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Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon with our premier RV rental service. Our proven commitment to customer service ensures a seamless, stress-free journey. Assistance is available round-the-clock, addressing all your concerns promptly. Explore the desert vistas with the knowledge that you're in capable, caring hands.

RV Rental in Grand Canyon

Visiting Grand Canyon's Best Spots on a Scenic RV journey

RV in Grand Canyon with sunset, cactus, dirt road and campfire

The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is an awe-inspiring masterpiece carved by the Colorado River. Stretching over 277 miles long, with a width up to 18 miles, it is a testament of nature's artistry, offering mesmerizing vistas at every corner. Discovering this natural gem via an RV journey provides an unparalleled experience, presenting magical sunrises, spectacular sunsets, and starry nights.

Starting from the bustling city of Flagstaff, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a convenient two hour drive. This route offers the most iconic views, with overlooks like Mather Point, Yavapai Point, and the mesmerizing Bright Angel Trail. Enjoy the vast panoramas from the comfort of your RV or take the opportunity to explore the back-country with a leisurely hike, or a thrilling white-water rafting adventure. Make sure to plan ahead and reserve your RV spot at the Mather Campground or Trailer Village for overnight stays.

If you're up for a longer journey, a five-hour drive through captivating landscapes brings you to the North Rim. Less frequented and higher in elevation, it provides serene and unique perspectives of the Grand Canyon. With a variety of scenic drives and trails, including the thrilling North Kaibab Trail, you can immerse yourself in unmatched natural beauty far away from the bustling crowds. Procure your permit in advance and secure your RV parking at the North Rim Campground for a peaceful night's rest amidst nature.

Grand Canyon RV Rental

Common Questions and Answers

1. What is the cost of renting an RV in Grand Canyon?

Renting an RV in the Grand Canyon can vary depending on the size, style, and duration of the rental. Prices often range from $100 to $250 per night. Peak seasons, such as summer, often come with higher prices due to high demand.

2. Which RV model is the most popular to rent in Grand Canyon?

Class C RVs tend to be the most popular rental for trips in the Grand Canyon due to their balance of comfortable living space and manageable size for navigating the park's roads.

3. What are the most popular locations to rent an RV in Grand Canyon?

Common locations to rent an RV in and around the Grand Canyon include Grand Canyon Airport and nearby cities like Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

4. Is there a 24-hour pick up and drop off service?

Some rental companies do offer 24-hour pick up and drop off services, but it's best to check with the individual company for their specific policies.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, most companies require a minimum rental period, often ranging from three to seven nights.

6. What is the minimum age requirement to rent an RV in Grand Canyon?

The minimum age requirement to rent an RV in the Grand Canyon is typically 25 years old.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive an RV in Grand Canyon?

Typical requirements include a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card for security purposes.

8. What is the best time of the year to visit Grand Canyon in an RV?

Spring and fall tend to be the best times to visit the Grand Canyon in an RV, as the weather is moderate and the park isn't as crowded as in the summer.

9. What are the main airports in Grand Canyon?

The primary airport near the Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Other nearby airports include the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.

10. Can I pick up the RV in Grand Canyon and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many rental companies offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the RV in Grand Canyon and drop it off in another city for an additional fee.

Customer Reviews


Phoenix – 09-11-2023. Outstanding experience with this RV rental company at Grand Canyon. The motorhome was clean, organized and fully functional. Booking process was seamless. Totally justified price considering the high-quality service.


Las Vegas – 22-10-2023. Very reliable company with wonderfully maintained campervans. Easy booking and drop-off. Professional customer service. The price might seem a bit high but it's worth every penny. We had a wonderful trip around the Grand Canyon.


Tucson – 15-09-2023. Had a spectacular journey with their plush and spotless RV. The vehicle was well-equipped and comfortable. Perfect for a family trip to the Grand Canyon. The rental rate was quite budget-friendly too.


Las Vegas – 01-09-2023. Hired a motorhome for the long Labor Day weekend. The vehicle was perfect - comfortable, clean and great to drive. Highly recommend this company for Grand Canyon trips.


Gilbert – 10-08-2023. Booked a campervan for a family trip to the Grand Canyon. The vehicle was pristine, well-maintained and fully-equipped. The kids loved it! Great people running this business.


Chandler – 25-07-2023. Had a positive experience with this RV rental service. The vehicle was in excellent condition and the company staff were friendly and quick to respond. Affordable rates and great service. Can't ask for more!


Mesa – 12-06-2023. Found the perfect motorhome for our Grand Canyon trip. This company is genuinely customer-focused, right from the booking process to the vehicle return. Will certainly use again.


Scottsdale – 02-05-2023. Rented a campervan for a weekend getaway at the Grand Canyon. The vehicle was perfectly equipped with all essential features. Smooth booking process and competent pricing. Delivers as promised.

RV Road Connections

Your Guide to Grand Canyon Area

  1. Grand Canyon to Las Vegas: A 445 km journey on US-180 and I-40 W takes about 4 hours 30 minutes, offering great pavement conditions and a sneak peek at the Hoover Dam.
  2. Grand Canyon to Phoenix: The 360 km drive on I-17 S will take roughly 3 hours 30 minutes, where you´ll be met with smooth, well-kept roads and stunning desert landscapes.
  3. Grand Canyon to Sedona: A scenic 177 km drive on the AZ-64 and AZ-89A which takes about 2 hours 30 minutes, offering beautiful views of the Painted Desert.
  4. Grand Canyon to Monument Valley: This route sprawls over 197 km via US-160 and US-163 and takes about 2 hours 40 minutes, treating drivers to exceptional desert vistas.
  5. Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon: The 287 km journey on US-89 and UT-12 takes about 3 hours 30 minutes, passing through the iconic Dixie National Forest.
  6. Grand Canyon to Flagstaff: A short 124 km drive on I-40 E which takes only about 1 hour 30 minutes, featuring a pleasing blend of forested mountains and desert.
  7. Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon: Travel 215 km on AZ-64 and US-89 takes around 2 hours 20 minutes, showcasing incredible views of the Arizona plains.

Driving FAQs

Grand Canyon & USA Drive Guide

1. What is the general speed limit for RVs in the Grand Canyon?

The speed limit in the park is strictly enforced and is typically 45 miles per hour on main highways, and 25 miles per hour in residential areas.

2. What type of driving license do I need to drive an RV in Grand Canyon and around the USA?

You need a valid driver's license that allows you to drive an RV in your home country. Generally, an International Driving Permit in combination with your domestic driving license is accepted in the USA.

3. Are there many speed cameras around the Grand Canyon and in the USA?

While there are not many fixed speed cameras around the Grand Canyon, there are occasionally mobile speed camera units. Across the US, the use of speed cameras varies by state.

4. Are there toll roads in and around the Grand Canyon?

Most roads in and around the Grand Canyon are toll-free. Toll roads are more common in urban areas in the USA, but they are not present everywhere.

5. What are some essential driving rules in the Grand Canyon?

Drivers must adhere to posted speed limits, keep to the right-hand side of the road, and use specified lanes for turning. It's also important that drivers yield to emergency vehicles and wildlife in the area.

6. Can I park my RV anywhere in the Grand Canyon?

No, RVs can only be parked in designated areas. Overnight parking outside of specified campgrounds and RV parks is typically not permitted.

7. How heavy is the traffic in and around the Grand Canyon?

Traffic can get heavy during peak tourist season, especially around major viewpoints and attractions. Be sure to allow for extra travel time.

8. On which side of the road do they drive in the Grand Canyon and in the USA?

In the Grand Canyon and throughout the USA, driving is on the right side of the road.

9. Are there any specific safety rules for driving an RV in the Grand Canyon?

While driving an RV, make sure all passengers are seated and secured when the vehicle is in motion. Also, double-check height restrictions on roads and bridges, as RVs are taller than regular vehicles.

10. Are there follows for inconvenient parking of the RV?

Yes, RVs parked improperly or in unauthorized areas may be fined or towed. Make sure you understand and follow all parking restrictions.

11. Is it necessary to have a specific insurance for driving an RV?

Yes, it's required to have the appropriate insurance based on the size and type of RV, covering any damages or accidents that may occur.

12. What are the allowed and prohibited areas for driving in the Grand Canyon?

Driving is only allowed on paved roads within the park. Off-road driving, including on trails and fields, is strictly prohibited.

13. Is there a specific lane for RVs while driving on highways in the USA?

No specific lanes for RVs exist on most U.S. highways, but some states require slower, larger vehicles to keep to the right lanes.

14. What are the RV height restrictions while driving through tunnels in the Grand Canyon and in the USA?

Height restrictions vary, and all tunnels have clearly posted maximum heights. In case of doubt, you should confirm before your trip.

15. What to do in the case of a road accident while driving an RV in the Grand Canyon or in the USA?

In case of an accident, stop safely, contact the police, exchange information with the other party, and inform your RV rental company as soon as possible. As needed, you should also contact your insurer directly.

Prime RV Destinations

Eight Must-See Attractions Near Grand Canyon

  1. Antelope Canyon: Just a two and a half hour drive from the Grand Canyon, this stunning slot canyon is known for its swirling sandstone walls.
  2. Monument Valley: Less than four hours from the Grand Canyon, you'll find this iconic landscape, featuring a cluster of vast sandstone buttes.
  3. Zion National Park: A three-hour drive from the Grand Canyon, noted for its dramatic cliffs and diverse wildlife.
  4. Bryce Canyon National Park: A little over four hours away, famous for its spire-shaped rock formations called hoodoos.
  5. Sedona: Known for its vibrant red rock landscape, Sedona is just two hours away. Numerous RV parks available for accommodation.
  6. Petrified Forest National Park: About three hours drive, it is renowned for its fossilized trees and painted desert landscapes.
  7. Lake Powell: Approximately two and a half hours drive, it offers boating, swimming, and fishing in a breathtaking canyon setting.
  8. Joshua Tree National Park: Six hours drive away, it´s a unique desert scenery dotted with its namesake yucca trees.

Remarkable RV Routes

RV road-trips starting from Grand Canyon

  1. Grand Canyon to Zion National Park: A 389 km-trip showcasing the incredible diversity of Arizona´s landscape. Pass through Williams, a city on the Historic Route 66, and visit the beautiful Zion National Park.
  2. Grand Canyon to Monument Valley: This 313 km route takes you through beautiful spots like Flagstaff, Winslow and the Meteor Crater Natural Landmark before reaching the outstanding Monument Valley.
  3. Grand Canyon to Las Vegas: An interesting and extravagant 442 km drive through the desert, passing by Kingman and Hoover Dam, ending at the city of lights, Las Vegas.
  4. Great Southwestern Explore: A 1,343 km long journey from the Grand Canyon, visiting the Petrified Forest National Park, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, up to Colorado Springs.
  5. Route 66 Experience: Embark on a historical 2,278 km ride on the iconic Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica, passing through the Grand Canyon National Park.
  6. West Coast Explore: A lengthy drive of 2,450 km down the historic Route 66, spanning from the Grand Canyon to the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara in California.