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Campervan & Motorhome Hire in Cherbourg

Indulge in the picturesque landscapes of Normandy from the comfort of your motorhome

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Welcome to Cherbourg, a port city in the Normandy region of France. Renowned for its maritime history and naval base, the city is an exciting start off point for campervan visits around the region. Cherbourg has a lot to offer, from stunning historical architecture, such as the Basilique Sainte-Trinité, to the expansive maritime museum, the Cité de la Mer. But the city also serves as a perfect gateway to the natural splendours of Normandy, with plenty of beautiful sites to explore within manageable driving distances.

Starting from Cherbourg in your motorhome, you could reach the stunning cliffs of Nez de Jobourg, just an hour´s drive away. This is one of the highest cliffs in continental Europe, offering breath-taking views of the wild and rugged landscapes. Close by, you might also discover the charming island of Tatihou, a designated Unesco World heritage site accessible by foot or by boat during low tide.

Less than two hours´ drive from Cherbourg lies the Mont Saint-Michel, a unique site set in a rocky island with a dramatic sky-soaring abbey. Visit early or late in the day to capture the magic of this place. Further south, your campervan will take you to the beautiful cliffs of Étretat, where Mother Nature offers a show of force and beauty. Also worth a visit is the Regional Nature Park of Normandy-Maine, a beauteous repository of rolling countryside and forests.

Campervan Hire in Cherbourg

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost to hire a campervan in Cherbourg?

The cost to hire a campervan in Cherbourg varies depending on the model and time of the year. Generally, the prices start from around £50 per day. It is recommended to book in advance, especially in summer, for the best rates.

2. What model of campervan is the most demanded for hire in Cherbourg?

Compact campervans are the most demanded for hire in Cherbourg, due to their ease of navigation through the city's narrow and winding roads. Larger models are preferred by those planning to camp at the city's outskirts or beyond.

3. Where are the popular places to hire a campervan in Cherbourg?

Popular areas to hire a campervan in Cherbourg include the city centre and the ferry port area. Both locations provide easy access to the city's attractions and nearby camping spots.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service?

Yes, most companies offer a 24-hour pick-up and drop-off service.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum rental period is typically three days, with longer minimums during peak seasons.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for hiring a campervan in Cherbourg?

The minimum age requirement to hire a campervan in Cherbourg is usually 21 years with a full driver´s license.

7. What documents are needed to hire or drive a campervan in Cherbourg?

A valid driving licence, proof of identity, and a credit card are generally required to hire a campervan in Cherbourg.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Cherbourg in a campervan?

Summer is the best time to visit Cherbourg in a campervan, as the weather is mild and dry. Spring and early autumn are also lovely times to visit.

9. What are the major airports of Cherbourg?

The nearest major airport to Cherbourg is Cherbourg Maupertus Airport. Another nearby airport is Caen Carpiquet Airport, about 120 km away.

10. Am I able to pick up a campervan in Cherbourg and drop it off in another city?

Yes, most campervan hire companies allow for one-way rentals, though this may incur an additional fee. It´s best to check with the company for specific policies.

Campervan Hire Reviews


Cherbourg – 16-11-2023. We must've travelled every road in the Cherbourg area while in the campervan we hired from this company. Despite the fact we put quite a lot of mileage on their motorhome, it handled it brilliantly. The pricing is reasonable, and the staff is lovely, making our whole experience very pleasant.


Cherbourg – 23-10-2023. We hired a motorhome from them for a month-long trip, and the vehicle's comfort and smooth riding left us speechless. Everything was up-to-date and in excellent condition. The price was on par with what we expected for a long-term hire. Would definitely return for another holiday.


Cherbourg – 12-09-2023. I was blown away by the level of service and quality of the campervan I hired. The rental process was seamless, the campervan was clean, comfortable, and reliable, and the staff we dealt with were professional and accommodating. Price-wise, it was worth every penny. Absolute top-notch service!


Cherbourg – 18-08-2023. This was our first time hiring a campervan, and it was a hugely positive experience. The motorhome was spotless and perfectly equipped for our family of four. Though the price was rather steep, the high quality of the vehicle made it worth the investment.


Cherbourg – 12-07-2023. Having used other campervan hire companies, this lot really stand out for their quality. The motorhome was super, very clean and equipped with everything we needed. Don´t expect a bargain, but rest assured you´re getting top-notch quality.


Cherbourg – 29-06-2023. Our family had a delightful experience with the motorhome we hired. We encountered no issues, everything was in working order, and we all agreed it was a trip to remember. Although neatly priced, I believe you get what you pay for, and this was a perfect hire for us.

Cherbourg Road Connections

Essential routes for campervan and motorhome adventurers

  1. Cherbourg - Paris: An approximately 358-km journey, mostly on the A13, lasting roughly 3.5 hours. Excellent road conditions and plenty of rest stops.
  2. Cherbourg - Le Mont-Saint-Michel: A scenic route of about 184 km via A84, taking roughly 2 hours. The motorway is well-maintained and direct.
  3. Cherbourg - Rouen: A direct route of 215 km along the A29 and A13, typically taking about 2 hours 30 minutes. High-quality roads with modest traffic.
  4. Cherbourg - Brest: A 435-km journey along N13 and N12, taking around 4 hours 30 minutes. Expect good road conditions and scenic landscapes.Cherbourg - Deauville: A 224-km drive via A13, usually takes about 2 hours 20 minutes. Mostly motorways with rest areas.
  5. Cherbourg - Amiens: Roughly a 305-km route via A29 taking about 3 hours. The drive is smooth with excellent road conditions.
  6. Cherbourg - Havre: An approximately 200-km journey on the A29 that usually lasts around 2 hours. Regular traffic with several service stations available along the motorway.

Driving in Cherbourg

Campervan Travel Queries

1. What side of the road do they drive on in Cherbourg?

In Cherbourg, like the rest of France, they drive on the right-hand side of the road.

2. What are the speed limits for campervans in Cherbourg?

In general, the speed limit for campervans on French roads is 50km/h in urban areas, 80km/h on open roads, and 130km/h on motorways. However, these limits may decrease when it rains.

3. Do I need a special driver's license to drive a campervan in Cherbourg?

No, a standard car driving license is required to drive a campervan in Cherbourg.

4. Are speed cameras common in Cherbourg?

Yes, speed cameras are quite common in Cherbourg and across France. Fines for speeding can be costly, so it's advised to adhere to the speed limits.

5. Are there many toll roads around Cherbourg?

While there are toll roads in France, the area around Cherbourg has fewer compared to other regions. However, it's always handy to have change for the toll booths.

6. What are the main driving rules in Cherbourg?

Important driving rules include driving on the right side of the road, respecting speed limits, not using mobile phones unless hands-free, and giving way to traffic coming from the right.

7. Can I park my campervan anywhere in Cherbourg?

No, you must only park in designated areas. Wild camping or parking overnight in non-designated areas is not permitted.

8. How is traffic in Cherbourg?

As in any city, traffic can be heavier during peak hours. However, overall Cherbourg is not known for major traffic problems.

9. Are the road signs easily understandable?

Yes, road signs in France are standardized and use internationally recognized symbols. If you are unsure about the meaning of a sign, make sure to check online or in your guidebook.

10. Are there regulations for driving campervans in the city centre?

There may be restrictions on driving or parking large vehicles in the city centre - it is always best to check local regulations.

11. Can I use motorways with a campervan?

Yes, you can drive a campervan on motorways. But, be aware of the speed limit which is usually lower for larger vehicles.

12. Are there specific traffic rules for campervans in Cherbourg?

General traffic rules apply for campervans, however remember that speed limits can differ for larger vehicles.

13. Is it necessary to wear a high visibility vest in a campervan?

Yes, French law requires that a high-visibility vest must be reachable without having to exit the vehicle (for example, in the door of the campervan).

14. What should I do in case of a road accident in Cherbourg?

If you're involved in a collision, you should contact the police and your insurance company as soon as possible. You may also need to fill out a European Accident Statement.

15. Are there dedicated camping/caravan sites in Cherbourg?

Yes, there are several dedicated sites where you can park your campervan in and around Cherbourg. It's recommended to use these facilities, particularly for overnight stays.

Cherbourg Attractions

Top Sites near Cherbourg for Campervan and Motorhome Travellers

  1. Mont Saint-Michel: A magical island topped by a gravity-defying medieval monastery.
  2. Normandy D-Day Beaches: Historic WW2 landing sites, ideal to visit with a campervan as it provides flexibility.
  3. Rouen: City known for its magnificent Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral.
  4. Bayeux: Home to the internationally famous Tapestry and stunning Norman-Gothic cathedral.
  5. Giverny: Visit Monet's Gardens, an inspiration for many of his masterpieces.
  6. Cliffs: Impressive and breathtaking natural chalk cliffs.
  7. Caen: City with a rich historical background including the magnificent Caen Castle.
  8. La Hague: A picturesque and serene natural site for any adventuring motorhome traveller.

Cherbourg Motorhome Roadtrips

Discover the best roadtrips Cherbourg has to offer

  1. Route des Caps: This 80km route offers breathtaking coastal landscapes filled with dunes, cliffs, heaths, and small charming villages. Perfect for a slow-paced scenic trip.
  2. Cherbourg to Mont St Michel: A 176km drive taking you through the serene Normandy countryside to the historic island commune of Mont St Michel, a stunning UNESCO world heritage site.
  3. Normandy Battlefields Tour: A sobering 40km route visiting key sites from World War II, including Omaha Beach, Pegasus Bridge, and Pointe du Hoc, an ideal trip for history enthusiasts.
  4. Loire Valley Castles: Covering approximately 300km, this route enables you to explore famed châteaus such as Chambord and Chenonceau among other stunning architectural gems in the verdant Loire Valley.
  5. Cherbourg to Paris: A lengthy 360km route that traverses captivating landscapes to the bustling romantic city of Paris. Ideal for those seeking a mixture of rural charm and urban splendour.
  6. Route du Cidre: Covering roughly 40km, this picturesque route in the heart of Normandy allows you to explore old-world villages, verdant orchards, and taste the region's famous cider.
  7. The Cheese Route: A delicious 40km journey exploring Normandy´s dairy country and sampling famous cheeses such as Camembert, Livarot, and Pont-l'Évêque!