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Daniel Castillo

Berlin – 2022-07-12. We booked a T6801 at Motorhomeland in January. They were great. Very nice staff and unbeatable price!!!

Clément Picard

Hamburg – 2022-02-23. Just returned from Germany. We hired the Family Plus (A 5887). Very friendly and good service, great price and the motorhome was perfect! Many Thanks!


Hire a motorhome in Germany and discover great rural landscapes,stunning architecture and beautiful cities, in comfort and style and at your own pace. Germany is often overlooked as a touring destination but it has a lot to offer, from history and culture to great food and wines.

frankfurt city building

What to see

Some of the prettiest scenery can be found in the Rhine or Moselle valleys. Along the Rhine you will find cities like Cologne with its magnificent cathedral and on the way you can visit the largest cold water geyser in the world at Andernach. Trier on the Moselle is Germany’s oldest town with a beautiful centre and surprisingly good Roman remains.

Head further south, and you will find the more mountainous area of Baden Würtemberg, with its famous Black Forest and picturesque resorts around Lake Constance, and Bavaria, which backs onto the Alps. If you can't decide where to take your motorhome at first, why not follow one of Germany's 150 signposted tourist routes? There's anything from football to clocks, ancient volcanoes to fairytales. Some will allow you to tour a region, others will take you right across the country.

When is the best time to visit?

Your motorhome hire will be interesting at any time, as there is always plenty going on in Germany. Check out annual festivals such as the Berlin International Film Festival in February, or go for Easter and see the traditional Passion Plays. Munich’s famous Oktoberfest beer festival takes place for 16 days at the beginning of October, while other areas of Germany celebrate the harvest with traditional folk festivals. Christmas is also a great time to take off in your hire motorhome when you will find colourful Christmas markets in every town, with particularly impressive ones in Nuremburg, Stuttgart and Koblenz.


black forest germany road

Freedom, flexibility and adventure

Motorhome hire in Germany will provide you with the freedom, flexibility and sense of adventure to explore the country. Germany is arguably the most motorhome friendly country in Europe. Height barriers are scarce and you will find designated parking, including overnight stops in most villages, towns and cities.

Most German motorhome owners use the vast network of stellplätze, specific motorhome stopovers, in preference to campsites. Many are free or charge just a small fee. They can be found in most towns and cities across Germany as well as at lake sides or up in the mountains. It is often useful to leave your motorhome at a stellplätz and use the good regional rail network to access major cities and towns.

Driving tips

1 - Drive on the right.
2 - It is essential to have the correct documents and equipment in your motorhome to avoid on-the-spot fines.
3 - Minimum driving age is 18.
4 - Most petrol stations are open 08.00 to 20.00 but on the motorway and in major cities they are open 24hrs.
It is true there is no speed limit on some motorway sections, but the top recommended speed is 130km and many sections have signed legal speed limits.


Hire a motorhome in Germany and you will discover that German cuisine is so much more than just sausages! Depending on where you stay you will find a big variety of traditional and comfort foods. The area around Hamburg is know for fresh fish dishes while the south is known for all types of foods made of pork.

It is true that Bratwurst and Currywurst sausages remain ever popular but one of the most famous dishes is Spätzle from Stuttgart. It is a kind of pasta, often served topped with huge helpings of cheese – so don't eat too much or your hire motorhome may not make it up the next mountain!