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Discover the unique beauty of Arizona with our dedicated RV rental service. Our customer-centric approach ensures a seamless journey, from pick-up to return. Visit iconic destinations like the Grand Canyon, providing assistance with route planning, problem-solving, and inquiries. Experience Arizona differently.

RV Rental in Arizona

Discover the Desert Beauty, Majestic Canyons, Enchanting Forests and Rich Heritage of Arizona

RV in Arizona scenery with cacti, campfire, and starlit sky

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is a haven for every nature lover. From its endless desert landscapes, gorgeous canyons, magical pine forests, to countless scenic road paths ideal for RV escapades, it's a slice of paradise. Its diverse landscapes are a colorful palette of the most whimsical geological formations, designed by water and wind over millions of years. One of the highlights is undoubtedly the Grand Canyon National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an icon of untouched wilderness. The beauty of exploring Arizona in an RV is the opportunity to fully indulge in its ethereal beauty at your own pace.

RVing in Arizona is also about the abundant flora, exotic wildlife, majestic peaks and the vivid hues of the sunsets. The Coconino National Forest, with its breathtaking views, hiking trails, and camping sites, makes for an unforgettable RV journey. Arizona's splendid beauty extends to the Petrified Forest National Park, fascinating with its fossilized trees and diverse ecosystem. RV travelers should not miss the magic of the Painted Desert, a vast rainbow-colored badland which proudly wears every hue from lavender to red.

In addition to nature's charm, Arizona is steeped in rich culture and history. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park bears testimony to the state's Native American heritage. The eerily beautiful landscapes dotted with sandstone buttes make for quoted The Place Where God Put the West. An RV trip around Arizona is far more than covering distances, it's a voyage dipped in awe-inspiring beauty, vibrant history, cultural grandeur, leaving travelers wanting for more.

RV Rentals in Arizona

Common Questions and Answers

1. How much does it cost to rent an RV in Arizona?

The cost to rent an RV in Arizona can greatly vary depending on the model, length of rental period, and season. The average cost ranges from $100 to $200 per night for smaller, basic models, and $200 to $400 per night for larger or luxurious models.

2. Which RV model is most popular for rentals in Arizona?

The Class C RV tends to be the most popular model for rentals in Arizona primarily because of its balanced blend of space and maneuverability, making it perfect for exploring the state's panoramic landscape, camping areas, and National Parks.

3. What are the popular places to rent an RV in Arizona?

Popular places to rent an RV in Arizona include Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Sedona. These locations often serve as starting points for scenic drives around the state.

4. Is there 24-hour pick-up and drop-offs?

Most RV rental companies in Arizona offer flexible pick-up and drop-off times but it's not necessarily a 24-hour service. It's best to check with your rental provider for specific details.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, many rental companies in Arizona require a minimum rental period. This can range from three to seven days, depending on the company's policy and the time of year.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent an RV in Arizona?

The minimum age to rent an RV in Arizona is typically 25 years old. However, some companies may rent to drivers aged 21-24 with an added daily fee.

7. What documents are needed to rent or drive an RV in Arizona?

To rent an RV in Arizona, you will need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card for security deposit. International travelers are required to have an International Driving Permit.

8. What is the best time of year to tour Arizona in an RV?

The best time to visit Arizona in an RV varies depending on where you plan to go, but generally, spring and fall offer the most pleasant weather.

9. What are the major airports in Arizona?

The major airports in Arizona are Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Tucson International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the RV in one city and return it in another?

Yes, many RV rental companies in Arizona offer one-way rentals. Always check with the provider as additional fees may apply.

RV Renters Reviews


Scottsdale, AZ – 09-11-2023. Felt youthful at heart with this fantastic RV rental service during my winter stay in Arizona. The campervan was in top-notch condition and provided a solid home base for my adventures. The price was absolutely fair for such a fine travel partner. Looking forward to next year already!


Tucson, AZ – 22-10-2023. Impeccable service, memorable vacations! Booked the motorhome for a perfect autumn retreat at Grand Canyon. Slip-ups were nonexistent and the team's commitment to customer satisfaction was clear. Striking a balance between economy and comfort, the charges were sensible.


Mesa, AZ – 12-09-2023. First time renting a campervan was with these guys and it was a thrilling experience. Competitive rates and top-notch service, they definitely know how to attract and retain customers. Will surely choose them for future vacation rentals.


Phoenix, AZ – 05-07-2023. Roomy, tidy and entirely dependable! The motorhome met and exceeded expectations for my summer travel. The staff is friendly and respectful. Highly recommend to any wanderlust seeking a comfortable mode of travel in the heart of Arizona.


Tempe, AZ – 15-05-2023. Took an RV for a spring trip through Sedona's wilderness. It was a truly rewarding experience. Everything was meticulously organized, from the initial approach to the final drop-off. I value their attention to detail.


Chandler, AZ – 20-03-2023. We rented a grand motorhome for our family spring break. Everything was arranged with precision and the whole process was straightforward. I appreciate the exceptional service provided. This company nails it when it comes to RV rentals!


Gilbert, AZ – 05-02-2023. Pretty smooth ride! Couldn't have asked for a better campervan or service. Reasonable pricing too. I can't think of any other company to go to now for future road trips. They've earned a satisfied client here.


Glendale, AZ – 15-12-2022. Outstanding and beyond! The RV I rented was spotless and had all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. The communication process was also seamless. Very happy with the price and service. Looking forward to another adventure soon.

Arizona Highlights

Key cities in the Grand Canyon State

  1. Phoenix: The vibrant capital city, home to a rich tapestry of culture and history.
  2. Tucson: Known for its stunning Sonoran desert landscape and vibrant arts scene.
  3. Mesa: A haven of urban sophistication amidst a desert landscape, has an iconic temple and culture.
  4. Chandler: A lively city known for its annual Ostrich Festival and many shopping outlets.
  5. Glendale: Known for its well-preserved charm, fantastic antique shops, and lively nightlife.
  6. Scottsdale: Known for its upscale lifestyle, luxury RV (autocaravana) resorts, and vibrant nightlife.
  7. Gilbert: Famous for its strong community, quality of life, and rapid growth.

Arizona RV Connections

Top 7 highway routes for tourists in Arizona

  1. Phoenix to Grand Canyon: Covering approximately 370 kilometers, it's about a 4-hour drive. The main road is I-17 N and US-180 W, offering majestic views of the Arizona desert.
  2. Tucson to Sedona: A route of nearly 320 kilometers, with a driving time of around 3.5 hours, primarily along I-10 W and AZ-89A N. Roads are well maintained and lead you through captivating landscapes.
  3. Phoenix to Mesa Verde: Spanning 500 kilometers, it's a 6-hour drive on US-160 E. Witness the breathtaking Petrified Forest National Park on the way.
  4. Scottsdale to Joshua Tree: A 270 kilometer journey, it's about a 3-hour drive. Majority of the route is on I-10 W. Enjoy the scenic Sonoran Desert along the way.
  5. Phoenix to Colorado River: With around 330 kilometers, drive for 3.5 hours mainly on I-10 W and AZ-95 N. Immerse in views of the stunning Arizona countryside.
  6. Flagstaff to Las Vegas: Approximately 385 kilometers, it's a 4-hour drive on I-40 W. Drive through the historic Route 66 and experience the raw beauty of Arizona.
  7. Tucson to White Sands:Total distance is about 480 kilometers, with a driving time of 5 hours on I-10 E. Observe the unique Chihuahuan Desert landscapes on the way.

Arizona Driving FAQ

All About RVs

1. What is the general speed limit in Arizona?

In Arizona, the speed limit can range from 25mph in residential zones to 75mph on highways. Always pay attention to posted signs as limits may vary.

2. Do I need a special license to drive an RV in Arizona?

Most RVs can be driven with a standard driver's license in Arizona. Only if your vehicle weighs over 26,001lbs would you need a commercial driver's license (CDL).

3. Are there toll roads in Arizona?

Presently, there are no toll roads in Arizona.

4. Can I park my RV anywhere in Arizona?

No, you must park in designated areas. Check local city ordinances as rules can differ throughout the state.

5. Where should I refuel my RV?

Arizona has plenty of service stations where you can refuel your RV. Ensure you're aware of your RV's fuel capacity to plan your journey accordingly.

6. On what side of the road should you drive in Arizona?

Like all states in the U.S., you should drive on the right side of the road in Arizona.

7. Are there frequent radar controls in Arizona?

Arizona does use radar to monitor speed, especially in urban areas and on highways. Always maintain a legal speed to avoid fines.

8. What are some general road safety rules in Arizona?

Always wear your seatbelt and ensure all passengers do as well. Don't drive under influence and follow the speed limit signs.

9. How are the road conditions in Arizona?

Most of Arizona's roads are well-maintained, but conditions can change with weather. Be mindful of potential sand storms in desert areas.

10. Are there rest areas for RVs in Arizona?

Yes, Arizona boasts numerous rest areas with facilities - some even accommodate overnight parking for RVs.

11. Do I need to be aware of any specific driving laws in Arizona?

As an RV driver in Arizona, it´s important to know the state´s right-of-way laws, rules about passing, and obligations to signal. Check the Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) website for specifics.

12. What are the rules for shoulder use in Arizona?

The shoulder or breakdown lane is for emergencies only. It's illegal to drive in the shoulder except if directed by a sign or a police officer.

13. Is it difficult to find parking for RVs in city areas?

Some cities may have restrictions, so it's advisable to research in advance. Look for RV parks, campgrounds or lots with size allowances.

14. How close can I park to intersections or crosswalks in Arizona?

In Arizona, you cannot park within 20 feet of a crosswalk or within 30 feet near the approach of any flashing signal, stop sign, or traffic signal located at the side of the roadway.

15. Can I drive my RV in HOV lanes in Arizona?

Yes. If you meet the minimum required occupancy for the specific HOV lane, you can drive your RV in it. The typical minimum occupancy requirement is two people.

Arizona's RV Wonders

Unmissable Natural Attractions to Explore by RV

  1. The Grand Canyon: An iconic and awe-inspiring natural beauty that should be everyone´s `must-visit´ list. RV parking is available.
  2. Sedona: Known for its red rock landscape, it´s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Don't forget to catch a sunset!
  3. Petrified Forest National Park: Renowned for its fossilized trees, this park displays nature´s artistry in fantastic shapes and colors.
  4. Antelope Canyon: Formed by the erosion of Navajo Sandstone, this slot canyon is a photographer's paradise with its dramatic light shafts.
  5. Monument Valley: A red-sand desert known for its towering sandstone buttes.
  6. Havasu Falls: With beautiful turquoise waters, it´s a paradise in the Grand Canyon.
  7. Saguaro National Park: Come for the massive cacti, stay for the amazing sunsets and wildlife.
  8. Meteor Crater: A well-preserved meteorite impact site on Earth, offering a unique sightseeing experience.

Top Arizona RV Routes

Experience Unforgettable Scenic Drives

  1. Route 66: Bask in nostalgia on this 650km-long iconic route. It takes you through historic towns such as Flagstaff and Kingman, finishing at Grand Canyon National Park.
  2. Oak Creek Canyon Drive: Spanning 22km, this breathtaking route journeys through Arizona´s red rock country, offering panoramic views of the stunning canyon and Sedona.
  3. Saguaro National Park Loop: A short, 13km scenic drive that circles the stunning cacti and unique desert wildlife of Tucson´s astonishing national park.
  4. Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway: A picturesque 71km drive through alpine meadows and high forests, leading to the lesser-known, but equally magnificent North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  5. Apache Trail: A historic 198km route offering spectacular views of canyons, geologic formations, desert plants and Lake Roosevelt.
  6. Monument Valley Drive: A 27km journey unveiling stark, humbling beauty as you navigate awe-inspiring red rock formations in the heart of Navajo nation.
  7. Petrified Forest Route: This 45km route traverses the spectacular Petrified Forest National Park, teeming with fascinating geological features and abundant wildlife.