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Why hire a campervan in Sydney?

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Exploring Sydney and Beyond in a Campervan or RV

The campervan hire allows travellers from Sydney to access roadtrips of many kilometres to the north, either through the countryside or the coast, reaching Brisbane and also driving to places even further away. Towards the west coast, with several days of travel, you can reach the city of Perth. Go south to Melbourne, which has peninsulas and mountainous national parks. You can achieve all this in comfort thanks to the campervan hire.

australia road trip campervan sunset

Australia by Campervan

Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. There's a lot to do in Australia, and an overwhelming number of things to see, which is why so many people visiting Australia decide to hire a campervan to get around. The Australian flora is very varied due to the vastness of the country and its climatic differences. Australia has many campsites, making it easy to find a place to park your RV before moving on to your next destination.

Main roads connecting Sydney

main roads near Sydney Canberra Newcastle

Highway 1: This highway heading south-west connects Sydney with the city of Melbourne, skirting the entire coast. And to the north, it connects with the city of Brisbane.

M31: This motorway is the fastest route between Sydney and Melbourne, passing through parks, reserves, and destinations with a more forested environment and fewer kilometres.

Pacific Highway: This highway leads towards Brisbane along the coast and provides access to various national parks and nature reserves..

The speed limit that applies to your driving in Australia depends on your location and the type of road you are on. The range of speed limit could be anywhere from 10km/h to 130km/h, with lower speed limits generally applicable to inner-city roads and residential areas, while higher speed limits apply to freeways and highways.

Campervan hire in Sydney
Sydney is Australia's largest city and is widely regarded as the starting point for excellent road trips throughout the country. From Sydney, there are numerous travel options, ranging from majestic national parks and coastal adventures to cities and towns known for their activities. All of these plans are available through campervan hire. Choose your itinerary and camp in the various areas design

Routes or places of interest

There are an infinite number of incredible roadtrips from Sydney throughout Australia. Next, we'll show you the most impressive ones in and around this great capital, which you can visit with your campervan hire.

1. Cairns

The Cairns coastline is 1,600 miles long and requires two days of coastal driving. The ride along the entire coast, passing through Brisbane, Airlie Beach, the Sunshine Coast, Noosa National Park, and other destinations, is the real treat.

When you get close, you can stop and visit the Great Barrier Reef, which is the world's largest and offers a beautiful scene of marine diversity. As a result, a trip of this magnitude is unforgettable, and it is possible in comfort with a campervan.

2. Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga is a rural town in the middle of the Riverina region located approximately 450 kilometres south of Sydney. The road trip takes you through fields and meadows with small wooded clusters, with plenty of fresh air.

There is an incredible gastronomic offer along the way and in town, as well as wine cellars that will take you for a tasting during the road trip.

3. Kosciuszko National Park

You can get to Canberra by taking the M31. The tour, however, does not end there because you must continue on the same road until you reach the Kosciuszko National Park.

This mountainous area is distinguished by its extensive and dominant forests, which provide opportunities for hiking, cycling, walking and other forms of exercise. That, of course, is followed by food and hot chocolate, which will undoubtedly replenish the energy expended.

4. Trip through the waterfalls

A 522-kilometer drive to Wollomombi Falls includes many other waterfalls, amazing natural landscapes, national parks, and reserves that offer a natural adventure away from the city. There is a picnic area at Wollomombi Falls, and doing this activity on the elevation of this waterfall is a must.


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