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Explore Naples with our unique motorhome hire service that values the customer first. Our dedicated team strives to ensure a seamless experience, whether you're cruising the Amalfi Coast or visiting the ruins in Pompeii. Exceptional customer service is our priority, making your campervan journey unforgettable through the mosaics of Italian culture.

Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Naples

Take the ultimate road trip and uncover Naples' outdoor charm

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The charming city of Naples, nestled in the southwestern part of Italy, serves as an ideal starting point to explore Italy's natural marvels. Recognised for its wealth of art, culture, history, food, and picturesque landscapes, Naples provides a myriad of outdoor attractions that will make your road trip experience worth remembering. Hiring a campervan or motorhome offers the freedom and flexibility to tread around the verdant scenery in leisurely fashion.

Start your journey by visiting the Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio (Vesuvius National Park), home to one of the world's most famous volcanoes, Mt. Vesuvius. Only about 20 kilometres from Naples' city centre, a campervan journey to this natural wonder promises breath-taking vistas and unforgettable hiking experiences. Next, broaden your horizon with a stop at Paestum, merely an hour away from Naples, this archaeological site is surrounded by the sublime beauty of Cilento National Park.

If you feel like venturing slightly further, proceed to the sparkling Amalfi Coast, about 60 kilometers away, and get lost in its enchanting beauty. Alternatively, take your motorhome on a fairy-tale ride to Caserta and witness the architectural grandeur of Reggia di Caserta, nestled amidst enchanting gardens and parks. No matter where you steer your motorhome or campervan, expect each kilometre closer to Naples' surrounding nature to be an extension of the city´s historic majesty.

Campervan Hire Naples

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of hiring a campervan in Naples?

Prices for hiring a campervan in Naples can vary widely based on the model of the campervan, rental length, and the season. On average, it can range from £100 to £200 per day.

2. Which campervan model is most sought-after in Naples?

The most commonly hired campervan model in Naples is the family-sized campervan due to the city's popularity as a family holiday destination. These can comfortably accommodate 4-6 people, enabling families to explore the beautiful seascapes and rich culture of Naples comfortably.

3. What are the most popular places to hire a campervan in Naples?

The busiest campervan hire spots in Naples are usually around Naples International Airport and the city centre due to their accessibility.

4. Is 24-hour pickup and drop-off service available?

Yes, most Naples campervan hire companies offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service for the convenience of their clients. However, it is always advisable to check this with your chosen provider in advance.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, typically there is a minimum rental period. However, this may vary depending on the hire company and their policies.

6. What is the minimum age required to hire a campervan in Naples?

The usual minimum age required to hire a campervan in Naples is 21 years old, although this may differ across different hire companies.

7. What documentation do I need to hire or drive a campervan in Naples?

To hire a campervan in Naples, you will need a valid driving licence, a credit card and a passport. Non-EU visitors might also need an international driving permit.

8. When is the best time of year to visit Naples by campervan?

The best time to visit Naples by campervan is between April and October when the weather is generally warm and pleasant, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and sightseeing.

9. What are the main airports in Naples?

The primary airport in Naples is Naples International Airport.

10. Can I pick up a campervan in Naples and drop it off in another city?

Most campervan hire companies in Naples offer the flexibility to pick up in Naples and drop off in another city. However, this is often subject to availability and may incur additional charges.

Valued Client Reviews


Naples – 15-11-2023. Effortless process, excellent service. As a frequent traveller, finding a reliable campervan hire is of utmost importance. The team at Naples exceeded my expectations with their late-model motorhome. The price was competitive, and the hiring process was smooth and efficient. Will definitely hire from them again!


Naples – 05-09-2023. I found the pricing moderate, especially considering the quality of the motorhome we hired. The hire team was friendly and informative, offering us a great selection of campervan to suit our needs. Everything was in perfect condition, making our travel quite comfortable. Would absolutely recommend for anyone needing campervan hire in Naples.


Naples – 28-07-2023. My wife and I hired a motorhome from this Naples based company for a two weeks journey. Not only was the campervan in prime condition, but the price was also reasonable considering the market rates. The staff were incredibly helpful and thorough, going above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed.


Naples – 12-06-2023. What a splendid experience! Great quality campervan, excellent customer service. The prices were fair, the process was quick, and everything was in excellent condition. A lovely team who truly values their customers. Looking forward to hiring from them again.


Naples – 24-04-2023. A wonderful hiring experience. I´ve hired motorhomes in the past but the professionalism I experienced at this company in Naples was exceptional. Reasonable rates, friendly staff, and a high-quality campervan made our holiday an amazing experience.


Naples – 11-02-2023. A perfect company for campervan hire in Naples. We were given a clean, well-maintained motorhome at a fair price. The customer service was impressively prompt and courteous. They went out of their way to accommodate our needs. I will certainly recommend them to others.

Naples Road Connections

Top Campervan Routes from Naples

  1. Naples - Rome: A 226 kilometre journey primarily via A1/E45 motorways, it takes approximately 2hr, 30min. Roads are in good condition, but expect heavy traffic near Rome.
  2. Naples - Florence: This is a 472 kilometre trip lasting around 4hr 45min on well-maintained A1/E35 motorways. Enjoy the picturesque countryside on this route.
  3. Naples - Bari: A 250 kilometre journey on the A14 and A16 motorways, taking approximately 3hr. The roads feature several tunnels and bridges offering impressive views.
  4. Naples - Salerno: A short 50 kilometre drive on the A3 motorway, taking around 45min. The route includes stunning coastal views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  5. Naples - Positano: A picturesque 62 kilometre trip along the SS163, around 1hr 30min. This route is characterised by steep, winding roads with panoramic sea views.
  6. Naples - Capri: You´ll need to take a ferry for this connection. Drive your campervan to the Naples Port (around 6 kilometres from the city centre) leaving about 45min for traffic. The ferry takes around 45min.
  7. Naples - Pompeii: A brief 26 kilometre journey primarily via the A3 motorway, taking about 30min. Roads are generally in good condition, offering views of Mt. Vesuvius.

Driving in Naples

Essential Info and FAQs

1. Which side of the road should I drive on in Naples?

In Naples, like in the rest of Italy, driving is on the right side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits in Naples?

The speed limits in Naples are: 50km/h in built-up areas, 90km/h outside built-up areas, 110km/h on non-urban fast traffic roads and 130km/h on motorways, unless otherwise stated.

3. Can I use my home country's driving license?

EU citizens can use their domestic driving license. Non-EU citizens must possess an international driving permit alongside a valid domestic driving license.

4. Are there many speed cameras in Naples?

Speed cameras are common on Italian roads, including Naples, as are mobile speed cameras.

5. How do tolls work in Naples and Italy?

In Italy, motorway tolls are prevalent. You collect a ticket when entering a toll motorway and pay the toll when you exit, calculated based on distance travelled. Payment can be made by cash or card.

6. How is parking in Naples?

Parking is regulated by colour-coded lines: Blue lines indicate paid parking zones, white lines denote free parking areas but usually have a time limit, and yellow lines mean parking is restricted to specific categories (e.g. disabled permit holders, residents).

7. What are the main driving rules in Naples?

Seatbelts must be worn by all vehicle occupants. It's forbidden to use a mobile phone without a hands-free system. Right before left rule applies at intersections unless otherwise indicated.

8. How is the general traffic situation in Naples?

Naples is known for its congested traffic, especially during rush hours. It's advisable to avoid driving in the city centre and old town if possible.

9. Where can I park my campervan in Naples?

There are various campervan parking areas in and around Naples, including camping grounds and specially designated areas in car parks.

10. What are the safety guidelines for driving a campervan in Naples?

Ensure you're familiar with the vehicle's size and height before driving. Always use your seatbelt, don't exceed speed limits, keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and only park in designated areas.

11. What precautions should I take when driving a campervan in Naples?

Beware of the narrow and often congested streets, especially in the city's historic centre. Avoid travelling during rush hour if possible. Be aware of the various driving rules and regulations, including speed limits and parking regulations.

12. How are the road conditions in Naples and Italy?

Road conditions in Italy are generally good, however, it's important to be cautious on country roads and in mountainous regions, where roads can be narrow, windy, and poorly lit. In Naples´ city centre, streets can be narrow and crowded.

13. Is it challenging to drive a campervan in Naples?

Driving a campervan in Naples might be difficult for those unused to driving large vehicles, especially considering the city's chaotic traffic and narrow roads. However, with caution and sensible driving, it's manageable.

14. Am I required to pay an urban traffic fee in Naples?

Some Italian cities implement an urban fee to combat pollution, but as of now, Naples doesn't have a congestion charge.

15. Are there specific restrictions for campervan driving in Naples?

There are no specific restrictions for campervan driving, but pay special attention to height, weight and parking restrictions in various areas, especially in the city centre and restricted traffic zones.

Naples Campervan Guide

Top 8 Nearby Attractions

  1. Amafli Coast: An enchanting coastline with picturesque landscapes and quaint seaside towns. Ideal for scenic motorhome drives.
  2. Royal Palace of Naples: A grand historical monument embodying Naples' rich artistic and cultural heritage.
  3. Vesuvius National Park: Offering breathtaking panoramic views and a fascinating geological exploration opportunity.
  4. Capri Island: Famous for its rugged landscape, upscale hotels and shopping, from designer fashions to limoncello and handmade leather sandals.
  5. Sorrento: A charming town that enjoys spectacular clifftop setting overlooking the sea towards Naples and Vesuvius.
  6. Castel Sant'Elmo: A medieval fortress offering panoramic views of the city of Naples and its bay.
  7. Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park: One of the country's most expansive national parks, a perfect spot to park your campervan and connect with nature.
  8. Caserta Palace: Known as the 'Versailles of Naples', it is a magnificent palace with a beautiful English garden.

Top Motorhome Routes

Explore Naples and Beyond

  1. Naples to Rome: A 225 km scenic journey takes you through cities like Caserta, Frosinone, and culminating in the eternal city of Rome.
  2. The Coastal Drive: Drive 50 km south from Naples for an epic coastal journey from Sorrento to Salerno through the picturesque Amalfi Coast.
  3. Apulia Region: A 330 km journey to southern Italy. Witness traditional 'Trulli' houses in Alberobello and the stunning coastline of Bari.
  4. Naples to Florence: Embark on a 472 km drive north passing beautiful towns like Orvieto and Siena before reaching the renaissance city, Florence.
  5. The Island of Sicily: A long 400 km drive south of Naples, cross the Strait of Messina with a ferry to explore unique Sicilian culture.
  6. Naples-Capri Voyage: Drive 20 km to Sorrento, take a ferry to Capri to enjoy this luxurious quaint island.