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Hire a motorhome in France and you can enjoy holidays in style and at your own pace, time and time again. France is a big country with plenty of variation from villages in Burgundy to silver sand beaches on the Atlantic coast, and is one of the most motorhome friendly countries in Europe.

What to see

A visit to Paris is a must, and is perfectly possible in your hire motorhome as there is a campsite close to the city centre just five minutes by bus from the Arc de Triomphe. One of the top things to do is explore the fairytale chateaux of the Loire. Visit one of the most famous ones such as Chenonceau or Blois. For history, visit the battlefields of the Somme in Picardy. There are major First World War memorials at Thiepval, Beaumont Hamel and Albert. The Breton coastline offers a great seaside tour, and for quaint villages visit the Alsace region.

When is the best time to visit?

Your motorhome hire will be perfect at any time, as there is always plenty to do in France. Check out annual festivals such as the Nice Jazz Festival or go for the grape harvest in the autumn. Sample the wines at local festivals and bring a couple back to enjoy in the comfort of your cosy motorhome!

Driving tips

  1. Drive on the right
  2. Ensure you have the correct documents and equipment in your motorhome to avoid on-the-spot fines.
  3. Watch out for speed changes on the motorway – the law requires a reduced speed limit in wet weather.
  4. Most motorways are toll roads.

Freedom, flexibility and adventure

Motorhome hire in France will provide you with the freedom, flexibility and sense of adventure to explore the country. France is renowned for cheap overnight stops for motorhomes with many opportunities also to stay 'offsite'.

Most French motorhome owners use the vast network of Aires de Service, specific motorhome stopovers, in preference to campsites. The French Passion scheme is also a fantastic alternative, using land belonging to wine and local producers such as cheese makers or restaurants.

And finally: French cuisine

Hire a motorhome in France and you will go on a journey of gourmet discovery. France has an almost unrivalled reputation for its food, from local village bakeries to its great Michelin-starred restaurants. The national cuisine is however as varied as its landscape so everywhere you go in your motorhome there will be something different to try. Let's hope you still fit into your motorhome by the end of your trip!

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