan in Cheshire is usually 21 years, but some companies might require you to be at least 25 years old.

7. Which documents do I need to hire or drive a campervan in Cheshire?

You will need a valid driver's license and a proof of identity such as a passport. Some companies might also ask for recent utility bills as proof of address.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Cheshire by campervan?

The best time to visit Cheshire by campervan is during the summer months of June, July, and August when the weather is warm and there are more outdoor activities available.

9. What are the main airports in Cheshire?

The main airports in Cheshire are Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in one city of Cheshire and drop it off in another city?

Yes, it is usually possible to pick up the campervan in one city and drop it off in another. However, it could incur an additional cost and it should be confirmed with the hire company.

Travellers' Testimonies


Manchester – 14-11-2023. Following our unique odyssey through Cheshire, we have nothing but praise for the excellent service provided by this company. Their campervan was modern, clean, and perfectly reliable for our family. Their rates are also quite reasonable compared to other companies we've dealt with in the past. An unforgettable trip indeed!


Liverpool – 03-09-2023. My wife and I hired a motorhome for a little trail through Cheshire. It was our first time renting a campervan, and the process was straightforward. The vehicle's condition was excellent, practically new. Honestly, top-notch quality for the price. What struck me most was the staff's friendliness. They certainly made the whole experience even better. Highly recommended.


Birmingham – 20-07-2023. Took one of their campervans for a spin around Cheshire. The vehicle was a beauty! Spacious, clean- couldn't ask for more. And it didn't put a hole in my wallet either! Even the insurance deal was superb. All in all, a delightful experience. Can't thank the team enough.


London – 15-06-2023. Hired one of their motorhomes for my annual bird-watching trip in Cheshire. It was the perfect temporary home, with every amenity you could wish for. The pick-up and return procedure were smooth, thanks to the wonderfully courteous staff. Great value for money!


Brighton – 02-05-2023. Absolutely smashing experience. Loved every bit of the trip, all thanks to their superb service. The motorhome was in perfect nick, ready for the journey. Prices are, dare I say, a real bargain! A massive shout-out to their friendly team.


Leeds – 26-03-2023. Opted for one of their campervans for my month-long vacation. The rates are competitive, and the vehicle was in top condition. Their support team was also there every step of the way. I highly recommend this company, and I'll be back for another motorhome adventure. Excellent service!

Cheshire's Cities

Discovering Cheshire's Wonders

  1. Chester: A walled city renowned for its historic buildings and Roman walls.
  2. Warrington: Known for its thriving industries and lovely town centre.
  3. Macclesfield: Popular for its history in silk production and natural beauty.
  4. Northwich: A salt mining town known for its distinctive black and white buildings.
  5. Wilmslow: Offers attractive shopping streets and access to nearby nature reserves.
  6. Nantwich: Known for its well-preserved Tudor and Georgian architecture.
  7. Congleton: Popular for motorhome hire, offering access to nearby peaks and gorgeous countryside views.

Cheshire Road Connections

Exploring the UK with motorhome hire from Cheshire

  1. Chester - London: A 338-km ride via M6 and M1, usually taking around 4 hours. Expect busy motorways and frequent tolls. Keep London's Congestion Charge in mind.
  2. Warrington - Manchester: A 35-minute drive over 30 km via M62, one of the busiest motorways, connecting Liverpool and Hull.
  3. Macclesfield - Peak District National Park: An enjoyable 40-km journey mostly through A537, typically taking under an hour, leading to beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities.
  4. Cheshire - Snowdonia National Park: A scenic 120 km route via A494 and A5 through the heart of Wales, usually a 2-hour drive.
  5. Stockport - The Lake District: An approximate 2-hour drive covering 148 km via M6 to UK's most popular national park, renown for its glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and historic literary associations.
  6. Crewe - Birmingham: A quick 86-km trip, typically under an hour via M6, one of the country's key transport routes for both commuters and holidaymakers.
  7. Ellesmere Port - Blackpool: An 80-mile journey through the M6 and M55, usually within 2 hours, offering the iconic Blackpool Pleasure Beach and other seaside attractions.

Cheshire's Top Spots

Motorhome Touring Highlights

  1. Chester Zoo: Home to over 21000 animals across 500 species, set in 125 acres of award-winning gardens.
  2. Tatton Park: A historic estate with a neo-classical mansion, lavish gardens, a deer park, and farm.
  3. Delamere Forest: The largest woodland in Cheshire offering scenic walking trails and perfect for motorhome stopovers.
  4. Chester Cathedral: An impressive structure dating back to 1093, showcases stunning architecture and beautiful stained glass windows.
  5. Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre: Features the world´s third-largest steerable radio telescope, educational exhibits and gardens.
  6. The Sandstone Trail: Popular route spanning 34 miles through Cheshire's stunning countryside landscapes ideal for hiking.
  7. Quarry Bank Mill: A restored 18th-century cotton mill providing insight into the Industrial Revolution.
  8. Nantwich: A charming market town notable for its historic half-timbered buildings and annual cheese show.

Cheshire Road Trips

Experience Cheshire´s Breathtaking Routes on Wheels

  1. The High Peak Loop: Covering about 74 kilometres, this route takes you from Macclesfield to Buxton via the scenic Cat and Fiddle route, offering stunning views of the Peak District National Park.
  2. Cheshire Ring: A complete circle of 158 kilometres around the county passing through Middlewich, Macclesfield, and Northwich, boasting traditional British landscapes.
  3. Cheshire to Lancashire Drive: A picturesque 178 kilometre route from Chester to Ormskirk, passing through Warrington and Haydock, perfect for exploring North West England.
  4. The Wirral Peninsula: A 66 kilometre circular trip around this stunning peninsula. A must-visit for nature lovers with views of the River Dee and the Irish Sea.
  5. The Three Rivers Route: This 100 kilometre journey explores the course of the rivers Dee, Weaver and Wheelock, offering a relaxing drive with numerous stopping points.
  6. Chester to Snowdonia: A longer trip of 102 kilometres, taking you from the historic city of Chester to the natural beauty of Snowdonia National Park in Wales.
  7. Delamere Forest Drive: Covering a distance of 30 kilometres, this short route is a perfect day trip, encompassing scenic landscapes and the beautiful Delamere forest.


Driving in Cheshire

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the drive side in Cheshire?

In Cheshire, like the rest of the United Kingdom, the drive side is the left.

2. What are the speed limits in Cheshire?

Speed limits vary depending on the type of road. In built-up areas, the speed limit is generally 30 mph, on single carriageways it's 60 mph, and on dual carriageways and motorways it's 70 mph.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Cheshire?

Yes, there are regular speed cameras on both urban and rural roads.

4. Can I drive in Cheshire with a non-UK driving licence?

Yes, people with a valid driving licence from any country can drive in the UK for up to 12 months.

5. Where can I park my campervan overnight in Cheshire?

There are several dedicated campervan parks throughout Cheshire, such as Chester Lakes and Elm Cottage, where you can park overnight for a fee. It's always recommended to book in advance.

6. Are there restrictions on driving campervans in certain areas?

There are no specific restrictions in Cheshire, but make sure to check any parking height restrictions for your campervan.

7. Are there service stations for campervans in Cheshire?

Yes, there are service stations equipped for the needs of campervans in Cheshire and they are dispersed across major roads and motorways.

8. Are toll roads common in Cheshire?

There are few toll roads in Cheshire. The M6 Toll is the most significant one.

9. Are there any unique driving rules I should be aware of in Cheshire?

Cheshire follows standard UK driving regulations. Remember that you need to give way to oncoming traffic when turning right, and use your indicators when changing lane or turning.

10. What is the condition of roads in Cheshire?

Roads in Cheshire are generally well-maintained and continually being improved. Motorways and A-roads are usually of high standard, but be aware that some rural roads can be narrow and winding.

11. Are there any specific safety rules regarding campervans?

Ensure all passengers have a seat with a seatbelt, never carry more people than you have seats, and ensure all equipment is securely stored while driving.

12. Can I park my campervan anywhere in Cheshire?

No, parking regulations vary by area in Cheshire so always check local signage for restrictions.

13. Can I cross border with the campervan without notifying anyone?

Yes, but make sure you are informed about the driving rules and regulations in the country you are visiting. Some European countries may require equipment such as a breathalyser kit.

14. Can I use bike lanes to pass slow-moving traffic in Cheshire?

No, you must not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation.

15. How can I pay for toll roads in Cheshire?

You can pay for toll roads online, by phone, or at certain retail outlets. Some tolls require payment in advance, and some soon after the journey.