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We offer a wide range of brand-new campervans in Alghero for the perfect trip.
Our campervan and motorhome hire service in Alghero boasts of a dedicated customer care service, always eager to assist. They'll guide you to mesmerising destinations like Neptune's Caves and Nuraghe Palmavera. Their unparalleled local knowledge elevates your motorhome journey through this unique Sardinian region. We aim to provide consistent customer satisfaction in all service aspects.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Alghero

Experience Nature's Wonders with a Campervan Adventure through Alghero & Beyond

Campervan in Alghero landscape with cherry blossom trees at sunset

If a slice of Mediterranean magic is what you're after, look no further than the Italian city of Alghero. Nestled on the northwest coast of Sardinia, Alghero offers a blend of Catalan culture, vibrant history, and stunning coastal beauty. It is the perfect start point for a rental campervan adventure that winds through rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and pretty harbourfronts along the Riviera del Corallo.

On your journey, deviate from the bustling streets into the heartlands where nature truly unfolds. Head in your motorhome to the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte - a sanctuary of diverse ecosystems. Spot wild creatures in the thick forests or sample a taste of the salty air at its countless inlets. Less than 20km from Alghero, this natural reserve adds just the right touch of outdoorsy amusement whilst keeping the drive short.

For a complete change of scenery, a 90-minute drive eastwards would bring your campervan to the lunar landscapes of the Asinara National Park. This untouched island, once an infamous prison, now stands as a symbol of environmental conservation. Its inhabitants - solely wild animals - promise unique encounters. Moreover, if you love to delve into ancient times, make sure to steer your motorhome to discover the prehistoric Nuraghe structures scattered all over Sardinia.

Campervan Hire in Alghero

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Alghero?

The cost for hiring a campervan in Alghero varies greatly depending on the model, the rental duration, and the season in which you're hiring. On average, you can expect to pay between £40-£200 per day. Check our website for specific tariff details.

2. What campervan model is most popular for hiring in Alghero?

The Fiat Ducato is a popular model for campervan hire in Alghero, largely due to its size and ease of maneuverability, both ideal qualities for navigating Alghero's narrow streets and rural landscapes.

3. Where are the most popular places to hire a campervan in Alghero?

Most people choose to hire a campervan from locations near the Alghero Airport and city centre. Some companies also offer home delivery services within the city. Always verify the pick-up point at the time of booking.

4. Is a 24-hour pick up and drop off service available?

Yes, some campervan hire companies in Alghero offer 24-hour pick up and drop off services. It's recommended to confirm this during the booking process.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most campervan hire companies in Alghero have a minimum hire period that usually ranges from three to seven days.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a campervan in Alghero?

The minimum age to hire a campervan in Alghero is typically 23 years, with at least two years of driving experience. However, this can vary among different companies.

7. What documents do I need for campervan hire in Alghero?

To hire a campervan in Alghero, you would generally require a valid driving licence, proof of address, and a credit card for the security deposit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Alghero via campervan?

Spring and summer are the best times to visit Alghero since the weather is warmer and the days are longer, providing more daylight hours for exploration.

9. What are the main airports in Alghero?

The main airport serving Alghero is Fertilia Airport, Alghero.

10. Can I pick up the campervan in Alghero and drop it off in another city?

Yes, it's usually possible to pick up a campervan in Alghero and return it in another city, although a one-way fee might apply. Make sure to confirm this with the hire company at the time of booking.

Campervan Hire Reviews

Jasper Brown

Alghero – 14-12-2023. Immaculate motorhomes and first-rate service! I've previously hired campervans from around the globe and this company in Alghero tops the list. The motorhome we hired was in pristine shape, and the wonderful staff explained everything in detail. Despite being older, I've found handling the vehicle to be a breeze. Although the price is a bit steep, the phenomenal service justifies it!

Matilda Johnson

Alghero – 05-11-2023. My husband and I hired a campervan last November and we were impressed by the impeccable condition of the vehicle and smooth service. It was our first time driving a campervan, yet the helpful staff made everything straightforward. The price may initially seem high, but considering the top-notch condition of the motorhome, it's worth it.

Sebastian Kelly

Alghero – 23-09-2023. Excellent hiring experience. The campervan was modern and well-kept, and the hiring process was remarkably simple. Being a middle-aged man, this was just the adventure I needed. Although the cost was a bit more than other places, the quality of the motorhome and the first-class service justified the marginally higher price.

Beatrice Kelly

Alghero – 22-07-2023. Wide range of campervans available, well-maintained and clean. The customer service team was very helpful and made our family trip one to remember. In spite of my age, the whole process was stress-free. Nonetheless, the prices are a bit inflated.

Oliver Holliday

Alghero – 15-06-2023. I hired a motorhome from this company in Alghero last June and would say that I was highly satisfied. The vehicle was in excellent working condition and didn't cause any trouble at all during the trip. The staff were amiable and explained everything very thoroughly.

Eliza Greene

Alghero – 15-11-2023. Great motorhomes, well-kept and tidy. The company staff were very professional and cooperative and ensured we had a thoroughly enjoyable trip, despite being first-timers. The prices were reasonable.

Alghero Road Connections

Essential routes for campervan and motorhome tourists

  1. Alghero - Cagliari: This 239 km journey via SS131 takes approximately 2 hours and 45 mins, boasting good road conditions and scenic routes.
  2. Alghero - Olbia: Spanning 137 km via SS597 and SS131, this route is around a 2-hour drive on well-maintained roads.
  3. Alghero - Sassari: A short 36 km drive via SP42, this connection takes approximately 40 mins, going through the picturesque north-western region.
  4. Alghero - Bosa: At 50 km, this coastal drive via SS292 takes one hour, offering stunning sea views and winding roads.
  5. Alghero - Nuoro: A 120 km journey via SS131 and SS129 taking approximately 2 hours, showcasing the inner landscapes of Sardinia.
  6. Alghero - Oristano: 115 km via SS131 takes around 1 hour and 30 mins, curling through pastoral settings and smooth roads.
  7. Alghero - Porto Torres: A quick 32 km drive via SP42, taking around 35 minutes, leading towards the bustling port city.

Driving in Alghero

Your campervan journey

1. What is the general speed limit in Alghero?

Generally, in urban areas like Alghero the speed limit is 50 km/h, on non-urban roads it's 90 km/h and on motorways it's 130 km/h.

2. Can I drive in Alghero with my UK driver's licence?

Yes, the UK driving licence is valid to drive a campervan in Alghero and all over Italy.

3. Are there many speed cameras in Alghero?

Yes, there are speed cameras throughout the city and the country to enforce the speed limits.

4. How does the toll system work in Alghero and Italy?

Italy has a toll system on its autostrade (motorways). You collect a ticket when entering and pay when exiting based on the distance covered.

5. What are some general road safety rules in Alghero?

Observe speed limits, do not drive in bus lanes during operational hours, use indicators for lane changes and turning, and park only in allowed zones.

6. Where can I park my campervan in Alghero?

There are designated parking areas for campervans around the city. Make sure to look for specific 'Area Sosta Camper´ signs.

7. How is the traffic in Alghero?

Typical urban traffic can be expected in Alghero. Traffic is usually more congested during peak hours. Always plan ahead and allocate extra time during your journey.

8. Which side of the road is driving on in Alghero?

In Alghero, and all of Italy, driving is on the right side of the road.

9. What should I do in case of a breakdown?

Make sure to move your campervan as far off the road as possible and set up a warning triangle. Then, call your campervan hire company for assistance.

10. What is the process if I get a speeding ticket?

If you get a speeding ticket, the fine is usually sent to the address where the campervan is registered - typically your campervan hire company. They will often pay the fine and charge you, possibly with an additional processing fee.

11. Can children travel in a campervan?

Yes, but they must have suitable child car seats according to their age and size. It´s the driver's responsibility to ensure this.

12. Are pets allowed in a campervan?

This depends on the specific campervan hire company, so you should check their policy. If pets are allowed, they should be securely restrained within the vehicle.

13. Can I smoke in a campervan?

Most campervan hire companies in Alghero prohibit smoking inside their vehicles for safety reasons and to keep their fleet clean and fresh for all customers.

14. Should I wear a fluorescent vest while driving?

In Italy, it's a legal requirement to carry a reflective vest in your vehicle. You must wear it if you exit your vehicle on the motorway.

15. What if there is an accident?

In case of an accident, call the local police, then contact the hire company. Note down the details of the other party and take photographs if possible.

Explore Alghero

Top 8 Attractions

  1. Grotta di Nettuno: Fascinating marine caves reachable by a scenic stairway after a dramatic drive in your campervan.
  2. Capo Caccia: A breathtaking vertical cliff known for its diverse wildlife and panoramic views.
  3. Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte: A sprawling natural park best experienced with a leisurely motorhome ride.
  4. Nuraghe Palmavera: A well-preserved nuragic village offering glimpses into the island's ancient history.
  5. Maria Pia Beach: A perfect spot for a campervan picnic, with its white sand and beautifully clear waters.
  6. Old Town Alghero: Experience the historical and cultural richness of Sardinia in Alghero's vibrant old city.
  7. Porto Ferro: A stunning beach with sand dunes and a distinctive red colour due to the iron in the sand.
  8. Lago di Baratz: Sardinia's only natural lake, it's a tranquil location ideal for camping with your motorhome.

Alghero Motorhome Adventures

Explore the Heart of Italy's Sardinia Region

  1. Alghero to Cagliari: Drive east for 225 km and discover ancient castles and amazing beaches, followed by the vibrant city of Cagliari.
  2. Northern Coastline Journey: Covering around 150 km, this route offers stunning coastal views and stopping points at charming towns such as Castelsardo and Santa Teresa Gallura.
  3. Alghero to Nuoro: Head on an 125 km inland adventure through the heart of Sardinia, to the cultural hub of Nuoro - famous for traditional crafts and festivals.
  4. Western Coast Escape: This 120 km route takes you through the picturesque towns of Bosa and Oristano, and close to the Sinis Peninsula with its wild beaches.
  5. Alghero to Olbia: A 150 km drive along the eastern coast, stopping at famous Costa Smeralda with emerald-green waters and white-sand beaches.
  6. The Vineyard Route: Explore the countryside in a 60 km circle around Alghero, tasting world-class wines from local vineyards.
  7. Barbagia Mountain Pass: A 200 km journey with stop at the Gennargentu National Park, famous for its mountainous landscapes and wildlife.