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RV Rental in North Carolina

Immerse in Nature and History as You Journey Through the Tar Heel State

RV in North Carolina among dogwoods, river, pine trees, campfire and starry night

Welcome to North Carolina, dubbed as the 'State of Flight'. This southeastern gem of the United States is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers set to explore its diverse landscape. With a range of settings from mountain ranges and lush forests to coastal beaches, North Carolina offers a unique combination of outdoor adventures and cultural treasures perfect for an epic RV journey.

Start your tour with the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, known as 'America's Favorite Drive', which winds through the Appalachian Highlands, offering breathtaking perspectives of one of the oldest rivers in North America and abundant native wildlife. The Outer Banks, a string of barrier islands stretching off the coast, offers some of the best beaches in the state. Here, you may check the impressive Wright Brothers National Memorial, an iconic tribute to the pioneers of aviation.

Just a few hours away, North Carolina's Smoky Mountains emerges. A part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this region offers numerous picturesque RV camping spots along with miles of hiking and cycling trails, waterfalls, and fishing holes. North Carolina's distances are easily manageable with the average driving time within the state is approximately 5-7 hours, perfect for a leisurely RV journey. So, buckle up and let the Tar Heel State allure you with its spellbinding beauty.

RV Rental in North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent an RV in North Carolina?

The cost of renting an RV in North Carolina typically ranges from $100 to $300 per night depending on the model and season. Luxury models and high demand periods, such as summer, may cost more. We recommend checking prices online for the most accurate rates.

2. Which RV model is the most in-demand for rental in North Carolina?

Class C RVs are often the most popular for rental due to their balance between luxury and affordability. Perfect for the diverse geography of North Carolina, from the mountains to the coast.

3. What are the most popular places to rent an RV in North Carolina?

Popular places for RV rental include Charlotte, Raleigh, and Asheville, which offer easy access to both urban hubs and the state's scenic landscapes.

4. Is there a 24-hour pickup and dropoff service?

Some RV rental companies do provide 24-hour pickup and dropoff service, but policies vary so we advise checking with the specific provider.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Usually, the minimum rental period for RVs in North Carolina is two to three days. Some companies have a week-long minimum during peak season.

6. What is the minimum required age to rent an RV in North Carolina?

Most RV rental companies require drivers to be at least 25 years old. However, some companies allow younger drivers with additional fees or insurance requirements.

7. What documents do I need to rent or drive an RV in North Carolina?

To rent an RV, you'll typically need a valid driver´s license and proof of insurance. Some companies may also require a security deposit.

8. What is the best time of year to visit North Carolina in an RV?

The best time to visit North Carolina with an RV is in spring or fall, when the weather is mild and the outdoor scenery is at its most beautiful.

9. What are the main airports in North Carolina?

The main airports in North Carolina are Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

10. Can I pick up the RV in one city in North Carolina and drop it off in another city?

Yes, many RV rental companies in North Carolina offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up and drop off the RV in different locations. However, one-way rentals may be subject to additional fees.

Rental Experiences


Raleigh, North Carolina – 09-11-2023. Finding a decent RV for our family trip was a top priority, and this company made our dreams come true. The RV was well-equipped and comfortable. The price was reasonable. Overall, an excellent rental experience. We will not hesitate to utilize their services again.


Greensboro, North Carolina – 14-10-2023. My wife and I rented a motorhome for a week-long road trip. The customer service was top-notch. The vehicle was impeccably clean and functioned perfectly. We are already planning our next adventure!


Asheville, North Carolina – 05-09-2023. Renting a campervan with this company was an unforgettable experience. The pricing structure is transparent with no hidden charges. Communication was prompt and professional. Would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and affordable rental options.


Charlotte, North Carolina – 19-06-2023. What an amazing service! The RV we rented was in great shape and came with all the necessary amenities. The staff was courteous and helpful. Price-wise, this company offers the best deals in town. Highly recommended!


Durham, North Carolina – 07-05-2023. I had a great first-time motorhome rental experience with this company. They provided a detailed orientation, were patient with my questions, and the vehicle was clean and well maintained. I was pleased with their service and pricing.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina – 28-04-2023. We had a fantastic time in the campervan we rented. It was spacious, clean, and easy to drive. Also, the company staff were very helpful in explaining everything clearly. The price was within our budget, making for a great vacation altogether.


Winston-Salem, North Carolina – 22-02-2023. We rented a luxurious RV for a weekend trip. Everything was spotless, and the unit ran smoothly. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The price was perfect for the quality of service received. Kudos to this company!


Cary, North Carolina – 15-01-2023. Renting a motorhome from this company turned our weekend getaway into a fantastic voyage. Our vehicle was well furnished, spotlessly clean, and drove smoothly. The rental price was a great deal, and dealing with the company was smooth sailing.

North Carolina Cities

Top 7 significant cities

  1. Charlotte: Largest city in NC, known for its vibrant business district and sports teams.
  2. Raleigh: The capital city, known for its universities and technology companies.
  3. Greensboro: Renowned for its civil rights history and the Greensboro Science Center.
  4. Durham: It's home to Duke University and a thriving performing arts scene.
  5. Winston-Salem: Known as "City of the Arts and Innovation," it also has Rich Moravian history.
  6. Fayetteville: Home to Fort Bragg, largest military installation in terms of population.
  7. Asheville: Popular tourist destination, known for its vibrant art scene and historic architecture, also a significant spot for RV travelers.

Top RV Routes

Your guide to exploring North Carolina's best destinations

  1. Charlotte to Asheville: Travel 200km via I-85 S and US-74 W from Charlotte to Asheville. The journey takes around 2 hours, and the roads are well-maintained.
  2. Raleigh to Wilmington: The 210km journey via I-40 E from Raleigh to Wilmington takes approximately 2 hours, offering a pleasant drive on a major highway.
  3. Greensboro to Boone : Travelling for 170km on US-421, you can reach Boone from Greensboro in just under 2 hours, passing through scenic routes.
  4. Winston-Salem to Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Approximately 360km via I-40 W, this 3.5 hours drive offers stunning views of the mountains.
  5. Durham to Outer Banks: Travel 330km via US-64 E from Durham to Outer Banks. The journey takes approximately 3 hours and 45 mins with sights of beautiful beaches.
  6. Fayetteville to Myrtle Beach: A 225km drive via US-401 and US-501 will take you to Myrtle Beach from Fayetteville in about 2.5 hours.
  7. Chapel Hill to Atlantic Beach: Cruise for 230km via US-70 E from Chapel Hill to Atlantic Beach, estimated to take around 3 hours.

North Carolina Driving

Addressing Common RV Driving Concerns

1. What is the speed limit for RVs in North Carolina?

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit for RVs on North Carolina interstates is 70 mph, and 55 mph on other highways and roads.

2. Is a specific license required to drive an RV in North Carolina?

No, a regular driver's license is sufficient to operate an RV in North Carolina.

3. Are there speed cameras in North Carolina?

Yes, North Carolina does use both speed cameras and police radar to enforce speed limits.

4. How common are toll roads in North Carolina?

North Carolina has several toll roads, primarily in the central part of the state around Raleigh.

5. Are there specific laws pertaining to RV driving in North Carolina?

RV drivers must adhere to the same general rules and regulations as other motorists. This includes following posted speed limits, using signals when changing lanes or turning, and not driving when impaired.

6. Where can I park my RV overnight in North Carolina?

You can park overnight at many North Carolina state parks, RV parks, and some retail establishments like Walmart. Always check local regulations and store policies before parking overnight.

7. Where can I find service stations for my RV in North Carolina?

Service stations for RVs can be found along major highways and in larger towns and cities throughout North Carolina.

8. On which side of the road do vehicles drive in North Carolina?

Vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road in North Carolina.

9. Are there many one-way streets in North Carolina's cities?

One-way streets are common in North Carolina's larger cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, less so in smaller towns.

10. Is turning on a red light allowed in North Carolina?

Yes, right turns on red lights are generally allowed in North Carolina after a complete stop, unless otherwise indicated.

11. Are animal crossings common in North Carolina?

Yes, particularly in rural areas and near state parks. Always watch for animal crossing signs when driving in these areas.

12. Are there regulations for RVs at railroad crossings in North Carolina?

Like other vehicles, RVs are required to stop at all railroad crossings if a train is approaching, and not to cross until the way is clear.

13. Are there mountainous areas in North Carolina?

Yes, the western part of the state features the Appalachian Mountains, so drivers should be prepared for steep grades and winding roads.

14. How hot does it get in North Carolina? Does this affect tire pressure?

Summers in North Carolina can be quite hot, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s. This heat can increase your tire pressure, so make sure to check it regularly.

15. Are there RV size restrictions in North Carolina?

No specific RV size restrictions exist in North Carolina, but be aware not all campgrounds and parks can accommodate very large RVs.

RV Adventure in NC

Top 8 attractions in North Carolina for RV travelers.

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Unbeatable beauty with majestic forests, diverse plant and animal life, and remnants of historic culture.
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway: Dubbed 'America's Favourite Drive', enjoy picturesque views on this highway that connects the Great Smoky Mountains to Shenandoah National Park.
  3. Grandfather Mountain State Park: Popular outdoor destination offering rugged terrain, stunning views, hiking trails and a wildlife viewing area.
  4. Outer Banks: A 130-mile stretch of barrier islands offering beautiful beaches, historic lighthouses and unique local culture. A must-stop spot for RV´s to marvel at the abundant seashore.
  5. Biltmore Estate: America's largest home, featuring stunning architecture, a beautiful garden, winery and historic exhibitions.
  6. USS North Carolina: An iconic WWII battleship which now serves as a memorial open for public tours.
  7. Pisgah National Forest: Offers scenic beauty, campgrounds, hiking trails, fishing, and the popular Sliding Rock waterslide.
  8. Chimney Rock State Park: Known for its iconic 315-foot spire overlooking Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure.

North Carolina Roadtrips

Best RV Routes in North Carolina

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway: Known as 'America's Favorite Drive', this route covers approximately 755 kilometers showcasing stunning mountain scenery.
  2. Outer Banks Scenic Byway: A 475-kilometer coastal route that takes you past lighthouses, national seashores and historic villages.
  3. Cherohala Skyway: This sky-high 70-kilometer highway offers magnificent views of forests, waterfalls and mountains.
  4. Great Smoky Mountains Exploration: Covering a distance of roughly 580 kilometers, this loops through breathtaking landscapes and charming small towns.
  5. Piedmont Farm Tour: A shorter 220-kilometer route perfect for RVers interested in local farm visits, festivals and markets.
  6. Historic Albemarle Tour: Spanning over 480 kilometers, this route takes you through historic sites dating back to the colonial era.
  7. Waterfall Byway: A picturesque 390-kilometer route showcasing some of North Carolina's most spectacular waterfalls.