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Campervan & Motorhome Hire in New South Wales

Discover the verdant splendour of New South Wales, Australia, at your leisure with a campervan or motorhome

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Prepare for a spectacular journey into the heart of New South Wales, a treasure-trove of natural wonders and cultural delights. This prominent Australian state offers a rich palette of experiences, from the vibrant metropolis of Sydney to the quiet charm of the Outback. Travelling by campervan or motorhome gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace, embracing the open road with the comforts of home trailing behind.

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness of the Blue Mountains or the glorious coastline than from the comfort of your campervan or motorhome. Particularly, the Blue Mountains National Park with its dramatic cliffs and eucalyptus forests are an unmissable sight. Camping options abound along the Great Pacific Drive, allowing you to fully enjoy the surrounding nature en-route to Wollongong and beyond.

Plan your adventure taking into account the vastness of this state - it is about the same size as France and Germany combined. For example, a road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay, reveals the rich tapestry of the diverse regions of New South Wales, encompassing the striking beauty of Hunter Valley's vineyards and the sun-kissed beaches of the North Coast. Relish the journey, taking it at the pace that allows you to fully connect with the breathtaking landscapes of New South Wales.

Campervan Hire FAQ

New South Wales

1. How much does it cost to hire a campervan in New South Wales?

The cost of hiring a campervan in New South Wales can vary greatly depending on the time of year and the make and model of the vehicle. It typically ranges from £75 to £300 per day.

2. Which campervan model is the most popular to hire in New South Wales?

The most in-demand campervan for hire in New South Wales tends to be the 4-berth models due to their versatility and convenience for travelling around the vast and diverse landscapes that this region offers.

3. What are the most popular places in New South Wales to hire a campervan?

Popular locations for campervan hire include Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong. These cities offer a variety of pickup and drop-off locations.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and drop-off service available?

Many campervan hire services in New South Wales offer 24-hour pickup and drop off, providing greater flexibility for your travel plans.

5. Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, most campervan hire services in New South Wales have a minimum hire period which is usually a period of 7 days. However, this may vary between different companies.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to hire a campervan in New South Wales?

Most companies require drivers to be aged 21 or over to hire a campervan, although some may hire to younger drivers with a surcharge.

7. What documents do I need to hire or drive a campervan in New South Wales?

You will need to present a valid, full driver´s licence in English. If your licence is not in English, you will also need an International Driving Permit. Proof of address and credit card are also typically required.

8. When is the best time of year to visit New South Wales by campervan?

The best time to hire a campervan in New South Wales is during the spring and autumn months when the weather is most pleasant, and the landscapes are particularly beautiful.

9. What are the main airports in New South Wales?

The primary airports in New South Wales are Sydney Airport, Newcastle Airport and Wollongong Airport.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in one city in New South Wales and drop it off in another?

Yes, one-way hires are possible with many campervan rental companies, allowing for flexible travel plans. However, they may come with an additional fee.

Customer Experiences


Sydney – 16-11-2023. Breathtaking journey provided by these top-notch campervans. The campervan I hired was exceedingly comfortable and fully equipped. The price felt reasonable for the quality of vehicle provided. Always been a fan of road trips, but this one was different, thanks to my motorhome. A great experience overall, would recommend!


Byron Bay – 03-10-2023. First time hiring a motorhome and certainly not the last one. The hiring process was straightforward, customer service was helpful and friendly. My family and I had a delightful time exploring the beaches of New South Wales. The campervan was clean, reliable, and surprisingly fuel-efficient!


Newcastle – 25-09-2023. Superb adventure in New South Wales! The company's campervan was in good condition and came at a fair rental price. Impressed by the high level of professionalism from their staff during the hire. I had a great holiday because of their service.


Wollongong – 08-09-2023. My husband and I decided to downsize our holiday, from a sailing adventure off the coast to a campervan trip instead. And we didn't regret it one bit! Our motorhome was incredibly comfortable and the rental cost was within our budget.


Central Coast – 19-08-2023. I hired a motorhome from this company. I found their service excellent and their campervans well maintained. Had a great time exploring New South Wales. The price was affordable and worth it for the memorable experience!


Port Macquarie – 07-07-2023. A fuss-free rental process with courteous customer service. Our motorhome was impeccably maintained and equipped with all the necessary amenities. Driving along the coast was a breeze thanks to the campervan's performance. The rate was reasonable, offering good value for money.

New South Wales Gems

Discover the 7 most important cities of New South Wales

  1. Sydney: Home to the famous Sydney Opera House and iconic Harbour Bridge, this bustling metropolis is a must-see.
  2. Newcastle: Known for its captivating coastline, stunning architecture, and vibrant music scene.
  3. Wollongong: A coastal city renowned for its beautiful beaches, and a popular choice for those looking to hire campervans.
  4. Albury: A major regional city situated on the Hume Highway, famed for its gorgeous botanical gardens.
  5. Maitland: A historical city with an impressive collection of heritage buildings and rich colonial history.
  6. Tweed Heads: Known for its golden beaches, excellent surfing, and beautiful river, ideal for fishing enthusiasts.
  7. Wagga Wagga: The largest inland city in New South Wales, offering a blend of cultural activities and outdoor attractions.

Key Road Trips

Top Seven Camper Routes in New South Wales

  1. Sydney - Blue Mountains: A 95 km drive along the M4 and Great Western Highway approximately 1.5 hours away. The roads are well maintained and the views are exceptional.
  2. Newcastle - Port Stephens: About a 60 km drive taking you to the beautiful Port Stephens via Nelson Bay Road, allowing you to enjoy a scenic route that takes about an hour.
  3. Wollongong - Kangaroo Valley: This 80 km drive mainly on the M1 lasts about 1.3 hours, taking you through wonderful coastal and forest views.
  4. Byron Bay - Gold Coast: An amazing 90 km journey on the M1. The road is in good condition and offers spectacular sea views during the 1 hour drive.
  5. Canberra - Kosciuszko National Park: A 175 km drive on the Monaro Highway taking about 2.5 hours. Great road conditions make it an easy trip towards Australia's highest peak.
  6. Gosford - Hunter Valley: A 170 km journey mostly on the M11 that lasts about 2 hours. Expect to see vineyard landscapes.
  7. Dubbo - Parkes: This 120 km route mainly on the Newell Highway takes approximately 1.4 hours. Enroute, you may spot the iconic 'The Dish' telescope.

Driving in NSW

Common Concerns addressed!

1. On which side of the road do we drive in NSW?

In New South Wales, as in the rest of Australia, you must drive on the left side of the road.

2. Which types of driver's licences are accepted in NSW?

A valid international driver's licence in English, or a translation of your licence into English, is generally accepted in NSW. If you're residing in Australia for more than three months, you should get a local licence.

3. What is the speed limit when not otherwise signposted?

In urban areas, the default speed limit is 50 km/h. On roads outside built-up areas where there are no signposts, a default limit of 100 km/h applies.

4. Are there many speed cameras in NSW?

Yes, in addition to police patrols, freeways and high traffic areas in NSW are equipped with speed cameras to enforce speed limits.

5. How can I pay for road tolls?

Tolls in NSW are entirely electronic. You can pay for them by purchasing a pass or opening an account.

6. What are some general road safety rules in NSW?

Safe driving practices such as maintaining an appropriate distance from the vehicle ahead, indicating before turning or changing lanes, and obeying all road signs and signals must be adhered to.

7. Are service stations easily available in NSW?

Yes. There are numerous service stations offering petrol, diesel and, in some areas, gas refills around the clock.

8. Can a campervan be parked anywhere in NSW?

No, parking restrictions apply in many areas. Look out for signage about such restrictions. Overnight stays in rest areas and some parking areas are allowed, but you should always check signage.

9. Where can I find designated parking areas for campervans?

Designated parking areas for campervans can typically be found near popular tourist attractions, beaches, and in most towns. They are also often marked in visitor guide maps.

10. What is the condition of NSW roads?

Most major highways and routes in NSW are well-maintained. However, rural and remote areas may have unsealed roads, which should be navigated carefully, especially in adverse weather conditions.

11. What should I do when encountering wildlife on roads?

Slow down and beep your horn if you encounter wildlife on the road. At night, use your high-beam headlights where possible to spot animals.

12. Are there any specific rules for driving a campervan in NSW?

Driving a campervan is the same as driving a regular vehicle with respect to traffic rules. However, due to its larger size, ensure to park in authorised areas, allow additional braking distance, and be cautious while turning and reversing.

13. Are there rest areas along the highways?

Yes, rest areas are available at regular intervals along highways for travellers to stop, refresh and take a nap if needed.

14. Are there any restrictions on passing other vehicles?

As a general rule, you must only overtake other vehicles on their right. However, you may overtake on the left if you are driving on a multi-lane road or if the vehicle in front of you is turning right.

15. What are the rules regarding seat belts?

All passengers must wear seat belts, and children must be secured in approved child restraints until they are seven years old.

NSW Top Spots

Unwind in a Motorhome

  1. Blue Mountains: Beautiful mountain range famed for the Three Sisters rock formation and expansive eucalyptus forests.
  2. Sydney Harbour: Iconic harbour featuring Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Royal Botanic Garden.
  3. Byron Bay: Popular coastal town known for its surf beaches, whale watching and Cape Byron Lighthouse.
  4. Bondi Beach: World-famous beach attracting tourists for surfing and the scenic coastal walk.
  5. Jervis Bay: Exceptionally beautiful coastal region with dreamy white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water.
  6. Hunter Valley: Australia's oldest wine region filled with vineyards, gourmet food, and spa retreats. An easy drive in a campervan or motorhome.
  7. Port Stephens: A natural bay filled with sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and plenty of marine life.
  8. Kosciuszko National Park: Home to Australia's highest peak, offering walking tracks, horse riding and mountain biking.

Top Motorhome Routes

New South Wales Road Trips

  1. The Grand Pacific Drive: This 140km coastal route, which starts at the Royal National Park in Sydney, offers breathtaking cliff views and beautiful beaches. Ideal for motorhome adventurers.
  2. The Greater Blue Mountains Drive: Discover spectacular views, wildlife and heritage. From Sydney it's approximately 130 km, a timeless voyage bursting with adventure and beauty.
  3. Sydney to Broken Hill: Embark on the ultimate outback road trip, travelling across over 1100km from the city bustle to the tranquillity of the NSW outback.
  4. Waterfall Way: This 191 km drive will take you from Coffs Harbour to Armidale, with five national parks and some of NSW's most impressive waterfalls on your way.
  5. Legendary Pacific Coast: Encounter stunning coastal views on this 766km road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. With unforgettable beach stops, it's perfect for motorhome travel.
  6. Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive: Over 1300km of magnificent coastal views, quaint towns and local wildlife, this drive highlights the diverse beauty of the southeastern coast.
  7. Riverina Food and Wine Drive: For food and wine lovers, this approximately 350km-drive from Wagga Wagga to Albury encompasses the richness of New South Wales' food and wine scene.