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Experience matchless customer service while hiring our campervans and motorhomes in East Sussex. Revel in the bliss of Seven Sisters clifftop to the picturesque Ashdown Forest, our customer service team ensures your travel feels nothing less than a luxury. Delicate to every detail, we believe in enhancing the beauty of this region while ensuring listless smooth journeys.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in East Sussex

A Journey through Nature, Culture and History

Inviting camper amidst Seven Sisters Cliffs, windmill, telephone box

Embarking on a journey of East Sussex´s rolling landscapes, picturesque villages and spectacular coastline is a delight when travelling in a motorhome. The diverse scenery provides ample opportunities for nature lovers to capture memorable moments. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the famous South Downs National Park, where an extensive network of footpaths and cycle trails await amidst a backdrop of breathtaking views.

A not-to-be-missed attraction includes prominent Seven Sisters chalk cliffs that watch over the English Channel. East Sussex´s heritage thrives within destinations like the historical town of Lewes, showcasing ancient buildings alongside a range of boutique shops, pubs and restaurants. Exploring East Sussex in a campervan provides the flexibility to immerse oneself within this rich historical environment at a self-paced convenience.

Thinking about the journey distances and times, the county is easily navigable in a campervan or motorhome. One may start at the north in Tunbridge Wells, a charming town famous for its castle and historical sites, and make their way down to Brighton on the southern coastline within two hours. However, to truly savour the beauty that East Sussex offers, it's recommended to take approximately one week when exploring by motorhome.

Campervan Hire in East Sussex

Questions and Answers

1. What is the cost to hire a campervan in East Sussex?

The cost of hiring a campervan in East Sussex can vary depending on several factors such as the season, model of the campervan, and the duration of hire. Prices generally range from £75 to £150 per day.

2. What type of campervan is most frequently hired in East Sussex?

The most frequently hired campervan in East Sussex is the classic VW Campervan. Due to its refined design and spacious interior, it's a particularly popular choice for those planning a trip to the picturesque countryside and coastal areas of East Sussex.

3. What are the popular locations for campervan hire in East Sussex?

Brighton, Hastings, and Eastbourne are amongst the most popular locations to hire a campervan in East Sussex. These towns offer easy access to both beach areas and historical sites.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service available?

Most campervan hire companies in East Sussex provide a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service. However, it's recommended to check with the individual company to confirm their operating hours.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, many companies have a minimum hire period, typically it is three days. However, this can vary from company to company.

6. How old do you have to be to hire a campervan in East Sussex?

The minimum age required to hire a campervan in East Sussex is usually 21 or 23, depending on the hiring company's policy.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a campervan in East Sussex?

To hire or drive a campervan in East Sussex, you will need a valid driving licence, proof of address, and a major credit card for the deposit.

8. What is the best time to visit East Sussex in a campervan?

The best times to visit East Sussex in a campervan are during the Spring and Autumn months when the landscapes are most picturesque. However, it can be enjoyed throughout the year.

9. What are the main airports in East Sussex?

The main airports closest to East Sussex are Gatwick Airport and Southampton Airport.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in one city in East Sussex and drop it off in another?

Yes, most campervan hire companies in East Sussex offer a one-way hire service allowing you to pick up the campervan in one location and drop it off in another. However, this may incur additional fees.

Happy Client Reviews


Crawley – 14-11-2023. I am in no way a seasoned motorhome traveller, but I found the hiring process remarkably simple at this company. They guided me through each step, ensuring I was at ease with the process and the campervan itself. Despite having some initial issues with the booking system, staff members were quick to resolve it and reassure me. The price for rental was fair considering the impeccable state of their campervans. I look forward to my next adventure with them. A top-notch service indeed.


Brighton – 02-08-2023. Having used this motorhome hire company for several occasions, I've found their service consistent and reliable. The vehicles are always in excellent condition, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Their prices are competitive, and for the comfort and convenience you get, with the added freedom of the open road, they're really worth it. I would definitely recommend them to others.


Eastbourne – 18-06-2023. Visiting East Sussex's scenic countryside in a campervan from this rental service was an absolute treat. The vehicle was clean, comfortable and easy to drive. A little pricey, but you certainly get what you pay for. I had a flawless hire experience with them. Kudos to a team who clearly prioritize customer satisfaction.


East Grinstead – 14-04-2023. This company's motorhome service is second to none. Their meticulous attention to detail included extras like camping chairs and BBQ equipment, made the experience all the more enjoyable. Found their pricing reasonable given the high-quality accommodation on wheels. I've been recommending them to all my camping buddies.


Hastings – 15-01-2023. We rented a campervan for a week-long trip to East Sussex and it was an absolute delight. The vehicle was spacious, well-maintained and showed no sign of wear and tear. The hiring process was impeccably efficient. The price would seem high to those unfamiliar with motorhome rentals, but given the quality, it is entirely justifiable.


Lewes – 18-12-2023. I have rented campervans from several companies over the years and this one stands out. Not only is the process of hiring simple and efficient, but the quality of their campervans is top-notch. I found the price very fair for the standard of vehicle provided and the comprehensive service package. Will definitely be using them for my next trip.

East Sussex Highlights

Top 7 Cities in East Sussex

  1. Brighton: It's a vibrant seaside resort known for its diverse communities, arts scene and nightlife.
  2. Eastbourne: It's a popular seaside resort, known for its Victorian-era architecture and lovely beaches.
  3. Hove: It's best known for its Regency-era architecture, wide boulevards and mellow vibe.
  4. Hastings: It's a town known for its maritime history and the famous battle that took place nearby in 1066.
  5. Lewes: It's the county town of East Sussex, noted for its historic buildings and castle.
  6. Bexhill-on-Sea: It's a peaceful seaside town, perfect for a caravan hire holiday with flat, safe beaches.
  7. Newhaven: It's a channel ferry port with a strong maritime history and Victorian fort.

East Sussex Road Connections

Useful Information for Campervan Tourists

  1. East Sussex - London: A journey of about 93 km via the A23 and A22 roads, taking approximately 2 hours depending on traffic conditions. Roads are usually busy but in good condition.
  2. East Sussex - Brighton: A quick 47 km journey via the A27, typically taking around 50 minutes. The A27 is a well-maintained dual carriageway with beautiful views.
  3. East Sussex - Canterbury: About 100 km via the A259 and A2070 roads, taking roughly 2 hours. A scenic route showcasing South England's coastline.
  4. East Sussex - Portsmouth: 83 km journey via A27 that could take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. A scenic drive that takes you along the South coast.
  5. East Sussex - Southampton: Around 110 km via the A27 and M3 roads, typically taking about 2 hours. The M3 is a major motorway with good road conditions.
  6. East Sussex - Dover: A journey of about 115 km via M20, taking approximately 2 hours. Most travelers choose this route for its ferry connections to Europe.
  7. East Sussex - Oxford: Roughly 170 km via A4074, usually taking around 2 hours and 40 minutes. The route is a mix of motorway and country roads, offering a more rural English experience.

Driving in East Sussex

Campervan Rental Guide

1. On which side of the road should I drive?

In East Sussex, as throughout the UK, you should drive on the left side of the road. It is crucial to remember this especially at junctions and roundabouts.

2. What are the general speed limits?

Speed limits vary in East Sussex depending on the type of road. A limit of 30mph is often in place in built-up areas, 60mph on single-carriageway roads and 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways. However, always follow the local indications and signposts.

3. Do I require a special driving licence to drive a campervan?

No, a standard UK car driving licence is sufficient to drive a campervan. Additionally, for travellers from abroad, an International Driving Permit may be required.

4. Are there many speed cameras in East Sussex?

Yes, there are numerous speed cameras across East Sussex. Be aware of the speed limits at all times to avoid fines.

5. Are there toll roads in East Sussex?

No, there aren't any toll roads in East Sussex. However, keep in mind that there are toll roads elsewhere in the UK.

6. Are there any specific driving rules I should be aware of?

Standard UK driving rules apply in East Sussex. Always give way to traffic coming from the right at roundabouts and remember the necessity of using your indicators when turning. Also, the use of horns in built-up areas between 11:30pm and 7:00am is generally prohibited.

7. Where can I park my campervan overnight?

There are several designated campervan sites across East Sussex where you can park overnight. Free overnight parking on streets or car parks is generally not advised; always follow local parking restrictions.

8. Are service stations adequately spread out?

Yes, service stations are well-distributed throughout East Sussex, offering petrol, diesel, and often also facilities for emptying chemical toilets and refilling water tanks.

9. Are the roads in East Sussex well-maintained?

Generally, the roads in East Sussex are well-maintained. However, like anywhere, they may be subject to occasional wear and tear.

10. Any tips on adjusting to driving on the left?

Take your time to get accustomed, especially at junctions and roundabouts. Practise in a quiet area before hitting busy roads. The position of the driver´s seat in the campervan will help guide you.

11. Are there any pedestrian-only zones?

Yes, certain areas, particularly in city and town centres, are pedestrian-only. Be aware of these and plan your route accordingly.

12. Can I use bus lanes when driving a campervan?

No, bus lanes are exclusively for buses in most instances. Using bus lanes can result in a fine.

13. Are there any specific rules for motorways?

Yes, you must not exceed 70mph, the left lane should be used when the road ahead is clear, and you should only use the outer lanes to overtake.

14. Are there any restrictions on driving during certain hours?

No, there are no restrictions on driving hours in East Sussex. But remember it's important to take regular breaks on long journeys.

15. Is it easy to find parking for a campervan in the cities?

Parking in city centres can be more challenging due to size restrictions in some car parks. However, most cities have specific areas for larger vehicles and campervans.

East Sussex Explorations

Must Visit Places in your Campervan

  1. Seven Sisters Cliffs: Marvel at the brilliant white chalk cliffs. A great place to park your campervan and enjoy a walk.
  2. Beachy Head: UK's highest chalk sea cliff offers ocean views, and a historic lighthouse.
  3. Ashdown Forest: Explore the large forest in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  4. Rye: A medieval town bursting with history, charm and unique shops.
  5. Bodiam Castle: Visit the perfectly preserved 14th century moated castle.
  6. Lewes: A quintessential English town with cobbled lanes and independent shops.
  7. South Downs National Park: Ideal for walks, picnic and nature watching.
  8. Alfriston: A charming village with timber-framed houses and a beautiful 14th century church.

East Sussex Motorhome Adventures

Exploring unsurpassed beauty on wheels

  1. Brighton to Eastbourne: Covering 45 km, this route will take you through the South Downs National Park with magnificent views of the countryside.
  2. Epping Forest to South Downs National Park: A scenic 108 km drive, passing the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and the iconic Seven Sisters cliffs.
  3. Seaford to Hastings: Enjoy coastal beauty on this 44 km route also through the South Downs, experiencing England's southeast coast.
  4. Lewes to Pevensey: This 31 km route takes you through scenic countryside, letting you explore the history of Lewes before reaching the lovely town of Pevensey.
  5. Uckfield to Bexhill-on-Sea: This 50 km drive passes through the Manor Gardens in Bexhill and offers a taste of the dramatic landscape that East Sussex is known for.
  6. Battle to Camber Sands: Stretching across 25 km, this roadtrip offers the dramatic battlefield from 1066 and the renowned Camber Sands.
  7. Rotherfield to East Grinstead: This 22 km route showcases the charming villages that make up the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.