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Discover Frankfurt with our top-notch campervan and motorhome hire service. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, ensuring you enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Explore the unique landscapes of this region, assured that our friendly customer care team is always ready to assist you in the rare event of any issues.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Frankfurt

Your Ultimate Guide to Camping Escapades in Germany's Financial Capital and its Bucolic Surroundings

Campervan in Frankfurt landscape, Main Tower, German forest

Welcome to Frankfurt, Germany's financial powerhouse, and home to skyscrapers and the Bundesbank Money Museum. Nestled in the heart of Central Germany, Frankfurt offers more than its bustling urban life. The city is an excellent start for your campervan or motorhome journey to the captivating natural landscapes that surround it.

Under an hour drive from Frankfurt, through well-connected autobahns, lies the Taunus Nature Park. Navigate the winding routes of this German highland in your campervan to discover the park's lush green woods, historical Roman forts, and the fabled Feldberg Mountain. Further afield, experience the tranquillity of the Rhoen Biosphere Reserve, acclaimed for its dark skies, rare fauna, and untouched natural beauty. This journey might be a bit longer, just over two hours, but the scenic views from your motorhome window are worth the voyage.

On the eastern side, a one-and-a-half-hour drive will take you to the Vogelsberg Mountains, one of Central Europe´s oldest and largest extinct volcanoes. This UNESCO Global Geopark is a haven for campervan adventurers, with marked trails for hiking and biking, and Germany's largest ski resort. Alternatively, you can venture one hour southward to explore the delightful UNESCO Geo-Naturpark Bergstrasse-Odenwald, teeming with geological phenomena, sprawling vineyards, and castles.

Frankfurt Campervan Hire

Your Campervan Rental Queries Answered

1. How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Frankfurt?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Frankfurt varies depending on the model and the time of the year. On average, you can hire a campervan for around EUR80 - EUR150 per day.

2. What campervan model is most in demand for rentals in Frankfurt?

The most popular campervan model in Frankfurt is typically the Volkswagen California due to its efficiency and compact design, which is favourable amongst the tight city streets.

3. What are the most popular pick-up locations for campervan hire in Frankfurt?

Many choose to pick up their hired campervan from Frankfurt Airport for ease upon arrival. Other popular locations include the city centre and Frankfurt´s main train station.

4. Is there a round-the-clock pick-up and return service?

Most companies in Frankfurt offer 24-hour pick-up and return services for campervan hires. However, it's best to confirm with the specific rental company.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most campervan hire companies in Frankfurt require a minimum rental period, typically starting from three days.

6. What's the minimum age requirement to hire a campervan in Frankfurt?

The minimum age to hire a campervan in Frankfurt is generally 21 years, though some companies might require the driver to be 25 years old.

7. What documentation do I need to hire a campervan in Frankfurt?

To hire a campervan in Frankfurt, you'll need a valid driving licence accepted in Germany, identity proof like a passport, and a credit card for payment and security deposit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Frankfurt by campervan?

The most popular time to explore Frankfurt by campervan is during the spring and summer months when the weather is most favourable.

9. What are the main airports in Frankfurt?

The main airports in Frankfurt are Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Hahn Airport.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in Frankfurt and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many companies offer one-way rentals allowing you to hire a campervan in Frankfurt and drop it off at a different location.

Memorable Adventures

Cecilia Sanderson

Frankfurt – 16-11-2023. I recently hired a campervan from this brilliant company and was extremely satisfied. The handover was simple and informative, giving me the confidence to start my journey. They offer a variety of quality motorhomes at reasonable prices. Will definitely consider using them again for my next road trip.

Harold Mitchell

Frankfurt – 01-10-2023. Hiring a motorhome couldn't have been any simpler thanks to this company. Efficient service and great value for money. The van was clean, well-equipped and spacious. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone planning a campervan holiday.

Imogen Stapleton

Frankfurt – 20-08-2023. This company really knows their stuff when it comes to campervan hire. The team were very friendly, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Loved the motorhome and the flexibility it added to our trip. And the price was very competitive too. A truly great experience overall.

Aiden Forrester

Frankfurt – 04-07-2023. First time hiring a campervan and I'm happy to say everything went smoothly. Great prices and excellent customer service. The motorhome was comfortable and had everything we needed. Will definitely hire from them again in the future.

Penelope Scrivens

Frankfurt – 13-05-2023. I was very pleased with the motorhome we hired from this company. The van was clean, well-maintained and had all the amenities we needed. The staff were friendly and efficient. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to hire a campervan.

Oscar Cheshire

Frankfurt – 10-04-2023. Booked a motorhome for a family trip and had a brilliant experience. The staff were extremely helpful and the process was straightforward. The campervan itself was perfect, clean and cost-effective. Definitely worth the investment.

Frankfurt Road Connections

Touring Germany in a Campervan

  1. Frankfurt - Berlin: A journey of around 549km, taking approximately 5 hours 30 mins via the A9 and A7 highways. Highways are well-maintained with multiple service areas along the way.
  2. Frankfurt - Munich: A 392km route, typically taking 3 hours and 45 mins using the A3 and A9 routes. The highways feature modern road signs and frequent rest stops.
  3. Frankfurt - Düsseldorf: Travel time is around 2 hours 15 mins for the 227km through the A3. Road conditions are generally good and rest areas are plentiful.
  4. Frankfurt - Hamburg: This 491km journey averages about 4 hours 45 mins on the A7 road. The roads are in excellent condition and there are plenty of service stations.
  5. Frankfurt - Cologne: A 190km journey, generally taking around 2 hours on the well-maintained A3 highway with regular stops for refreshments.
  6. Frankfurt - Stuttgart: A 206km drive taking approximately 2 hours 15 mins via the A5 and A8 highways. Highways are well-maintained and well-marked.
  7. Frankfurt - Heidelberg: A shorter trip of 100km, taking roughly 1 hour 10 mins on the clear and easy to navigate A5 road.

Frankfurt Exploration

Incredible Nearby Attractions to Discover by Campervan or Motorhome

  1. Rhine Valley: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering captivating views of vineyards, castles and medieval towns.
  2. Heidelberg: An old university city endowed with a picturesque old town, a castle ruin and the beautiful Neckar river.
  3. Taunus Nature Park: A mountain range north of Frankfurt with endless hiking, cycling routes and camping spots for your motorhome.
  4. Rüdesheim am Rhein: A romantic wine town, famous for its vineyards, located in the Rhine Valley.
  5. Wiesbaden: Capital of Hesse region, known for its thermal baths and beautiful neoclassical architecture.
  6. Schwarzwald (Black Forest): A mountainous region full of picturesque villages and dense forests, perfect for a campervan adventure.
  7. Mainz city: This cathedral city on the Rhine is known for its vibrant carnival culture and its 1000-year-old St. Martin's Cathedral.
  8. Marburg: A hidden gem boasting medieval architecture, scenic views and the famous Marburg Castle atop the hill.

Scenic Motorhome Routes

Exploring Germany from Frankfurt

  1. Fairytale Route: Tracing the paths of the Brothers Grimm, this 600km route journeys through picturesque towns like Hanau, Steinau and Marburg.
  2. German Wine Route: This 85km drive takes you through impressive vineyards and quaint wine towns, perfect for wine enthusiasts.
  3. Romantic Road: From Würzburg to Füssen, this 350km route showcases Germany's rich history and fairy-tale beauty.
  4. Alpine Road: Discover Bavaria's majestic landscapes in this 450km drive starting at Lindau on Lake Constance.
  5. Berlin to Frankfurt: A straightforward 540km route, perfect for exploring Germany´s historic and modern city life.
  6. Black Forest High Road: This 60km scenic route is known for its spectacular views of the Black Forest's enchanting terrain.
  7. Castle Road: Spanning 1200km, get lost in the grandeur of over 70 castles dotting the landscapes from Mannheim to Prague.


Driving in Frankfurt

Understanding Basics and Queries

1. Which side of the road should one drive on in Frankfurt?

In Frankfurt, as in the rest of Germany, one must drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What is the general speed limit in Frankfurt?

The general speed limit in Frankfurt inner city is 50 km/h. On expressways, the limit is usually 100 km/h and on the Autobahn (motorway), there is a recommended speed limit of 130 km/h.

3. Can international driving licenses be used in Frankfurt?

Yes, international driving licences are accepted in Frankfurt and throughout Germany.

4. Are speed cameras/radars common in Frankfurt?

Yes, speed cameras alias 'blitzers' are common in Frankfurt and penalty for over speeding can be severe.

5. Is it compulsory to pay toll when driving a campervan in Frankfurt?

No, there are no toll charges for private motor vehicles or campervans on motorways in Frankfurt.

6. Is it necessary to carry any specific documents while driving a campervan in Frankfurt?

Yes, you must carry your driving licence, proof of insurance and vehicle registration document when driving a campervan in Frankfurt.

7. How is the road traffic in Frankfurt?

Road traffic in Frankfurt can be dense especially during peak hours in the mornings (7 AM to 9 AM) and evenings (4 PM to 7 PM).

8. Are there any specific driving rules in Frankfurt that should be known?

In Germany, the 'right before left' rule applies at intersections unless otherwise indicated. Also, it is important not to overtake other vehicles from the right side on Autobahn.

9. Where can campervans be parked in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt has designated areas for campervan parking. Always look for sign-posted parking areas or use designated campsites.

10. What is the best way to navigate road signs in Frankfurt?

Road signs in Frankfurt follow international protocols. It is beneficial to familiarise yourself with German road signs before your journey.

11. Can one turn right on a red light in Frankfurt?

Generally, turning right on a red light is not allowed in Germany unless there is a green arrow (green arrow on red), in which case, you must give way to other traffic.

12. Are seatbelts a legal requirement in Frankfurt?

Yes, wearing seatbelts is mandatory for all passengers in the vehicle.

13. Is it legal to use mobile phones while driving in Frankfurt?

No, it is against the law to use a handheld mobile phone while driving in Germany. Hands-free devices, however, can be used.

14. What to do in case of a breakdown or an accident?

For breakdowns, use your hazard warning lights and place a warning triangle 200 meters behind your vehicle. In case of an accident, it is mandatory to stop and provide assistance.

15. Are there environmental regulations affecting driving in Frankfurt?

Yes. Some cities in Germany, including Frankfurt, have low emission zones ('Umweltzone'). Vehicles driven in these zones require a sticker ('Plakette') indicating their emission category.