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Exploring Orlando's tourist destinations becomes delightful with our RV rental company. We're proud of our exceptional customer service that ensures your comfort and satisfaction. From Disney World to Kennedy Space Center, we make sure your journey through this unique region is memorable and problem-free. Count on us for a smooth travel experience.

RV Rental in Orlando

Discover beautiful outdoor destinations beyond Orlando’s theme parks

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Welcome to Orlando, Florida’s incredible city that is a splendid blend of vibrant attractions, green spaces, and natural beauty. While known for its world-class theme parks like Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World, the city is also a gateway to some of Florida’s most idyllic natural wonders. Exploring Orlando and its surrounding areas in an RV offers an unrivaled experience, allowing you to delve into the region's attractions at your own pace and convenience.

Orlando's outdoors is a boon for nature enthusiasts traveling in an RV. Canaveral National Seashore, located just a little over an hour from downtown Orlando, offers miles of undisturbed beach and endemic wildlife. Approximately an hour drive inland, you’ll arrive at Lake Louisa State Park, where you can enjoy fishing, canoeing, and hiking amid lush landscapes. Within the city, Bill Frederick Park provides a natural retreat spanning over 183 acres of land with a mix of recreational and natural resource areas.

Planning your RV trip from Orlando? Don't miss out on the Everglades National Park, about a four-hour drive away. This World Heritage Site is one of the state’s most striking natural attractions, noted for its impressive biodiversity. Another jewel not to miss, within a three-hour drive, is Crystal River, famous for its manatee viewing opportunities. Remember, an RV offers you the flexibility to design your journey, taking you through the heart of Florida’s natural wonders, and making your trip a unique adventure.

RV Rental in Orlando

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the cost to rent an RV in Orlando?

The cost of renting an RV in Orlando can vary, depending on factors such as the size of the RV, the rental length and the time of year. Prices start around $50 per day for smaller RVs and can go up to $200 or more per day for larger, luxury models.

2. Which RV model is most commonly rented in Orlando?

Due to the warm weather and outdoor attractions in Orlando, Class C RVs are commonly in high demand. These RVs are spacious and offer full amenities which make them perfect for family vacations.

3. What are the popular places to rent an RV from in Orlando?

There are several RV rental services available in Orlando, including locations near popular tourist destinations like Disney World and Universal Studios.

4. Can I pick up and return the RV anytime?

While some RV rental services in Orlando offer 24-hour pickup and return, others may operate on specific business hours. It's always best to confirm this with the rental company before making a booking.

5. Is there a minimum rental period?

Some rental companies require a minimum rental period, typically starting from 3 days. However, this may vary by company and may also change based on peak travel seasons.

6. Do I need any documents to rent an RV?

To rent an RV in Orlando, you typically need to present a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and a credit card. Non-U.S. residents may also need to present international driving permits.

7. What's the minimum age to rent an RV in Orlando?

The minimum age to rent an RV varies by company, but most require renters to be at least 25 years old. Some companies may rent to younger drivers for an additional fee.

8. When is the best time to visit Orlando in an RV?

While Orlando is a great travel destination year-round, RV travelers often prefer the cooler months of January to April for a more comfortable camping experience.

9. What are the main airports in Orlando?

The main airports in Orlando are Orlando International Airport and Orlando Sanford International Airport.

10. Can I return the RV to a different city?

Most RV rental companies offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up your RV in Orlando and return it in another city. However, be sure to check this with the rental agency as additional fees may apply.

Motorhome Adventures Reviews


Orlando – 09-11-2023. Only wishing I had discovered this RV rental sooner! The whole process was a dream from start to finish. The campervan itself was spotless and fully functional. Just makes your vacation stress-free and gives you total freedom. At a very good price. An unforgettable journey indeed.


Orlando – 26-10-2023. This is a genuine review, from an extremely satisfied customer. The team was exceptionally helpful, very accommodating and full of suggestions to make our trip even better. The motorhome was clean, comfortable and perfect for a big family holiday. Prices were competitive too. Highly recommended.


Orlando – 09-09-2023. If you want an exhilarating experience, don´t hesitate to rent an RV from this company. The rig was astonishingly well equipped and incredibly comfortable to drive. All the amenities work smoothly! A luxurious way to travel on a budget. Thank you!


Orlando – 24-08-2023. Hark! Where falls my line of sight, but on the dwellings of adventure? None can argue against the sturdy and welcoming creature is their campervan. Verily, it brought us closer, as father and sons, to the heart of nature's bliss. Nothing short of splendid! This poet recommends!


Orlando – 14-07-2023. In terms of customer service and quality of the RV, they definitely exceeded expectations! The motorhome was squeaky clean and everything else was working. No complaints at all. Will definitely use their service again.


Orlando – 30-06-2023. After renting from them, I can truly say this is the best RV rental service. With a well-maintained RV, our trip went smoothly. The service and rates provided were outstanding. Quality and value in one package! Can't ask for more.


Orlando – 08-06-2023. Outstanding service from a top-notch team. This was my first time renting a campervan and the experience could not be better. Bargain prices for what you're getting. Simply the best way to travel. This is a must-try!


Orlando – 25-05-2023. If you´re planning a family road trip, I highly recommend this company. I rented an RV for our family summer vacation and it was a memorable experience. It´s a home on wheels - it has everything you need, truly a bang for the buck!

Orlando Driving Guide

RV road trip tips

1. On which side of the road should I drive my RV in Orlando?

In Orlando, like in the rest of the U.S., driving is on the right hand side of the road.

2. What are the general speed limits in Orlando and across the country?

Speed limits in Orlando, and the U.S, often range between 25-70 mph. Always look out for speed limit signs as they may vary depending on the area and road type.

3. I am an international traveler, which driving license do I need?

International visitors can drive with a valid driver's license from their home country. An International Driving Permit (IDP) may also be required.

4. Are there toll roads in Orlando?

Yes, there are several toll roads around Orlando and throughout the state of Florida. It is advisable to carry change to pay them, or consider getting a SunPass, Florida´s prepaid toll program.

5. What types of roadside assistance are available?

Emergency roadside assistance services are widely available throughout the state, and most RV rental companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance.

6. Are radar detectors legal in Orlando?

Yes, the use of radar detectors is legal in the state of Florida, including Orlando, except for commercial vehicles.

7. Where can I park my RV in Orlando and the surrounding areas?

In Orlando, several RV parks are available. Additionally, state and national parks often have RV-friendly campgrounds. Avoid parking on the street as most cities have restrictions.

8. How congested are the roads in Orlando?

Traffic in and around Orlando can be heavy, especially during peak commuting hours and tourist season. It is advisable to plan your route ahead and factor in potential delays.

9. Are there specific driving rules I should be aware of when driving my RV in Orlando?

Yes, several rules are important to note. For instance, turning right on a red light after a full stop is legal unless otherwise specified. Also, remember to always use your turn signals.

10. Is it required to have a special license to drive an RV?

For most standard sized RVs, a regular passenger vehicle driver's license is sufficient. However, a special license might be needed for larger models. Verify with your RV rental agency.

11. Can I use HOV lanes with my RV?

High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are typically reserved for vehicles with 2 or more people. However, rules can vary, so look out for local signage.

12. What do I need to know about RV insurance in Orlando?

RV rental companies in Orlando typically offer insurance coverage for your rental. However, it´s a good idea to check with your own car insurance company to see if your coverage extends to RV rentals.

13. Are there particular safety considerations when driving an RV?

Driving an RV is different from a car due to their size and weight. Ensure you drive slower than the speed limit, allow extra space for stopping, and always use your mirrors when changing lanes or turning.

14. Can I overnight park my RV anywhere?

No, overnight parking is not allowed in every place. Always look for RV-friendly areas or campgrounds. Some businesses, like certain Walmarts, may allow overnight parking. Always verify in advance.

15. Are children allowed to ride in the RV while it's being driven?

Yes, children can ride in an RV while it's being driven, however, Florida law requires children age 5 and under to be secured in a federally-approved child restraint system.

Orlando RV Adventures

Discover Surrounding Gems

  1. Everglades National Park: A unique landscape filled with untamed wilderness, fascinating wildlife, and endless waterways.
  2. Canaveral National Seashore: Beautiful coastal scenery, ample wildlife viewing, and excellent fishing opportunities.
  3. Daytona Beach: Famous beach known for its sandy coastline, bustling boardwalk and various entertainment options.
  4. St. Augustine: The oldest city in the U.S, filled with Spanish colonial architecture and pristine beaches.
  5. Tampa Bay: Home to a variety of attractions including cultural institutions, amusement parks, and excellent food locales.
  6. Ocala National Forest: Over 600 lakes, rivers and springs. RV-friendly campgrounds offer wonderful wilderness stay.
  7. Siesta Key: Pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters make this barrier island a must-visit.
  8. Crystal River: Known for its crystal-clear springs and the opportunity to swim with manatees.

Orlando RV Roadtrips

Discover Amazing Routes

  1. Orlando to Miami: A straight-forward, yet beautiful 380km trip that includes views of the stunning Florida coastline, and passes through various charming towns.
  2. Orlando to Key West: A slightly longer, but incredibly scenic 661km route, which will take you through the impressive Florida Keys, all with a waterfront view.
  3. Orlando to the Everglades: A 347km trip that passes through Florida's major cities and ends at the unique Everglades National Park, a piece of wilderness like no other.
  4. Orlando to Naples via the Everglades: A 449km route that passes through Florida's major cities, the Everglades National Park and ends at the tranquil sandy beaches of Naples.
  5. Florida Panhandle Trip: An 839km journey starting from Orlando, passing through the fun-filled city of Panama City Beach and hilarious towns like Niceville, and ends in the charming city of Pensacola.
  6. The Theme Park Roadtrip: From Orlando's own Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, venture through 245km to Fun Spot America in Kissimmee, and end at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay for a trip that is every thrill seeker's dream come true.
  7. Orlando to Savannah via Jacksonville: Enjoy a 434km road trip from Orlando, stopping by the trendy and vibrant city of Jacksonville and ending in Savannah, known for its gorgeous, lush green parks and its timeless Southern charm.


Florida RV Travel Routes

Top 7 Connections from Orlando

  1. Orlando - Miami: A 375-kilometer drive south, taking approximately 3-4 hours on Florida's Turnpike (Toll Road). Expect tolls and well-maintained roads.
  2. Orlando - Sarasota: Travel 217 kilometers southwest for roughly 2-3 hours via I-4 W and I-75 S. Large portions of the route offer rest areas.
  3. Orlando - Daytona Beach: A short 90-kilometer journey northeast on I-4 E, taking roughly 1 hour. Watch for traffic during race events.
  4. Orlando - Tampa: Travel 134 kilometers west for approximately 1.5-2 hours via I-4 W. The road is busy but wide and well-paved.
  5. Orlando - Key West: A 664-kilometer drive south on US-1, taking approx 6-7 hours. The scenic route includes Seven-Mile Bridge.
  6. Orlando - Palm Beach: A 270-kilometer drive southeast for around 2.5-3 hours along Florida's Turnpike. This toll route is usually less congested.
  7. Orlando - Jacksonville: A 225-kilometer drive north, taking around 2 hours on the I-95 N. Note the road's heavy truck traffic.